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How are you dealing with gasoline prices?

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I have been trying to drive much less. I know that rising gas prices are going to lead to rising grocery prices. I don't know how much more the budget can take!!
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Thankfully the warmer weather (temps in the 40's and higher) came right about the time the gas prices rose! We're doing a lot more walking and using the car only for very necessary trips.

DH still has to drive back and forth to work since he works in the next town over, but even he's looking into carpooling options with other faculty members.

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We live in a semi-rural area with literally nothing for miles so I'm trying to continue to consolidate errands and arrange social stuff for days when I'm going to be out anyway. It's hard on the baby (she's 1) because longer outing days throw her naps off but she's adjusting and it's only one or two days a week. Luckily, our gym/play space, library, and park/playground are all in the same complex - definitely makes things easier.

I've also started e-mailing my husband a grocery list twice a week. He now stops and picks up some stuff since the market is on his way home and I'd have to make a special trip. I've had to come to terms with relinquishing some control over the process but it's been a good solution overall.

And, my husband has given both our cars a tune-up/once over to make sure they're in optimum condition for their ages and mileage. That makes a big difference in our fuel economy.
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Originally Posted by KariM
Thankfully the warmer weather (temps in the 40's and higher) came right about the time the gas prices rose!
So am I! We live a bit too far to walk anywhere, especially with the kids, but without the $250/mo bill for the furnace's kerosene, I figure that sorta covers the gas, and our grocery bill is always less in the summer - Thanks to our garden
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I'll be watching this thread because it does add up. I cannot give up driving that much becaue of where I live, but I can cut back. I spend about $20 a week now and that's a lot. I used to fill up on $10 bucks........

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not driving much

the grocery increase has been hard.
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I've been doing more of my grocery shopping & drug store items closer to my house instead of driving accross town where it is cheaper. I've been trying to buy things on sale at the stores closer to me & then the price difference is pretty much the sale. i dont want them to close either so I need to supprot them. I could actually bike to these places but need to order the hook for the bike trailer.
I commute quite a bit for work (70 miles a day) but staying in for lunch instead of driving an extra 4 miles. I usually did it jsut to get out- but now that the weather is nicer I will walk & eat my lunch here now. I am pretty frugal since I dont want to get used to 2 incomes yet,so I will cut back on other things & continue to watch my driving.
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I drive a big gas hog (1995 suburban) : and feel pretty guilty about it. Plus I live in california where gas is soooo... expensive, $2.55 for regular right now. We've been looking into buying a different car but the problem is I feel like I need a 4x4 or something thats can handle snow, and lots of rough dirt roads. Plus I need a car big enough to carry a family of 5, with one in a car seat, another in a booster seat, and a big dh. I was looking a the new Toyota Highlander hybrid that is coming out in june but there is no way I can afford the payments. I like the subaru wagons but, I'm not so sure about the size of the back seat. For right now I try and drive less and when possible take my dh's small truck into town.
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I haven't noticed it that much- we spend about $30-35 a month on gas and that's OK. When the grocery store prices go up more that will be a problem.
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AngieB - my Toyota Previa gets great gas mileage, and is AWD. It rocks out in the snow, etc.!
DH's 4-Runner was getting horrible gas mileage, but he also did a tune-up, like a PP, and had to buy a semi-expensive part, but it has trememdously helped in saving gas! Definatly worth it!
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We are very rural and can't walk anywhere except the post office and a corner store so we are trying to consolidate trips (we still stink at this and end up going to town three times during a weekend ) But on the other hand, at least it is nice out now so we don't feel the need to go out for the heck of it as much. We can have just as much fun preparing our garden and it doesn't cost a dime.
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We're trying to drive less. Where we live right now it's tough. Dh doean't have a choice about going to work :LOL and everyhting is pretty far from us. In a few months we'll be moving back to a small city, that will help. Having grocery stores closer, public transportation, etc..

