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DD's ped. suggested we stop...rota virus

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Hi mommas. I don't get on the computer much these days but am hoping to find some suggestions and feedback.

My dd is about 29 months and has recently been diagnosed with Rota Virus. Let me just say, I am tempted to keep her out of our church nursery, as this is my guess of where she picked this up. I don't know much about this virus other than it had left her terribly dehydrated and lethargic but we are on the upside of it now.

Anyway, while visting her doctor, it was suggested that we stop nursing because I am due with our second child in less than 2 weeks. The doctors reasoning was simply that 2 year olds are like magnets for all types of illnesses (it also doesn't help that she is a thumb sucker). Yes, I have noticed this to be true. It seems ever since we have put her in the nursery, she has picked up all sorts of colds and such. Prior to this time, she just wasn't ready to go and the previous church had a crying room so she could stay with me and play while I listened. She really enjoys playing with the other children too though.

Any suggestions on what to do, or somethings I could read. DD has not nursed in 3 days now but asks at nap and bed time. I have to admit I was not ready for this as I always envisioned tandem nursing but don't want to put our new babe at risk either.

Sorry to run on and on; it is very late/early here in Germany, so I am not fully rested for my day yet.

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That doesnt' make sense to me. Your ped is telling you to stop nursing your 2 yo b/c she might get the new baby sick once he/she is born? Honestly, unless you're going to totally quarantine them, they will interact and your baby will be exposed to all the germs your 2 yo old has. You are also exposed, so your milk will create antibodies so the new one will be more protected.
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Exactly what Michelle said. Stopping nursing is not the way to go to prevent illness. Nursing can help.
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Okay- let me get this straight... does this Dr. think that you're more likely to get whatever bugs your dd has BECAUSE you're nursing her? huh? So to avoid you (or the new baby?) getting sick, not nursing is going to help? Can you still give her hugs and kisses? What if she drinks out of you glass? Can you still wipe her nose when it's snotty? The idea that not nursing her is going to cut down on germs passed around is absurd.

Add to that- yep, 2 yr olds get sick alot. Isn't that a reason to KEEP nursing? Maybe she'll get sick less. Maybe when she does get sick she'll get over it faster. Maybe when she's feeling crummy she will need the extra closeness and nourishment from nursing.

Sounds to me like dr. just wants you to wean and is talking out of his/her

Keep on giving your dd the good stuff! Transitioning to being a big sister will be hard enough without taking a big comfort away from her at the same time.

hugs! (and I'd find a new dr.)

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Also, when my kids were newborns, I made sure to kiss on the older ones when they were sick even more. I figured if I intentionally exposed myself more closely to their germs, it would translate to antibodies in my milk faster. I don't know if it's actually true, but it makes sense and seemed to work.
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Originally Posted by alegna
(and I'd find a new dr.)
This bears repeating.
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Truthfully, I wouldn't bother finding a new doctor over just that, because it seems like there are very few doctors who have much more knowledge than that. Of course, I'm suggesting you should listen and take their advice!
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What? That's ridiculous. The baby will get immunities from you and the toddler will get immunities from you. If you aren't nursing the older one, she will be even MORE likely to get sick. Plus, breastmilk is the best thing for Rota virus.

Did you know that your aureolae have glands that secrete fluids that keep the nipple sterile and would prevent your older child from leaving "germs" on the breast to infect the baby?
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Originally Posted by alegna

Sounds to me like dr. just wants you to wean and is talking out of his/her
Yes, it sounds like the doctor just thinks nursing a toddler is yucky (WRONG)
and is looking for excuses to talk you out of it.

If the toddler is exposed to an illness, then nurses....your body will start making antibodies...couldn't that protect the small baby MORE???
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What an odd arguement. Are you planning on boarding school for your toddler to keep the baby away from those 2 year old germs?
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I did not know the aereola secrete fluid that sterilizes the nipple...guess I need to take another look at my breastfeeding book! Where can I read up on this whole sterilization thing...I am very intrigued! This breastfeeding gets better and better

I think the doctor felt as though Savanna would nurse, then immediately the new babe would nurse and that is how all the sickness would be passed around....swapping saliva.

