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Ebay~freshen up clothing ????

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I picked up a bunch of great clothing sellers while in Kansas this past week. Several of them are in perfect condition but have a strange, unique to the 'ol thrift shop kind of smell. I could wash them and then rinse in vinegar (which usually works) to get rid of the smell but I don't always like to wash items that look "next to new" in fear of diminishing the quality/appearance. Soooo....any alternatives? I thought I might pick some sage and put it in a paper sack with these items and see what happens. Any ideas?

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If they aren't too bad, I would just hang them outside for a while - if they are a bit stronger smelling, I would put the items in a bag with some baking soda, let them sit for a day or so, then shake them out and hang them on a clothesline (or anywhere else they can really air out). You can brush off any remaining baking soda.
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If you fold them, you can put dryer sheets (or something like that) in between them or inside the folding..
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Fresh outdoors and a little sunshine will go a long way in removing any "odors."

If that doesn't work I'd try the baking soda suggestion.

If that doesn't work, I'd just put it in the listing that they have a "thrift store" smell and that you didn't want to wash them.

I think I'd rather have a thrift store smell than a sage and thrift store smell.

Just my $.02.
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Hey Catherine! Glad to see you back on MDC!!
I wouldn't do the sage, either. Just blocking a strong scent with another strong scent.
I, personally, would just wash it. One wash isn't going to make it look used. If you REALLY don't want to wash, just hanging on the line sounds like a good idea.
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Not to step on anyone's toes, buy dryer sheets are incredibly toxic and full of cancer-causing agents. If you're health conscious I don't recommend dryer sheets. I just had to say that, it's not really common knowledge.
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