We're also planning to buy a scooter as soon as we can save for it. Dh will use it to commute to work during hte warmer months which will help tremendously with the gas costs, as the ones we're looking at get about 100m/gallon. Then we can also use it if one of us is going out alone. It'll take longer to get some places, they only go maybe 40 mph tops and aren't allowed on highways, and we'll have to store it in my IL's shed for winter, but I think in the long run it will be a really good investment for us.

We just had to have osme pricey work done on the car(we just recently went back to having only one) so we took the opportunity to make sure it had an oil change and was in generally good shape, since we were paying through the nose anyway. And since it was a strut that went and it was all front end work, they also gave hte car an alignment. Definitely saes on gas to have everyhting in proper working order.

I wish we could afford to switch to a more fuel efficient car, but right now we just don't have hte money to invest in a car. Soon enough we'll make that switch though.
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I'm currently driving an 11yo Honda Civic, so that doesn't use TOO MUCH fuel.

Right now, we're too far away to walk to anything, but we're planning to move this summer and the new house is walking distance to several stores and ds' school.
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I also based a move partly on the rising cost of commute. I prefer living in the small town we are in, but will be moving to a small city in a few days. I will be happy to be able to save on the gas and wear and tear on the car.

I bought my car in 97 and it cost me $12 to fill it up at that time. Today it costs me almost $30 for the low grade!!
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Well, I guess this isn't what you're looking for, but I too have chosen my home based on commuting. Neither DH nor I drive, it started out as something we just never got around to as young people, but now its a lifestyle choice. The older we get, the less I can stand to part with the cash for lessons ($700+ the last time I checked) and the insurance, let alone the upkeep.

We bought our first home a year ago, and our first deciding factor was, where can we afford to live right at the subway? We found a place we love in an up and coming neighborhood.

Now that its spring, we are back on our bikes, and getting even farther afield.

Just wanted to put it out there that a car-free existence can be possible. I know its not for everyone/every lifestyle/every location, but it can be possible. I recently met someone who couldn't even fathom the fact that we didn't have a car.
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Fiercemama, my brother in Brooklyn has never owned a car either and he's in his 30s. He loves being car-free as well, although he has a license. It's all about location.
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We actually bought a car yesterday :LOL We have been without one for a few years now, but it was just getting too difficult.
In reality, I will probably continue to walk to the grocery store and the park, and we will only use the car for DH to get to work on bad days. He has a leg injury and walking downhill is not helping his condition.
At basically $3.80/gallon (I am in Canada) we have to be very careful with it.
I don't have a driver's licence, so I would also have to rely on DH to drive me everywhere.

dready*mama, do you find the Previa gets whipped around when it's windy? My dad used to have one and made me promise to never buy one because he almost flipped it due to a gust of wind.
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I am trying to drive less.
I also try not to use the air- is that worth it?
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Well, we already do pretty much as much as we can outside of severely limiting my driving to lower our gas usage - DH takes the bus to work, so I have the car, I only go out a few times a week, etc.

I used a website (I think it was www.seattlegasprices.com and I think they have sites for other areas at www.gasbuddy.com) the basic idea is the users plug in what price they saw at various stations. So I took a look at it and discovered what stations near me are cheap and which gouge (we are in a pretty dense suburban area so I have a lot of choices) - I don't check the site regularly, we discovered that the local Safeway gas is generally the lowest around (with an additional discount for members) and isn't far from us, so now whenever possible we hit that gas station and if I am stuck buying gas elsewhere I limit myself to $5 worth and fill up at the cheaper places later.
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Obviously, the answers are to drive less and use a fuel-efficient car. But if you already have a gas-hog car, not everyone can afford to go buy a different one.

Dh is applying for full-time work in the fall, but we don't know where it will be. It could be as much as a two-hour drive. And we can't move; we just signed a one-year lease. So it's possible he will have to drive 400 miles a day.

Why will grocery prices go up? What does that have to do with gas? For grocery trips, if it's not raining and dh is home with the girls, I use a bike and a backpack. It works pretty well. It might mean two trips, if I'm getting a lot of things in large containers (like milk or detergent) but then I get good exercise too!
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