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I just had my big u/s today, and of course I just had to find out. I have no patience to wait the full 9 months, and I'm not big on surprises. I feel like I bond better with my unborn baby when I know the sex. I also like being able to prepare the room, clothes, diapers etc.

So now that I just found out I'm having a girl (and I have only boy stuff), I guess I get to go shopping now. Woohoo! :LOL

ETA: My SIL is also pregnant (3 wks ahead of me), and chose not to find out the sex at her u/s. It's driving me crazy!! But of course I respect her decision.
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My ultrasound is on Thursday. I'm SUPER nervous. I don't know why...
Derek can't go, so I'm going to get the tech to write it on a piece of paper and then I won't look at it until I'm with Derek...it's an hour bus ride up to his work.
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