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Arrested Descent

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On the operative report from my csec the ob listed "arrested descent" as the reason that I needed the cs. His head was asynclictic (sp?) and he had a huge bruise on the top of his little head from hitting on my pelvic bone... He never descended past 0 station after 5 hours of pushing.

Does anyone know if that would keep me from having a VBAC? Would there be any reason to think that there was something else going on?

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the arrest in decent is because he was asynclitic (head tilted), so he was malpositioned, not somthing that would necessarily happen again next time, especially if you practice optimal fetal positioning during pregnancy and labor.

Certainly no reason not to proceed with a VBAC if you want to.
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I agree with Elvispupy. My DD never made it past O station as well. She was Occiput Transverse with a big wound that scabbed on the back of her head. I pushed for 7 hours. I have every intention of a VBAC. I just suggest doing some reading on Optimal Fetal Positioning. The book, Sit Up & Take Notice is Great!

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The advice you've gotten to work on optimal fetal positioning is great. Here are 2 websites that will help you with that:

http://www.homebirth.org.uk/ofp.htm - Optimal Fetal Positioning

www.spinningbabies.com - Correcting your babies position

Something else that I would suggest would be to make sure that you are allowed to move around when you are in labor and not be confined to a bed. Changing positions often in between contractions can also help the baby come down and work its way into the correct position for birth.

Good luck!
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My c/s was for ftd---failure to descend, which sounds a lot like arrested descent. If anyone knows the difference, please advise.
There is no reason not to vbac. I interviewed 6 doctors and finally found one that was supportive. The others didn't like the idea that my body makes big babies so discouraged me bc of that. But only one said something about the ftd. I sent her a picture of my vbac baby coming out!!
Do all the positioning. I did all that and still ended up w/ a posterior baby. You really can do it, there's no reason not to try.
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