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Do you really budget in clothing??

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We took a class on budgeting and again when we filled out our grant paprework they wanted to know how much we spent on clothing a month.

Is it out of ordinary to NOT have a clothing line in your budget? I mean, we'll go months and not purchase clothes for anyone.

I'm going to start budgeting in hair cuts. It cost us 70.00 the last time all 4 of us went and got haircuts BUt that is every 8 weeks or more.
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I do, but we're like you, we rarely buy clothes. And MIL gave me $150 for clothes for Xmas! OMG! That'll take me YEARS to spend on clothes! (It's a gift certificate to a store that I like because the clothes are cheap and they fit well.) I bought two shirts and a pair of pants with it, and so far I've only spent $30. I'm saving the rest for maternity clothes. But yeah, we may need to take clothes out of the budget, cause neither one of us is going to be spending much on it anytime soon!
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Thats a good question, DD gets the bulk of clothing budget. I do budget in shoes annually as well as clothing. I'm not good at shopping rummage and garage sales but I do real well on the clearance rack and at Kohls and outlets.
My mom also gives me gift certificates for my favorite clothing store and loves buying for dd. That usually helps me out and I usually get myself something nice once a season as an "update" item. Not spending a lot though
But being a SAHM, my clothing needs are not crazy. I buy a pair of black leather boots every two years. I spend a lot but they last two seasons at least and I wear them a lot.
For the first time since high school I actually wear out jeans every year now :LOL but I usually get a trendier style on sale.
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Yes I budget clothing. It is set up for the year. I find that it helps me not feel guilty when I buy something for myself (mine is $150 for the year, for myself), and allows DH to make a sound decision about something for himself. He knows how much he4 has for the year and decides if theitem is worth it.
Each person has a different amount.
Mine is the least, since I'm a SAHM. DH is middle because of formal work clothes. and DS is the most because he outgrows things, plus I enjoy buying for him.
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Hm, maybe as the boys grow I'll consider it. I think one of the reasons I've enver considered it before is our income has been so little I couldn't imagine "allowing" myself to buy anything. I mean, I buy the boys socks too big so they can wear them longer :
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Tee hee. This reminds me of the time my MIL was explaining to us how she budgeted (ignoring the fact that her comfortable financial situation is due to having, well, a comfortable financial position, not stellar financial skill ) and she told me to make sure and budget in "enough" for my clothes.

I tried explaining to her that I buy my pants for a quarter at yard sales and we can't possibly afford to budget $50 per month (her recommendation ) just for clothes for me and how the heck would I ever *wear* that many clothes anyway??

Her reply? "Well, put it in there anyway, then you can spend it on stuff for the house instead." Because writing the numbers in makes the money magically appear, apparently.

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Since we are moving I went through all of our clothes yesterday. ONce I took out everything that didn't fit and wasn't in style I had about 2 shirts and 2 pairs of jeans for mre and dh. So, I added back the clothes that weren't in style and now I have 5 shirts and dh has 8. Plus he has 4 suits and about 9 dress shirts.

The boys are not needy in the clothes dept, luckily!

I think I need ome clothes :LOL
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i never spend over $2 for a pair of jeans for myself. i get shirts at garage sales for $1 or less.

ds can get old navy clothes for way cheap and prefers to wear the same 2 outfits over and over :LOL

dd wears mostly second hand gymboree from a friend. i can re-sell it afterward and it doesn't cost us much. that stuff holds it value!

dh wears the same clothes until they're too full of holes.

no clothes budget here!
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Hey, you know, Megan, one thing I've noticed is the fewer clothes we have, the less laundry piles up. It forces us to wash laundry more often. I end up wearing the same favorite couple outfits over and over again anyway, so I only have a couple of each thing (except socks and underwear -- I play it safe with those!)
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Hehehe...yeah, having lots of underwear is a good thing
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one thing i've learned about budgeting through time is that averaging over a longer term is the way to go. I buy stuff at yard sales....getting a handle on we spend 5 bucks a month at yard sales which means 60 bucks in july and zero the rest of the year...helps me to know where all the cash is going.
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We have always budgeted in clothing, but we are also "round upers" of our budget--- we always put in the most we think we will need and then try to work from there.
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