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DS is 2.5 and nurses two to three times at night and then a long marathon at daybreak until he get out of bed an hour or two later. He needs mama's milk to fall asleep at nap and bedtime and to get back to sleep at night. Sometimes I can slip out of bed in the morning and have a cup of tea and check my e-mail before I hear him asking "where'd mama go?"
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Thanks mamas! You've helped put my mind at ease. Although, I wish he did sleep all the way through. I wonder what it is like to have a full night of uninterrupted sleep
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My ds just turned 2 and he's NEVER ONCE slept throught the night--how many adults do, after all?
He probably nurses 5-10 X a night.
I also nurse him down for his nap and sometimes have to nurse him back halfway through the nap!!
LAtely he's also been coming for quick sips thrughout the day in between his regular nursings--quite funny really!
But I guess the night nursing is more common than I htought! Glad to hear it b/c even though I would never want to wean (or even night wean him) I certainly get frustrated sometimes in the middle of the night when I am EXHAUSTED!!
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Brett is 26 months and still nurses in the night anywhere from 1-5 times. Usually just once or twice.
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Jack nurses whenever he needs to- some nights he sleeps 5-6 hours without waking to nurse (then nurses and sleeps another couple of hours) and other nights he's up every hour. The most common pattern is to have at least one stretch of 3 hours or more, but that doesn't always happen.
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Willow will be 2 years old in July. She still nurses down and nurses through the night....I don't think she has any designs on stopping anytime soon. And that's just fine with me.
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My 32mth old dd is letting me sleep 6-7 straight hours now but that just started a few mths ago. She still nurses to sleep, occassionally in the night, and EVERY morning at 5 a.m..

There for awhile she woke me up so often, I thought pretty soon and I'll be hallucinating! I was exhausted. 2+ yrs of 3 maybe 4 hrs straight sleep a night.....makes me a. I'm happy with how things are going now.
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My 2 1/2 year old often still wakes to nurse at night too - more so now that we have a new baby in bed too. I don't remember what it's like to sleep all night :LOL
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My 33 month old still nurses a ton at night. Most nights he wakes every 2 hours on the dot to nurse. Last night my 14 month old slept for over 9 hours without nursing! They are both in the bed with us. It amazes me how different their nursing patterns can be.
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He nurses to sleep, and in the morning. Most nights he only wakes to nurse one time, when I go to bed, sometimes two times, sometimes not until morning. Most often the pattern is: at bedtime, at 11 PM, at 5 AM, and then nurse and out of bed around 6:30 or 7. He's 26 months.

I am glad I'm not the only one! I am pretty sure that I am the one with sleep apnea though. I haven't had it diagnosed professionally because what would I do, I'm co-sleeping, I can't wear a mask in bed even if I need one. Poop.
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dd1 night weaned herself during pg, but when the baby and the milk came, she started to nurse at night again, more than her nb sister. arghhhh!!!

I'd like to tell her no milkies till sun-up, but then it seems unfair to roll over and nurse dd2. *I* know they have different needs, but I don't know how to make dd1 see that. I think she nurses so much at night bc I refuse her so much in the day, but tandem nursing isn't going well for me.
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I am so glad I am not the only one with a 2.5yo who nurses quite a few times during the night. I was begining to wonder if it was normal. In fact I think my 8mth old sleepes better then my 2.5yo does!
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Earthy~Mama Welcome to MDC! :

Originally Posted by Earthy~Mama
In fact I think my 8mth old sleepes better then my 2.5yo does!
That's how it was for me too! I'd say more but I don't want anyone on this thread to throw tomatoes at me.
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I thought Dd night weaned at 9 months. Slept all night. My period came back at 10 months. Then she picked up again. Now she's over 3-1/2, and up briefly one or more times a night. Night weaning was never a priority, maybe because she's always gone back to sleep in moments - for which I am grateful, when I recall the early months of her getting up at 4 and imbibing until 7.
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Nate still night nurses-he's 31 months---and I am really ready to be done & hoping he is too..................................He falls asleep with out it--in our bed- ---but when he wakes 1-2-3 times in night & a.m. he cries can't be comforted or put back to sleep with out nursies.

I feel like I am not getting the sleep I'd like & need, and sometimes I am really grouchy--but I keep thinking we are close to the end. (and on the few times when he hasn't, or when I think ahread to his being done, I have to admit, I do kind of miss it--the baby in him)
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My almost 3.5yo nurses several times a night. It's just a variation of normal.
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DD is 2 1/2 and nurses 2-3 times a night. She is in daycare during the day so needs the extra nursing at night. If she is growing, sick, or has allergies she nurses a lot more.
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DD is 2 and I don't know quite how many times she nurses at night, we co-sleep, so it's pretty easy to just roll over, and pop it in when she starts making mouthing noises. I think however, that sometimes it is 2 - 3 hours between nursing sessions, and that's really nice! A little while before she turned 2, she started unlatching and rolling over so I could spoon her when she was just about to fall asleep, which is really nice, sometimes my breasts need a little break from nursing .
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You will get a full night some day, I promise it does happen! For ds he finally nightweaned himself at about 31 months. He still wakes up for a glass of water almost every night though and then goes right back to sleep. Now I have a new baby so interrupted sleep again for possible the next 2-3 years :LOL
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my almost 3 year old nurses all night and all day.

sometimes we have hard nights or days and the W word pops into my mind- but like intervention in labor i feel it would cause more problems than it would fix.

tristan (again, like my body giving birth) seems to have some good idea of what he needs from me. so i hang on, and take deep breaths.

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