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I just found

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the most perfect coat for me for fall! I'm so excited, I almost can't wait for the cooler weather! :LOL Note that I said *almost*.

It's black velvet, a peacoat sort of style, kind of retro. Fits perfectly, very flattering, can be dressy or casual. $9.95 at Goodwill. I almost didn't get it because after all, ten bucks is kind of pricey but it was just so perfect for me, those kinds of things you just have to snag when you can.

Just thought I'd share with others who appreciate a good find like that.

So what have you found a great deal on lately?
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OH my goodness! I just shopped all afternoon and now understand why people have problems with shopping. I had so much fun. I've never done that before where I actually buy things. I had a cart full of stuff from the mall and it was new and everything which is VERY RARE FOR US, but I got fabulous deals because everything was on clearance.

I got two packages of 60 Pampers (which I never use except for very occasionally like if I have a babysitter or something) for like $8 each after discounts. They'll last until Noah's potty-trained! I got fabric softener (Snuggle and Bounce - good brands which I NEVER buy) for $1.50 a bottle. And various other fabulous deals that I can't remember now. Oh yeah, a hat for my husband for 4.99, down from 31.99 at Footlocker! What else? A lipstick for 89c that was marked down to 1.69 and I was still excited and then it was even less! 12 Yogurts for $2.49 (which is SUPER cheap here.)

I went out just desperately needing to escape my kids. I took the baby, but I've been having alot of stress with Naomi and I was at the point where I either threw her out a window or got a break. So I had fun, a break, still kept everything frugal, and stocked up on things for a long time. And I feel fabulous. The thrill of the good deal, and the luxury of having new and/or namebrand items is a high for me! And some people might think buying fabric softener and pampers is a boring everyday thing, but for me I felt like a millionaire. LOL. I guess it pays to have low expectations so entertainment is so easy to find.

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Oh that's not boring! I'm thrilled too when I find great deals on stuff I would normally buy anyway. It's even better if I actually have the money to take advantage and stock up :LOL

I was so psyched a month or so ago-our favorite brand of coffee was on a super good sale at the grocery store, about 1/2 the regular price. I was so pleased that I had some leeway in the food budget that week, because I got several of the big, huge containers. We weren't even close to running short on coffee yet, but I knew it would eventually get used.

There was also the time I found a sale on my favorite clothing detergent and got, like, a years worth for about 5 bucks.

I think my coat was extra thrilling because I've gone a few years now with an eye out for somehting like it. Dressy enough for fancy nights, but not out of place with jeans. I love going to goodwill. You can walk in with $20 and feel like you'v ehad a huge shopping spree.
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Originally Posted by SarahNH
I love going to goodwill. You can walk in with $20 and feel like you'v had a huge shopping spree.
That's so true! I feel like a kid in a candy store when it's half price day at Salvation Army!

That coat you got sounds great and well worth $10. Do you have the Goodwill discount card? It's only $10 for the year and you get 10% everything you buy there for a whole year. Plus, if you are the kind who would thrift shop on your birthday (which I am :LOL) you'll get 25% off anything you buy on your b-day! I am probably just telling you stuff you already know. :LOL

As for good deals, we stopped at a small non-profit thrift shop this week and I ended up getting a bunch of like new Gymboree and Gap shirts for dd for $1 each, a boutique sundress with bloomers for $2 and best of all 6 pull on diaper covers brand new in the package for $1!
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I don't hav ehte discount card yet, just noticed the signs when I was there yesterday. But I couldn't spend any more just then, and I wasn't putting anything back! lol

It used to be that I had lots of goodwill stores near me, one that was my favorite. It was huge, and in hte middle of several wealthy towns, so it got loads of really cool stuff donated. That district didn't do the discount card, but had lots of other regular sales. Housewares 1/2 off every Wed, and they used different color tags on the clothes. Every weekend one tag color went on discount. Stuff like htat. But then that district shut down

So now I don't get to go nearly as often, because it takes me 30-40 minutes to the nearest store. I'm planning to get that card next time I go though, I try to get out htere every 6 weeks or so.

In addition to my fabulous jacket, I also manages 2 pair of shorts(I had none) , a Blondie t-shirt :LOL that was just too cool, I great sweater in a style I love, a summer hat for ds, and 2 bags. my current purse/diaper bag is a little too visually heavy for summer. Grand total? Just under $35. If I got that stuff all new, just hte sweater would have eaten up that 35.

I also found for my mom(who was with me) another nice coat. Beige, light, great for rainy spring and cooler early fall weather. Exactly what she's been looking for! London Fog, good quality brand. Also 10 dollars.

The best part is I managed to see, and grab, both of these jackets in the 4.5 seconds I had in that aisle while sprinting after my toddler

I'm wearing my Blondie t-shirt right now(washed it this morning). I feel very rock-n-roll cool today.
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So hey, is this normal or am I just weird? When I'm wearing something that makes me look and feel great, I feel *extra* cute knowing I got the item at a great price. Like, I've been searching for a nice jacket like that for a long time. I probably would have broken down next fall and gone out to the mall or wherever to find something. But I'll feel like it looks even better because I got it cheap at goodwill.

Do you guys do that too?
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Oh yeah, it does feel better! I think it's because it looks just as good on you and you paid way less for it. Or when it comes to something cool and unique like your Blondie shirt (I am so jealous of that find, BTW ) I love the uniqueness of the stuff you can find there. Most everyone else is going to the mall and selecting the same stuff off the same shelves and it's all so predictable but shopping thrift stores is an adventure! :LOL I when my Goodwills have .98 sales...with my discount I can get stuff for .86 cents! :LOL Last time I got DH a windbreaker and 2 pairs of dress pants and for dd a pair of overalls.
One thing some of my Goodwills do that annoy me. They price ANYTHING name brand sky high. Like a stained Gap onesie for $5.95. I don't get that! I can go to the outlet store in Kittery and get a new one for that price!
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I had a friend who would buy "souvenir" buttons, t-shirts, hats, etc from all over the world and then let people assume he was a world traveler.
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Originally Posted by Ruthla
I had a friend who would buy "souvenir" buttons, t-shirts, hats, etc from all over the world and then let people assume he was a world traveler.
:LOL That's an interesting way to use the thrift store resource.
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Scrapadoozer, if you shop the outlets in Kittery and our goodwill district has hte same policies, we must be somewhat near each other. I didn't know you were in new england. The store I shop at is in Londonderry, NH. But that district goes up into Maine, too, doesn't it?
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I am not sure about Goodwill districting, but probably! I live in Maine so hello, neighbor! We are in your neck of the woods a few times a year as we take 101 to get to VT to visit DH's family. I've never been to the Londonderry Goodwill. I wish DH was more of a thrift store fan. I'd love to hit as many as possible on that route! :LOL
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