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Afew Natural Changes review?

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I saw the post from yesterday about their 2 fabric diapers, but there isn't a review... Anyone find one or want to write one? Thanks.
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I'm waiting on a diaper from her. I'll post when I get it!
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Okay, I received the diaper today (and so much more!). First I must say that Stacey's customer service is awesome! She kept me posted on the status of my order, when it shipped, etc. I ordered the Mermaid & Ocean waves http://www.afewnaturalchanges.com/st...mbs=No&Thumbs= scroll down a bit and you'll see the design... this diaper is so trim, and soft! She included a lot of extra goodies too (soaps, wipe, and a doll diaper ) I'll hopefully post a picture when my dd wakes up. I'll be ordering from her again.
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Stacey is a wonderful WAHM to work with! I ordered 2 custom 2 fabric print diapers. Mermaid/Ocean waves and Panda Bear/Bamboo. When the post office lost my pkg (cry!) Stacey quikly made 2 new diapers and overnight shipped them to me with extra goodies including playsilks and wipies. Again the PO (sigh) held up my pkg, when Stacey got the pkg back she met me at a central location and handed me the diapers herself, now THAT'S service

Her diapers are very well made and very trim, perfect for those chubby thighed babes! I can't wait for DD to be able to wear serged diapers again so I can order more from Stacey!
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While I can't comment on diapers, I can comment on customer service and bath products!! Stacey is a wonderful, wonderful WAHM!! I placed an order for some bath confetti samples, and Stacey went above and beyond to make sure I got what I wanted and when I needed it. I've received Stacey's stuff as freebies from a couple of wahms, and I am always pleased. Two thumbs up from me!!
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Stacey's customer service is excellent!! I can't comment on her diapers, either, but I use her bath products regularly. She made a bunch of stuff custom for me and it is all great. She stayed in contact with me, shipped promptly, and packaged my order beautifully. My favorite part of my order is the body butter, which is made with all natural ingredients. I just love it. I would definitely recommend this wahm!
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Stacey is a sweetie and her diapers are wonderful. I have 3 now, a Mermaid/ Ocean, a purple one with butterflies, and a DRAGON which I adore. They fit trim, but with plenty of room to grow. The lining is soft and cuddly. Our dragon diaper came today, and my 5 yo insisted that we put it on her sister right away. She decided that it would turn the baby into a dragon, and they spent a fun 15 minutes running around the house roaring at each other, it was hysterical.

Anyway, I love Stacey, I love her diapers. You should go buy some.

(my 5 yo thinks the bath confetti rocks, too!)
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I can't comment on her diapers (other then the awsome dolly ones) but her other stuff rocks! I have a beautiful play silk. Her bath confetti is the bomb, and I just want to eat the root beer lip balm! :LOL She's super nice and her CS is awsome!
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