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Is anyone here going for the KSS?

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Um... cuz I kinda want it. But If someone here who hasn't had one realllly wants it then let me know. If not, will anyone help me? :LOL
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What is it, I could help.
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Kate, I was hoping to get it for Becca after my failure at BBB.

I think I am going to be working in Nick's class today though so I may not even have a chance. :LOL
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I'm not going for it, so if you need help I'll be here for ya!
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Oh so PRETTY mama!

That is 1:00 EST - right?

We would love to help ya mama!!! Not sure about how good we are at hyena cart But I will gladly and enthusiastically try!
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Kss Please

Prue does not have a KSS and we settled on our first home yesterday that has a huge old pink Magnolia in FULL bloom. Would someone PLEASE help me stalk this I would be forever grateful. I don't think I've ever asked for stalking help before. :
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What is KSS?
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Sorry, Kate, but I am totally going for it. I have failed miserably at all of the recent stocking (Fluffymail, MM & BBB). I want that KSS soooooooooooo badly! I just reached my 1000th post and Sarah's birthday is coming in a couple months. Good luck everyone! I am totally hyena cart challenged so I doubt I will succeed.
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Kool Sheep Soaker
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Hey no need to apologize! Good luck! It is so pretty and will look so nice with some of Karen's awesome embroidery

Ooooh I hope someone here gets it! Even if it isn't me :LOL One of us will give it a lovely lovely home.
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Is the Midday Faire clock off? It looks like it wasn't adjusted for Daylight Savings Time. So, will it stock at 12:00 or 1:00 by the real clock?
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I had thought about it, but I am dying for a brownish/neutral color soaker. But if someone gets it I hope it is one of you mamas
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Man, I have no clue. It's 6pm over here! I am waiting on dinner in the oven...

However, in the past MDF stockings always happen at 7pm for me, even though the rest of HC I am 6 hours ahead. So I think it is right. It is CST, not EST. Just MDF though.
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Please someone say they are going to help me....I'll even post pics of the tree if it will help.
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Thanks for clearing that up!

I hope one of you mamas get it!
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Well, I answered my own question. I got it!!!!!!! I emailed Karen asking if she could embellish it with a magnolia blossom on the back. Either way I am sooooo happy!!!! This is our first and only hyena wool.
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Well..this is how bad of a hyena I am! I thought it would stock at 12 cst... all these congo sites.. some are est, cst, pst...I never know the right time!!

yay! imp & pixie..so glad you got it! Can't wait to see pics of it on your girlie!!

Ok...something weird is going on. It says look at the things that will stock at noon central time, but it's only 11:15 here?!
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I'm sorry I'm not happy for you as nothing else on the preview page has stocked however you were able to purchase that soaker and it still says it wont be available till noon.
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imp are you pulling our leg?? I still get the preview page too and it says Noon CDT
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now it's back what is going on
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