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Were your babies born on their due dates?

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My mw had DD's due date as August 19th. I always said August 17th. She was born at 3pm on August 17th.

I am saying August 7th for this baby. 7 is my lucky number.
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My EDD for my daughter was Sept. 24th but I delivered her on Sept. 12th. I didn't have any feelings on when I would have delivered or not. I don't have any for this baby either. I am guessing that she will be early too.
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Both mine were "early". Dd born at 36 weeks and ds born at 38 weeks. I was so glad not to have to fight anyone on the "overdue" nonsense.
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My EDD was June 26th, but I personally changed it to the 25th (my mom's b-day), he was born on the 19th, 10:30 am.
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According to the online calculators for DD, she was supposed to be born on May 23. According to the very early ultrasounds, they said May 28, so that's what was in my charts, etc. Then, a doctor in my midwife's practice pulled out his pocket chart and calculated, based on my period, May 21. I didn't think much about it one way or the other -- I remember thinking it would happen sometime in June -- but lo and behold, she was born May 23!
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Neither of my children were born on their due dates. Erick was 2 days early and Kyra was 8 days early. I knew with Kyra that I wouldn't make it to my due date. There was a lot of my pregnancy with Kyra that I just knew.
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The day after

My DD was due July 24th. I went into Labor on the 25th and she was born on the 26th at 4:15 am. So pretty close to her due date.
I don't have any feelings about when this baby will come. I am due on one of my favorite grandpa's birthday. So it would be nice if we had him that day.
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#3 was due October 13th. In the very early morning hours of the 14th (really the night of the 13th) I was in early labor though I didn't deliver until the evening of the 14th. My first two were within a day or two of my EDD as well. I expect this baby to do the same (hear that Baby B?!).
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S. was due 12/5.
We had an ultrasound on 11/26 that said she was due 12/12.
I went into labor the night of 11/26 and she was born on 11/27.

The new bean is "officially" due 8/16, though I have to keep recalculating the date because I'm not holding her to it, lol. I have a numbers "thing" so I think it would be cool if she came on 8/8 (which is also my late grandma's birthday).

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I'm not a due in August, but...
My older son was due May1st... he came June 14th. (Yes, the conception date WAS accurate!)

My younger son was due January 27th, he came January 23rd.

Different fathers/husbands... my older's dad's family has a long history of VERY long pregnancies.
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Older was due May 30. A late US put him around May 23, I think, and he was born May 22.

Younger was due April 13, but arrived April 7th. (2 y.o. today!)

This one is Due August 13, so we shall see....

we have patterns in our family that are running by linked numbers....Anniversary is 23, Dh birthday is 21, Ds 1 is 22, My b'day is 8, Ds 2 is 7...so if this baby follows any patterns, s/he will be born either the 6th or the 9th.

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Dd was born on her due date of 8/27. Although my EDD with this one is 8/22, I think it will come on the 28th. Why? I don't know. But I also think it will be a boy and I have no reason to believe that either.
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DD#1 was due May 28th and I had her May 16th (had a NST and u/s the day before and at first they couldn't find her head on the u/s because they were looking too high up!) Her head was in position and ready to go :LOL

I'm due August 13th with this one...and I'm hoping I go 12 days early again It would be nice to go a tad early since (a) due in the heat of August and (b) those last few weeks of pregnancy always seem to last forever!

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DS was due on June 29th, came July 7th. I actually guessed the 7th. You see, almost everyone on my family has a July Birthday and everyone was hoping the baby would wait until July. My Dad's Birthday is the 6th and mine is the 9th of July. I kept thinking he would have his own day- the 7th!
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Hey, well, let's see, my first was due 12/3 and was born via c-section 12/15 (he was breech). My 2nd was a day late, my 3rd was a week late, my 4th was 3 days late (would've been later but amnio fluid was waaaay too low and there was some cord compression so they induced her) and 5th was on time (well, induced as I had polyhydramnios and they wanted a "controlled" birth due to various complications). So...there ya go.

Hey Mama Coltrane, do we live near each other? So cool to have another Vermonter around Kitty
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I live right near Bradford, VT in Orange County, but my parents live in South Hero, so I am up there a lot. Winooski is about 1 and 15 minutes for me.
Maybe we could meet in Montpelier one day??
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Julia was due 5/22 but came 5/30 (with the help of castor oil) I now know from charting that I ovulate late (I suspected I did with her but wasn't sure) so I think she was really "on time".

Anyway, I'm due 8/14 this time around - perhaps I'll go on 8/19 - my grandmothers bday. she has alzheimers but somehow always remembers (out of 24 grandkids!) that I am due again and is convinced it will be on her birthday

I definitely don't think i'll go early.
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My son was born on his EDD of August 25th, 2003 with no medical intervention.

I am now pg again, and guess what the EDD is?

YEP! August 25th! :LOL

Being born on an EDD is approximately a slim 2% chance, esp for a first baby. But who can tell me the odds of 2 kids being born on the same EDD, 2 years apart?

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my daughters due date was august 25th 2004 but she came may 19th 2004. we call her the miracle baby.
my son was due january 31st 2001 he was actually born january 6th 2001
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