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What to do with eggs?

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Our local grocery store apparently overbought on eggs and they're now selling 18 count packages for only 49 cents! I'd love to take advantage of the bargain, but need some more ideas on how to use them.

We currently:

hard cook them and use as snacks
make egg salad
scramble & fry
make deviled eggs

I need to stay dairy free for DD's sake, but I could use dairy based recipes for DS & DH.

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-Quiche...just use unsweetened soymilk in place of cream.

-Cannot remember what it is called but I sometimes make a dish that is like an open faced omlet...uses lots of eggs and veggies. You cook it in the oven in a caste iron skillet (or the stove top slowly) until it is almost totally set, then flip it over for a minute to set the top. Very yummy.
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French toast - with whole wheat bread, one of my best ways to get DD to eat a rounded meal.
Scrambled eggs are good in fried rice. Use day old rice and peas and other veggies.
The dish described by the previous poster is a frittatta.
Bread pudding - a good way to use up day old bread too!
Ranchos Heuvos - eggs with salsa, a wrap, etc.
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: we get a lot of eggs w/wic and i never know what to do w/them either!
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Egg noodles! Basically you make a simple dough with beaten egg, flour & salt, roll it out and cut it up. Try Googling "egg noodle recipe" or search for it at www.allrecipes.com.

Don't worry about making the noodles perfectly even or skinny, in fact, I often make them in a kind of fat rectangular shape about half an inch wide and 2 inches long. They are really good as a base for homemade gravy and meat which are a great way to use up the shreds of chicken left over from 3 nights ago or whatever!
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Oooh...I love the egg noodle idea!

DH and DS just love eating pasta.

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I remember reading something here that you can crack an egg into each compartment of an ice cube tray and then freeze them to use later.
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yes you can freeze eggs (not in the shell though, I've heard that frozen eggs are better in baking than as scrambled or what have you though).

one of my families fav. egg dishes is Spaghetti Carbanara, talk about comfort food :LOL if you can find the recipe from Americans Test Kitchen for this, it's THE BEST imo.


breakfast pizza *what i call it*, shredded potatoes cooked up with garlic/onion/seasonings in butter or sausage/bacon fat (cook with the sausage/bacon bitts if desired), just as they are about done, pour scrambled eggs over that and cook till done (may have to flip over) then sprinkle cheese over top lid to melt cheese. Great served with fresh fruit.

pancakes/waffles/french toast

egg gravy over toast (hard boiled eggs is the base of a cream and sausage "gravy"


i put eggs in my shephards pie
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We put hard boiled eggs in potatoe salad
What about a chiffon cake or an angel food cake?
Angel food cake is light, uses not much more than eggs (8-12) and freeezes well for later on in the summer with strawberries and cream!
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I make quiches, with or without crust, in a square baking pan. About 5-6 eggs, veggies of choice, a bit of milk, spices to taste. You can even add meats if you like. Makes an excellent dinner.
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don't forget fritatta, which is a cousin to the quiche.
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German pancakes / popovers!! (They are the same recipe made in different pans.)
I will post a recipe if you want.
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