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Eileen Dawn's Birth Story!

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I woke up Wednesday morning (April 6) and told Dh not to go to work. THere was no particular reason why ( I was having light cramping but had been for several days) but I just felt that today was the day. We got up and puttered around all morning with nothing much happening except for some more mucus plug. At about 11:00am Dh got impatient and decided to go in to work. He wasn't gone an hour when I started having some major cramping, nasuea and diarrhea. The cramping continued for over an hour and was enough pain to stop me in my tracks. Since my last labor was so fast I had worried about getting to the hospital in time with this one so I called Dh to come home. He arrived 45 minutes later. As soon as he walked in the door the cramping subsided but I was too revved up to wait any longer so dh, my mom and I went to the hospital. By the time we were in the labor room all cramping had stopped and I felt fine. I was really bumming now and wanted to go home but they checked me and found that I was leaking amniotic fluid so I was admitted. I was really wishing I had never come to the hospital. They hooked me up to the monitors and said that I was having pretty strong contractions but I didn't feel them. We walked around the floor for an hour trying to get things going. Finally my doctor came in and I let him break my water. That was at about 6:45 pm. By 7:30 I was feeling strong contractions and by 9:30 I was dialated to 10. I had written in my birth plan that i didn't want to push until I was ready and that I wanted to be allowed to have free rain as to positions ( two things that I believe contributed to the trauma of DS birth), etc and no IV or heplock. My doctor was great about following my wishes. I had about a 15 minute "break" where the contractions slowed and then I got on my hand and knees and felt that rush to push like I had never experienced with ds. It was so powerful! DH was awesome, he was like this strong tree that I climbed as I let out these sounds I didnt' realize I could produce! As she was crowning I laid on my side and the doctor helped stretch me, and at 10:04 pm Eileen Dawn came rushing out with her hand up near her head waving at us. She was a pound bigger (7lb 12 oz) than my ds and slightly transverse but I only had a very small tear. She was immedietly placed on my tummy and we waited until the cord had stopped pulsing and DH cut it. Then we were left in peace with our new baby girl. It was such a beautiful experience. I still get a rush just thinking about it! I am so thankful to my doctor and nursing staff for being so cool about my wishes. Afterwards also everyone was very respectful of my wishes to not have the HIB vaccine or vit K shot and not a word was send in regards to me declining the GBS test. I became famous on the floor as the "all natural mom with the birth plan". Its sad that a "natural, no technical interference" birth should be deemed by hospital staff as "exceptional". Anyway Mom, Dad and big brother are totally in love with Eileen and adjusting well at home now. I wish I could post pics but I"m not quite sure how to do that yet.
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Congratulations Kyra! It sounds like a great birth. Glad to hear about the more positive experience particularly with pushing.
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Congratulations! So glad it went smooth for you! Yay.

Thanks for sharing your story.
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congratulations! i am so happy for you and your family.
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What a great birth Kyra!!! Well done!!!
: to Eileen Dawn
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I'm so glad the staff members were supportive! Congratulations.
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Wow! What a great story! My DD#1 came out as yours did, waving to everyone . . . and it turns out that she's really friendly! :LOL

Can't wait for pics!
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