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What are you planning to do about school? - Page 3

Poll Results: What are you planning to do about school?

  • 15% (25)
    Public school
  • 16% (26)
    Private school
  • 47% (74)
    Homeschooling/ Unschooling
  • 20% (32)
    Other *or* I have no idea and am having an anxiety attack just thinking about it!
157 Total Votes  
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I am hoping to join a preschool coop at the local college in Feb when Taylor is almost 3 yrs old. When I go back to work we'll enroll him in a private preschool until he is old enough for public school. We are going to assume "the system" will work and we will work with "it" until proven otherwise. If he has trouble or problems we will consider private school and other alternatives.

Sandie, Mommy to Taylor 4/15/00
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Where we live, our public schools suck. Even the ones that are considered the "best" in our area (which are the ones that my DS would be going to) are sucky. My kids will be going to private school, it is Montessori thru 2nd grade and goes pre-K thru 12th grade, so they'll never have to change schools. It's small and excellent.
I'm still nervous about sending them to school, but it's more my issue, as I was molested as a child and am fearful for my children (tho it was a family friend that molested me-I actually loved school as a kid).
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I'm not sure what I'm going to do, and I'm starting to freak out. DS is 3.5, and I 've been thinking about it a lot for the last year. I am leaning more towards homeschool/unschooling, but my dh is very pro public school.

I went to public school K-12. I was lucky, because I was always in advanced classes, and I got a decent education. The social aspect was horrible. The things I saw, and my experiences are not things anyone needs to go through, ever, child or adult. My two brothers did miserably in public school, socially and academically.

My dh was in private school most of his life so he feels he missed out on a lot by not being in public school. Despite what I tell him about what I experienced, he thinks ds and dd will do fine.

So, we're at an impasse. Both my ds and my dd (just turned 2) are incredibly intelligent, quick, and alert. The grade school by us gets mixed reviews. Some say it's great, others don't like it. We do have a lot of kids that don't speak english as a first language moving into the area, and I have heard bad things about the kindergarten teacher. I have been working with both kids on whatever they want since they were each around a year, like letters, numbers, colors, and they've both picked up things very quickly. And it has been all them, so I feel like I've already started with the unschooling.

My ds needs to be doing something constantly, and my fear is in a large public school he will get bored and lose interest, and start down a path to nowhere. I don't want that. There's no way we can afford private schools by us, either, so it's either home or public.

I'm going to keep researching home schooling and present my dh with facts. The other thing is, because of dd's b-day, she won't be able to start school till she's almost six if we send her to public school. She seems to learn exactly like I do, and I could read by the time I was four, so why should she have to wait two extra years just because of a birthday? I am not interested in the preschools around here either. They are all just glorified day care centers. Anything they teach the kids there, I could do much easier at home.

Here I am, babbling away. I do know I'm only going to do what feels right for the kids. I know that's what dh wants too, ultimately. Maybe he can go take a class at the community college to curb his desire for public education.
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I guess I have my doubts about me being able to homeschool and my first thing would be to check out the public schools and see how I like them. Right now we are in a town w/ a great public system but there is no garantee we will live here when the boys are school age.
Dh wants to do private school, yeah with what money??
Who knows? I Have a few years to think on it...and being home all day with my son, I already read him books and have taught him the alphabet and counting and singing songs, animals, etc,...

Mommy to Kieran 3 1/3, Donovan 21 mos and Liam 6 weeks
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I'm so undecided about this issue right now! So far it looks like I'll be homepreschooling if there is such a thing, lol. I will have to check out the public schools here and see what I think. I really enjoyed my public school experience and the friends I made there and would hate to deprive my kids of the socialization aspect. If I do decide to homeschool I will have to find a network of other homeschooling moms in my area so that the kids can socialize with them. Part of my problem with that though is that most of the people I know who homeschool are Christian and we are not, so I don't know how well we would fit into those groups:
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