Sadly enough, being military overseas, we don't have a lot of choice in who we see for medical care; however, the doctor we did see this time is not our regular ped.

I must admit, I have been letting my mom do most of Savanna's diaper changes because I don't want to risk getting this virus so close to my "due" date. Everything I have read said the fecal-oral thing is the way to get this so I am just trying to avoid the poop all together. I have the help for six weeks, Savanna doesn't mind, so I am just going with it.

I would love to nurse Savanna again tonight. All along, during this pregnancy I have been talking with her about sharing momma's nanna's (as she calls them!) so no I am not ready to wean her and she obviously isn't ready either as she still asks. It is my hope nursing will help them bond with one another.

Thanks so much for your encouraging words mommas!
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then PLEASE nurse her, she must be so heart broken
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It sounds like it's been a scary time for you, MommaSeed.

(And don't worry, I don't have anything contagious!)
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I don't have any medical advice, just anecdotal. FWIW, I'm also struggling horribly with a virus magnet almost-3-yo.

My girlfriend has a 2-yo DD and a 5-month-old DS. Her DD was weaned, but started nursing again when little brother came along. In the past month, there's been a horrible repeating virus going through our town. My girlfriend, her DH, and the toddler all had it pretty bad. The infant literally sneezed twice and coughed once, and that was the extent of it (Can you tell I'm very jealous of him???)

I just have a feeling that even if your DD is bringing home germs, your newborn will be protected because of your milk.

But that's totally my hunch!

Best of luck to you!
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Our family had rotavirus a few years ago. I was so glad that our then-toddler was nursing because breastmilk was the only thing she could tolerate.

Everyone else here has provided you with great info. One other thing I'll add is that germs aren't passed through teeny bits of saliva, it's the snot. When I was tandeming I would just wipe my dd's nose before nursing and wipe off any snot she left behind and then rinse my breasts. (just in case those areola sterilizing substances didn't get a chance to work before ds was hungry) fwiw, our ds caught colds at the same rate after his older sister weaned. It doesn't seem like he was sicker because of sharing breasts.

Hang in there with that rotavirus. Try to disinfect everything with vinegar and hydrogen peroxide -- door knobs, counters, anything you can. I hope no one else gets it.
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Well I just found out my 1y/o has Rota Virus and I have been looking it up like mad on the net. This old thread was very helpful. Here are a couple of lines from Kidshealth.org regarding breastfeeding during this illness.

"Children who have mild to moderate dehydration should be given an oral rehydration solution in small, frequent amounts for several hours to correct the dehydration and then should go back to eating normally. Children who are breastfed should be breastfed throughout"


So anyone with this same problem should keep breastfeeding thier sweet angels. This is a particularly miserable virus for children and he/she needs to feel that closeness now more than ever.
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Siblings WILL share germs. Period.
There is no getting around it. No stopping it.
Not nursing your 2 year old will not protect your newborn from his germs in any way.
If the babe doesnt get germs off of your nipple your 2 year old will be sticking his fingers in her mouth. Or they will hold hands and baby will put her fist in her mouth. They will play with the same toys.
All it will do is rob him of the benefits of nursing.
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I wonder how things went.

FWIW, DS brought mycoplasm pneumonia home when DD was maybe a month old. I got it, but she didn't.

If "swapping spit" or anything else is a concern, pat yourself dry then swab yourself with some of your milk between children. That or always let baby nurse first.
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Michelle / Shelbean is onto something. This is consistent with what I have read about some Moms with breastfed babies/toddlers in daycare. The suggestion is that you take the kid to daycare early, interact with the other kids to expose yourself to their germs and develope the immunity then nurse your baby/toddler before you leave to pass the immunity on.

I don't know how effective this is, number one I wouldn't have thought the mother would develope immunity that quickly and number two there is the risk that Mom could get sick as well. I wish I could rembember where I read about this. Maybe someone else has heard of it.
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That is among one of the strangest and most misinformed comments I've ever heard from a doctor.

I don't see any reason to stop nursing your toddler. That's ridiculous advice.
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