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It's summer and I want some WINE!

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Ok so it'sonly spring... BUT
I haven't had a drop to drink since I knew I was pregnant. That was about 19 months ago.
I am still BF'ing and DS does not do solids yet ---

When how can I have a glass of wine? I know there is a certain time you can do it before or after a feeding...

Once he is well established on solids (but still BF'ing), can I then drink wine with dinner kind of thing? Or should I hold off until he weans?

I know this may be a rookie question --sorry...
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I understand completely!!!

I was told to have it right after a nursing session and then not to nurse for a few hours after. My dd never acted like it bothered her.

If you are really concerned nurse then have wine then pump and dump before the next feeding, or give him EBM instead of bf'ing.

Good luck!! I hope you are able to enjoy the wine!!
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We only BF from the tap -- we've never pumped or used a bottle so pump and dump is not really an option this late in the game.
Thanks for the link!

Is it different once he's a toddler and getting most of his calories from solids?
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AAP says that it's ok to have 1-2 glasses of wine a week while bfing. There is no need to pump and dump.
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I don't see a problem.
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We're friends with DD's doc and I had his family over for dinner one night. They brought a bottle of wine, I had a glass and then when they were trying to finish it off, I protested another glass, saying that I was nursing and I'd already had some, the doc poured me another half glass and said "your liver is fine" :LOL He's my doc too, so he would know. Apparently he didn't think it was a big deal.

BTW, I don't see how waiting 2 hours makes that much of a difference. If it's in the milk, and the milk hasn't been used, is it going to suddenly disappear? Maybe someone could explain that to me.
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Alcohol reduces breastmilk

Breastfeeding mothers who drink even moderate amounts of alcohol do not produce as much milk, US researchers said yesterday.

One or two glasses of wine delays the production of milk and reduces the quantity available, according to a team at the Monell Chemical Senses Centre in Philadelphia.

"Unlike the situation during pregnancy, when alcohol consumed at any time is always passed on to the foetus, a lactating woman who drinks occasionally can wait a few hours after she stops drinking to breastfeed so that her infant is not exposed," she said. But milk production would be affected in the short term.
Study was done with 17 women & babies aged between two & four months. Rather small sample, in my opinion.
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Breastfeeding French moms drink wine.

A little wine is fine. In fact, sometimes I've had wine at dinner while I nursed my baby. It takes a little while to even get into the milk- and even then it's not a lot than manages to make it. OTOH, I am not sure that the miniscule amount would even be a problem for most breastfed babes. Drinking wine and nursing in 30 minutes or an hour might be worse. A two hour wait seems excessive. Pump and dump for a glass of wine with dinner seems waaaaaaaaaaaay excessive. To me. Not to be confused with medical advice.

You're not getting drunk. You're having wine with dinner. Big big difference.
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I can't see how a glass of wine would reduce milk production in such a short period of time. Maybe make sure whatever you eat with your wine has garlic in it, since babies suck longer when their mothers eat garlic. Maybe it will all come out in the wash.
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I never worried over having a glass of wine here and there while bfg. I didn't time it, either....just had a glass and then nursed if baby wanted to. I don't think it's a big deal, as long as you're not guzzling glass after glass every day.

It never affected my supply....I continued to lactate for at least 18 months-2 yrs after weaning two of my kids!
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Go for it. I've had a few drinks since dd was born. A glass of wine or two on holidays and a well-deserved frozen margurita here and there Like you I don't pump- all straight from the tap. No problems. The alcohol content of your milk will match your blood alcohol content so unless you're REALLY drunk the amount in your milk will be very VERY low.


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Boatbaby, Go have a glass of wine on the deck of your boat at sunset. Medicinal.
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I never worried about it too much either. I only drink occasionally though--I'm such a lightweight these days, that a glass of wine just puts me right to sleep!

In my mom's day (1960s) it was actually recommended by some to drink beer when nursing. Well, in the 60s some doctors were giving out diet pills to pregnant moms and no one ever cautioned moms not to smoke and drink while pg.
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BTW, I don't see how waiting 2 hours makes that much of a difference. If it's in the milk, and the milk hasn't been used, is it going to suddenly disappear? Maybe someone could explain that to me.
Alcohol is concentrated in bmilk as the same amount as in the blood. It also disappates at the same rate. For most adults it takes approximately one hour to fully metabolize one alcoholic drink. So, even for a small woman a single drink should be fully out of the system after two hours.

I, personally, don't think people need to wait *or* pump and dump if you are talking about a single serving of alcohol per hour or two. That would generally give you a blood alcohol level of NO HIGHER than .04. Thats not 4%, that's not .4%. That's .04% of your blood being composed of alchohol. Beer is generally 3-5% alcohol, wine into the higher single digits and hard alcohol 40-80%. So, if your child drank 12 (quite a lot!) ounces of bmilk at its most concentrated after a single drink it would have 1% the alcohol as a single beer.

Just doesn't seem like a big deal to me.
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I have occassionally had a small glass of wine with dinner or while cooking it and most of the time it seems to have no effect on my milk or dd. A couple of times I noticed she seemed a little sleepy, but all that meant was that she slept better and so did I! I say go for it.
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Another vinophile breastfeeder here. Ditto PPs' comments on the miniscule concentration of alcohol in breastmilk, no need to pump & dump, etc. See Dr. Jack Newman's The Ultimate Book of Breastfeeding Answers for some really refreshing and well-researched views on breastfeeding and alcohol.
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vinophile breastfeeder :LOL
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If you weigh 150 or more, it will take even more wine to get to the baby.

I never understood how there was any worry about this. To me caffeine seems so much worse to drink while nursing. It can have a half life of up to 60 hours in a newborn and make your baby so fussy, while alcohol gets processed prety quickly. Its not like alcohol goes flying out of the boob as you drink it, by the time you nurse again it will be gone, unless you drink the entire day away!
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Amen to the caffeine thing. I would think that would be worse. Soda water is so bad for you. Ah, I can't wait for that first sip of wine! I've been drooling over it for weeks. The bottled water in our grocery store just has to be right next to the wine.....it is torture not to buy any.
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