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Okay, no matter what your chart says...

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...when you feel really blech or under the weather or tired or nauseated, do you start wondering if you are somehow PG? I am sure I'm not the only one, as we seem to talk about this in the TTA thread all the time. And whenever I am with my IRL friends and one of us expresses that we feel sick, the first question is always, "Are you sure you're not pregnant?"

I just wanted to vent and explore this topic. I have a bfing-induced anovulatory chart which shows there is no sign of ovulation, few moments which could result in getting PG :LOL , and no sign of a pregnancy. I absolutely believe in FAM and I have seen for myself through 2 pregnancies and many cycles of TTA that my body's signals work, they make sense, they are trustworthy, and they have never been wrong yet. So why do I start having these doubts when I feel sick and tired? Is it so hard to acknowledge that I just have the flu? Is the desire to procreate just that strong in our bodies that our mind goes there first? Are we paranoid? Does anyone not think like this and what is your secret? Has anyone really ever had a chart that showed no signs of PG yet they were anyway (yes I want to know if this happens although it will just make me more paranoid LOL).

Please share your thoughts...

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I felt this way alot when I was charting. You are certainly not alone. I think everyone loves the fairytale idea of babies. You know a land where babies are only cute, sweet smelling, and snugly. But then reality kicks in.
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Well, I didn't chart before getting my period bakc, but the few stomach bugs I got during those two years always left me wondering.

Now, I am pretty confident about NFP plus I recall that I didn't start getting sick til about 6 weeks pg- of course once it happened there was no stopping it! Yuck!
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I'm with you, Tara. Anytime I feel queasy (even before NFP) I start thinking, "What if I'm pregnant?!"
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Before I had DS, when I was on the pill, I never had a single pg scare, never occurred to me I could be pg, and when I was sick, I always would think oh no, the flu, or oh no food poisoning (had that once, worse than the flu!). Anyway, now that I'm charting, I think I'm pg pretty much every month! Mostly because when I did get pregnant, it felt pretty much the same as the arrival of my period for the first week! I assumed then that I was just having some nasty PMS. Now, of course, nasty PMS always makes me think I'm pg! I think now that the worrying you're pg is probably the norm, and the blissful ignorance I was in when I was on the pill is the abnormal state of mind!

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Iwent on depo for 6 months and came off again. While I was on it and while I was waiting for af to come back, I thought about it a lot. That is actually why I started charting. Now I don't worry at all. Most of my cycles are anovulatory, so there's no chance I can be pg. Oh course if we were ttc, that would be a very big problem.
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