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Nothing is TMI here, right? :LOL

OK, who else is having gobs of discharge? I've been noticing increasing amounts, but now it's all day and TONS. I don't remember this with DD!
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I don't know if it is tons but it is enough for me! I hate it, makes me feel gross. :
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i just had my fourth baby 10 weeks ago and i remember thinking it was my mucus plug evry time i peed for a month or so. it wasn't pink though, it was just yellowy strings and globs of goo...not bad smelling or infectious or yeast; just LOTS of discharge. now it's gone but i get drips of pee. had the world's strongest kegels after three 9-10 pound babes and the fourth one comes out without pushing and makes my muscles weak (he was 9'4").

i think your messiness is normal. soon you'll have your babe in arms and they'll make their own messes. good luck!
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Oh my. I actually had my midwife check for amniotic fluid today b/c my discharge is so much. This is my fourth baby and I guess that combined with the fact that I have big babies, (last one was 10lbs 6oz) this is just going to be the way it is. Fun, Fun, Fun!!
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LOL I kept some of the testing strips at home because I too was always telling my midwife I MUST be leaking since the discharge would drip down my leg a little in those last few weeks. sorry i don't have better news or suggestions. i offer empathy.......
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: I am so jealous of you all. I'm having NO discharge at all, despite checking all the time. I just want SOME sign this baby will be leaving my uterus soon.
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Amy, I wouldn't be jealous. For me, I think it means nothing. It's like the whole dialation thing . . .it means really nothing (at least in terms of "when"). As we know, you can be dialated at a 5 and stay that way for weeks, or be at 0 and go into labor the same day.

But still, I'm sure you just want to meet your babe so I'm sending hefty (but easy) labor vibes your way!
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I'm not having any discharge either. Odd, since I had a bunch with DD.
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Tons of discharge for me. I think the EPO I'm taking is contributing to it but I had lots with DD too.
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