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Kefir containers

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What do you use to make and store your kefir in? Is it ok to use a canning jar with a metal lid for the fermenting process? Any ideas on a container for storage in the fridge?

The got kefir thread is a bit overwhelming for a newbie! Once I figure out how to make, strain, and store the kefir I'll be able to actually use it. Can't wait to try the recipes.
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I used a mason jar with a metal lid for a long time and it worked fine. After a while I got tired of dealing with those lids and so bought some of the plastic lids for mason jars. I love them. Make it so much easier. I usually only brew enough kefir to make in my morning smoothie, so don't store any in fridge. But when I go overboard with the kefir (I use extra to make yummy kefir cheese then add garlic and herbs yummy!!) I usually just store it in mason jars or a glass milk jug I got from my raw milk lady.
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I've read the whole thread in the archives. Has anyone figured out how to slow the process? I don't want to make a new batch every 24-48 hours. That's a lot of milk and will be expensive. I'm not ready for juice kefir. How do I stick with milk kefir but only use a cup or two of milk a week or so?
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You can definitely use a mason jar with metal lid to brew. I use one, but only use the metal ring & then put cheese cloth over the rest of the top. That way the kefir turns out less fizzy (personal preference).

As far as slowing the process...you can use less grains so you make less kefir with each brew. Also, you can lower the temperature. I have slowed things down occassionally by putting the brew jar in the fridge. I don't know if you can dot his over a long period of time, though. It might affect the grains after a while.

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I've used glass mason jar with metal lid (since Kefir rarely touches it) and mason jar with the 'plastic' lids you can buy for them. Both work well.

I now have a large 'anchor hawking' glass jar with glass/plastic stopper lid I am storing my kefir in for several days (in frige) then make up bread and cheese with it.

You can put you jar of milk and grains in the fridge and it will slow them down. I've 'brewed for two days' then set the entire thing in fridge for afew days. Then poured it up. I would say if you put your milk/grains in the frige from the start of the 'brew' cycle, you can do it for up to a week. Then you can do just a cup or two of milk, once a week. It probably can go longer...as the milk won't go bad, if the grains are in it keeping other stuff 'at bay'.
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Thanks so much. I had my first kefir smoothie this morning. It was good but very rich.
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