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Rayna turned 3 in April...she needs to nurse to sleep always & nurses for more time than not at night....she probly goes for 2-4 hours total without it during the night. I wont be sad to see the night nursing come to an end...it has been a bonding experience but i'm ready to just sleep again!
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ds night-weaned about 2 months ago but still avidly nurses about 10-100 times a day :LOL i can't keep up anymore...and of course nurses to sleep.
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He nurses to sleep and generally at least 2-3 times after that, sometimes 5+ (or straight through when sick).

Doesn't bother me much.

I get up to pee at least twice a night anyway, so it's not like him not nursing would let me sleep through.
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My dd is 2 1/2 & still nurses to sleep. She usually wakes up twice during the night to nurse. Of course, we're still co-sleeping so I barely wake up to nurse her.
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Something shocking happened a few nights ago....dd slept through the night in her OWN bed! (Still in our room, but one of the things she wanted for her 3rd birthday, which is on Saturday, was her own bed.) She's slept in that bed for partial nights for about a week, and 2-3 of those nights, she slept through, which means no nursing! It was strange waking up at 5AM to her going to her brothers' room to play....and not having nursed her!
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At 36 months, my ds sleeps through the night about 95% of the time, but he usually wakes up around 6:30 & nurses back to sleep for awhile (a function of sunlight & dh leaving for work). A year ago, he was still waking up at least once a night.

He mostly nurses to sleep now & then sleep through the night in our room. A year ago, he usually put himself to sleep in his own room.

My point, if I have one, is that things can change dramatically.
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My two year old nurses about once on a good night or 3-4 times during a difficult night. Ugh.
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Dd(27 mos) nurses a couple of times a night. i swear the other night she didn't wake once! of course last night it was every 2 hours between 1:30-7:30. She always nurses to sleep.She's been refusing naps lately nursing for 20 minutes then saying wake up! When she doesn't nap she sleeps better(usually 12 hours) waking up for milk once or twice. We co sleep so sometimes I cn't even remember if she woke up or not.
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ds2 (3 1/4) has had quite a few nights recently of going to sleep without nursing, due to circumstances of being out and about when he fell asleep.

we were recently on vacation for 2 weeks, and he did more night nursing during that time. i just figured it was due to being displaced from our norm.

he doesn't night nurse much these days. the four of us switch positions in our king-size bed during the night, and sometimes ds2 will awaken on the other side of dh from me and clamber over dh to reach me. sometimes he murmurs "i want to neenoo" but then falls back asleep snuggled up to me before he can accomplish that goal ... i love how it feels when he snuggles up!
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At 30 mo YES! DD still nurses constantly throughout the night.
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my dd is 26 months and nurses 1-3 times during the night. she also nurses to sleep. about once a week she might sleep from 8pm to 3:30 or 4 am and give me a little break. :LOL

We tried the "nursies go night-night, you can have nursies when the sun comes up" story... well, she suddenly started waking up, repeatedly, every sleep cycle, sobbing "mommy, no dark! make the lights go on!" My husband was not amused- then i realized she associated darkness with no nursing! So...that didn't work for us... i'm pregnant with #2 and starting my 2nd trimester when i know many women experience a drop in supply. Part of me really wants to tandem nurse and part of me hopes she'll slow down a bit during this time to give my body a break.

Nice to hear everyone's experiences- most of dd's playmates were weaned (mommy-led) btwn 20-28 months. It's been great to know so many nursing toddlers but i think she will keep going longer than any of them.
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My ds is almost 27 months and nurses to sleep and usually once during the night. Sometimes twice but since we cosleep it doesn't always wake me up.

Seriously, right now it's the daytime that's making me crazy... it feels like he's nursing every five minutes. s This weather is crapola- I think it's the tropical storm affecting us. No sunshine, dreary and depressing... normally it's hot and humid.
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My ds is 2 1/2yrs old and a frequent night nurser....actually a frequent day nurser, too.
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