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GBS and garlic

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I have been trying to do some research on Group B Strep and garlic. Some sources say the best was is to insert it into the vagina overnight for 5 plus days before the culture. Others say it's ok to take supplements. Anyone know if they work the same or if one works better? And if they work the same how many pills do I take? I go on Friday the 15th for my culture. I was positive with both my other kids. I would LOVE to be negative this time. That means no heplock for labor. So anyone know, anyone do this?
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I went the insert into vagina route. I did it twice. Once on my due date and once a week after. She was born 11 days past my dd. I declined the test though. I started tasting garlic and that's how I knew it was working.
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I took the supplements. I was actually shocked at how much I still tasted it and it gave me heartburn just like eating garlic would. I guess it shouldn't have suprised me but it did. :LOL I took about 2 400mg capsules/day from 32 weeks to 37 weeks. Some days I did skip it due to heartburn. I also took 3 capsules of 5 billion organism acidophilus and 3 capsules of cranberry concentrate/daily as well. I tested negative though I was negative with DD and did none of those things so ymmv.
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you can also try eating a fresh, raw garlic. I actually chopped one clove up tonight and sprinkled it on my salad and it was SO YUMMY! Not hot at all! Next time I will put 2 cloves! You could probably sneak it in just about anywhere, even in sandwiches or sprinkle on top of spaghetti or something. Just an idea to get a fresh dose of garlic.
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I took the supplements (2x500mg/day) for two weeks before my culture last week, and I got a positive . I'm going to have the heplock, but I'm also going to do garlic vaginally before then to get things controlled a bit better (my colonization was 'heavy'). I'm going to use one clove, sliced partially down the middle, at bedtime for 5 nights. I'm going to do it once this week (37 wks) and again about a week later, just in case it comes back. BTW, most treatments are not permanent, meaning that you will probably get 'recolonized' soon after stopping it, so if you treat, you probably want to treat all the way up to your due date, or periodically up to it (unless you're just wanting to fake out the test).

Some resources:
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which would you say is more beneficial when inserted vaginally: a clove of garlic or a probiotics capsule?
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My midwife recomends garlic orally and probiotics vaginally.

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I'd say a clove of real garlic inserted vaginally 5 days in a row, probiotics inserted vaginally all other nights, and both an oral supplement AND probiotics taken orally daily.
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What are probiotics and where can I get them?
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..anyone else with info?

I tested neg. with Ds, pos. when not pregnant and haven't tested yet. I've been taking garlic oil orally and probiotics orally. I hadn't heard of suppositories...or using oral as a suppository.
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Give this a read: http://www.midwiferytoday.com/articles/garlic.asp (scroll down for info specific to GBS). From everything I've read, garlic orally is not considered nearly as effective as a garlic clove vaginally.
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There are actually lots of options to getting a negative test. You've been tested already, right? So, if the test was positive, then you can ask to be retested in labor with a rapid GBS test, or later. You can ask your provider is he/she is willing to consider a hibiclens rinse instead of antibiotics. There are no 100% proven methods to get rid of GBS but some of the things you can do are:
--Take Probiotics orally. Gbs lives in your intestines as well as the vagina. It is hard to know where it is coming from.
--Rinse your vagina with unflavored, cultured yoghurt.
--Eat garlic regularly. Can be inserted in vagina but us unappealing.
--Eat healthy!
--Do a hibiclens rinse.

None of these things will completely get rid of the GBS. They may just lower the count. Be aware that if you lower the count enought to test negative that does not mean you don't carry the bacteria. It just means the count is low.

You can always refuse the antibiotics. This won't be a well-liked option, but you can do it.
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so I tested positive...

I didn't do anything to prepare for the test, and was sort of thinking I'd refuse it, but then I just ended up doing it, and hoping it wouldn't be positive. But it is.

The thing is, I'm planning a homebirth with my aunt who is an ob nurse. I'm scared she won't want to do a homebirth now. And I do NOT want to go to the hospital and take antibiotics.

I'm thinking I'll just try to take garlic et al and boost my immune system. Any advice?

I wonder how close to birth you can rinse with yogurt and hibiclens?
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Keetsmama, I hope you figure something out.

All that worry for nothing for me. I tested negative. I was absolutely shocked when the midwife told me. I was positive both times before and was really expecting it again. I'm so relieved.
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I brought up some of the ideas in this post to my MW the other day...I'm a little squeamish about putting anything up anywhere that it doesn't belong, KWIM?

She didn't really advise me either way on that aspect, but mentioned it all sounded like it was related to reducing yeast. Apparently the more yeast in the area the more friendly it is for GBS. So she gave me other systematic suggestions (usual, less sugar, probiotics, garlic oil, garlic) for now.
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it is about reducing yeast, for that reason it is more effective if inserted vaginally, because it directly affects treated area.
Yogurt also helps, but haven't tried it actually.
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If you chose to insert the garlic vaginally, please remember to thread the garlic with some floss, TIE the ends together, for easy removal.
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Originally Posted by Keetsmama View Post
I wonder how close to birth you can rinse with yogurt and hibiclens?
I'll be doing hibiclens about every 4 hours while in labor.

Originally Posted by neverdoingitagain View Post
If you chose to insert the garlic vaginally, please remember to thread the garlic with some floss, TIE the ends together, for easy removal.
: ... Yep, I'll have to agree with that.
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how much echinacea can I take? How many mgs?

How much vit C? Can I take the emergen-C packets?
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