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Gracie is wearing a pastel rainbow tie dyed prefold with her iris dewdrops cabled soaker. Poor Emma only has a pink dip dyed prefold on under a cuddlebuns wrap.
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Alyssa is wearing an OC prefold and a BSWW. Boring, I know, everything else is in the dryer.
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Right now Hunter is sleeping in a yellow wonderoos stuffed with two MOE hemp inserts.

Autumn is napping in her new Tykie Diapers OV fitted (yummy soft!) with her embroidered Stacinator deluxe fleece cover. So snuggly soft and cute (the baby that is) :LOL
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Noah's snoozing in his...

new lime fuzzibunz a gift from a sweet momma and a toddler prefold. Bulky yes but its the only prefold I could find and I had to put that diaper on him. LOL
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K is playing in an OV fitted from Loveybums with a MM soaker over. But I am sure he will be needing to be changed shortly!
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Z is in a pinned TDD prefold, with his Bridgett's soaker with fish on the bum.
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dominic is nakking in his green aliens mudpie fitted w/ his dip dye wool shorts from limelite boutique.
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sleeping in an OV VK fitted (with major amounts of extra hemp doubler action laid underneath the QD soaker pad) and naturekins cashmere/wool LOTR pants. works a treat every night!
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Meagan is napping in a Berry Patch hemp fitted and Stacinator Stretch Wool cover.
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Liv is playing in her new (to us) Manyducks seahorse aio and wearing mama dyed leggings and a t shirt over it
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Ds is wearing a snappied ubcpf and a pair of WonderPants knit by me.
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Luca is wearing a Sea Turtle print LC envelope fitted with a 100% cashmere blue KP over it.
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Chloe is wearing a cricketts fitted with a doodlebottoms cover.
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Jack is in his OC firefly sleeptight with a way too big for him large aristocrat :LOL

Sara is wearing a purple eezi-fold with 2 hemp doublers and a fleece liner under a Loveybums fleece cover.
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Rhi is in a prefitted from GMAR & fleece pants from snoogiesnaps
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Liam is streaking the household :LOL But he'll be sporting a Bum-Ware AIO in the near future, hopefully before he "waters" the carpet, teehee.
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