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Cervical happenings...

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There's some serious twinges, stretches, twists, pulls, or something going on in there...
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I've been getting pings and stabs for the last month. Sometimes it's quite uncomfortable and I can't stop myself from exclaiming when it happens. Other times it's just a mild sensation, but definitely one that I'm aware of.

My midwife said that it's the cervix ripening, effacing and getting ready for birth.
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I'm hopeful that last nights wild ride was baby turn posterior to anterior.
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I've had the occasional "pins and needles" or twinge over the past couple months, but last night was Yeow! Some serious pinching/stabbing/tweaking for a while!

I just consider it warming up.

Hopefully, if it takes 100 licks to get to the center of a tootsie pop, we're getting in several licks now before the owl gets impatient and takes a huge bite after just three....

Wow. Gotta love 1970s commercial analogies.


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Woo hoo!!!! Go, mamas!

I have nothing. But somehow, am dialated. Very weird.
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I'm getting twinges and so forth but I don't think it's really doing anything. I haven't had any checks but these weird twinges started a few weeks ago from time to time and I'm still pg. :LOL My baby still turns a lot all the time and I don't feel those twinges then. Maybe if your baby was low though it would cause that sensation.
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Well -- we concluded yesterday that baby is still posterior so who knows WHAT that was LOL
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sometime you wont feel your body dialating. This could be just because you are doing other things and not really focusing on every little think.
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Definately lots of pressure and tingles and pains. Earlier today I had what seemed to be a contraction but it only happened once....=(
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Originally Posted by birthdoula74
sometime you wont feel your body dialating. This could be just because you are doing other things and not really focusing on every little think.
I don't know about that for myself . . .with DD, I didn't feel or understand what I was feeling. For example, I didn't realize with her that the cramps I felt were contractions. This time, I'm not only hyper-aware but I also feel I know what's going on more.

This morning, I had the absolute biggest gob I've ever had. But NOT blood-tinged. (Of course, I inspected!)
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Yeah, I feel like I won't know for sure when I get my first real contraction unless it is really strong or something. I just don't know what kind of feeling to expect exactly. Others can describe it to me all day long but I don't think that helps me to recognize it.
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Sarajane, I think it's different for everyone! With DD, it was JUST like menstrual cramps (the early labor). It got much more intense, though!
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Got checked today, I'm about 1-2 cm, and having lots of twinges in the upper regions but nothing happening down below yet. I think I'll know "the real thing" when I feel it but this being my first I really don't know what to expect...other than we get to meet our baby girl soon!!!
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I am only a couple days before my due date and I haven't had any pressure or anything all day today. =(

Is this a bad sign?
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I don't do cervical exams so I have no idea if all this activity is acheiving anything LOL I had them with my first (exams) but none with #2 or #3

Sarajane -- it's not a sign of anything at all... it's normal for things to stop and start.
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Just want to ditto what theelfqueen said, sarajane! Really, you can feel NOTHING and go into labor the same night or feel lotsa things (cramps, contractions) and have the baby in a month.

I think it's hard, at this point in the PG, to believe that you WILL GO INTO LABOR. It's hard to imagine how drastically your life can change-- permanently-- from one day to the next, especially when you've been focused on months, then weeks, and now days in your PG.
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Yeah, exactly, your so right. I feel like I will be pregnant forever. This just feels like this is my body now. Hard to believe we are gonna be parents soon!
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I'm right there with you sarajane (and due on April 14th). Yesterday we were convinced I was going to go into labour, today I just hurt! I'm really trying to continue to get ready, but to keep on making fun plans into next week....they can all be cancelled, right?
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