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What supplements & herbs do you take?

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I'm currently taking kelp (for the iodine--good for hair & nails,) fish oil, chromium, and astralagus.
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hmmmm... I'm only taking a multivitamin since I am bf'ing, but nothing else. I was also taking Dong Quai (to help with my bleeding, I wasn't bleeding enough after my period returned) for a while, but stopped.
Trying to find out more abt EFA (essential fatty acids) and if I need to take a supplement on that (we are veggie's)... some of our frens seem to be taking a whole load of supplements, healthy stuff, etc. Makes me feel as if I am neglecting my family's health, duh!!
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I take a "Stress B" compound that has the B vitamins and C. I take it because I have receding gums with no apparent cause, probably worsened during pregnancy.

I take a Calcium supplement that has Vit K and D.

I've started taking a nettle supplement now twice a day to relieve nasal allergy symptoms. It seems to be helping. Is anyone else having any luck with nettle? If yes, what form and dose are you taking?
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still nursing.......

I take rainbow light prenatal,

Whole Foods kind of Selenium,

sometimes extra vitamin C.

I used to take fennugreek a lot.

for headaches I use Valerian or Pain eez tinctures.

Occasionally I will take a probiotic, but I usually eat yogurt everyday.

For infection or colds I take olive leaf extract.

I was taking Calcium Magnesium by Floradix when I was having night sweats & it helped,
then my peroid came back & I had no more night sweats.
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