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Well mamas : I don't own a BBB. I desperately want to for both of the boys. With DS's li' rise I see these working really well for him.

I have had the pleasure of momentarily petting one, I got to do this at the diaper party I went to in Atlanta a couple of months back Oh, what a JOY that was!

Hmmmm.... Wonder if I can delay the family outing until after the stocking? Shoot, I have only gotten lucky at the cart once
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Wow! Vanessa has really outdone herself. That Bird of Paradise soaker is to die for!! But alas I am stepping back from this BBB stocking to help another mama hopefully snag one.
I guess since I already have 10 BBB soakers and 1 pair of BBB pants maybe I should let everyone else have a chance :
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That's a lot of BBB! You must be like the BBB Pied Piper or something!
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Originally Posted by spatulagirl
That's a lot of BBB! You must be like the BBB Pied Piper or something!

It was one of Christy's that I got to pet

It is almost sickening how many she has!
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OOOH Christy help me stalk! I must have the Jade shorts! I have no BBB's and I am still feeling guilty for putting DS in sposies while he was in the hospital, I feel like I need to buy him lots of scrumptious fluff to make up for it! :LOL
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No BBB here either and I am also seriously Hyena Cart challenged. I will be trying for the Elements. I love how she has them reasonably priced because we all know she could sell each one of those for over $100. Thanks Vanessa for giving everyone a chance to get one without having to come up with auction prices .
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And thats all i gota say .
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mmmm... bird's of paradise is soooo pretty! So is elements.
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Love the birds of paradise, too! But ds has an 11:30 soccer game, so I won't be any competition!
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I am in if anyone wants to help me stalk I would very much appreciate it!!!
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I can help stalk, I have no success w / HC but can try
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So is anyone else going to try for the Tempest or am I luckily not up against any Fast Fingered mamas?
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Oh mama, if I had a girl AND I were going to be home......

Good luck to ya - sendin' you Tempest vibes and dust!
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Im going for Jade. Anyone else? Anyone wanna help me? My fast fingers finnegan title should be revoked after yesterdays MM stocking. I need help! Pulleaaase!
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I don't know why I am stalking BBB I have never had a chance. But I just got to try DS really needs some wool. And I am just in love with the birds of paradise. But it seems like a lot are.
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15 mins and counting.... doing finger streches. .. . . . DC should start screaming and needing mom soon it never fails.
DH went to bed when I need him the most. I think it is way of keeping me from spending money. HAHA
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darn you gals!! lol
I got some sort of error!!!
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Crap! I logged in to the main HC page and when i tried to access the item it said not logged in

Sorry mama!!
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Well I got the BIN button but was so stunned I froze and missed it by 2 nanoseconds :
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Tearful disappointment....
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