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Things you want there to help you through labor....

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Just wondering what things other mamas want there with them during labor to help them along. Especially those who have given birth before.

I had a C-section with the twins (both breech), but labored naturally for several hours up to 7cm dialated.

Here are the things I KNOW I need there:
  • A personal/mini fan to blow right into my face - last time I felt clausterphobic (sp?) and needed to feel like I had plenty of air to breathe
  • A CD player with a CD I burned of my favorite sentimental music about how much I wanted a baby
  • Massage Oil for my back and dh's or my mama's hands to put pressure on and rub my back

Anything YOU couldn't live without during labor? Anything that really helped you relax or naturally ease the pain?

I was thinking about a labor sock or something hot with pressure to put on my back. Anyone have a recommendation??
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I'm using a birth pool this time instead of a child's pool, which I'm hopeful will be helpful because the water did nothing for me last time. I think it was due to the depth of the water and I'm hoping that the fact that I'll get some bouancy with the Aquadoula will make it useful, the way I hear water is supposed to. Hopefully though this kid switches to an optimal fetal position so that I don't have back labor again either. That would be particularly helpful, I imagine.

Last time for the counter pressure on my back, a person's hands worked better than anything else. They tried a sock with tennis balls briefly, but I hated it. A rice bag heated might be nice though, but again, I'm hoping to avoid requiring it at all.
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I don't know what is wrong with me because I don't know what I plan to do.

I do know I am taking a cd player and my favorite cd's that put me in a relaxation zone which includes: Dead Can Dance, Nina Simone, Lorenna McKennitt, and possibly Peter Gabriel's Passion. I really enjoy listening to music and naturally different kinds puts me in different zones. These CD's seem to make me feel the best and most relaxed.
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I was suprised that I didn;t want any of my music the last 2 times...

This time, I am bringing a doula and planning on using the birth tub.
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I really wish I had a doula but I couldn't and can't afford one - unfortunately.

I know there is a possibility I will not want to listen to any music, but I want to try it anyway.
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Tish, do you have a good friend or another support person who you'd like to have at your birth? In lieu of a doula, we had a good friend (who had actually never given birth) come to our birth to be an extra support person. She went through our childbirth classes with us and everything. This time, I'm having fewer support people and am thrilled with that, but I feel like I know what I'm doing more this time.

I listened to Nora Jones then the complete Al Green box set during my first labor. Don't remember anything after Al Green started. I didn't plan it that way, but it was perfect. One thing though - not having to deal with it or think about it was really nice. My mom put both CDs on knowing that I wanted to hear them without me having to say anything. It was quite nice. I may have to think about it this time though since we're at my house and don't have the CD changer...
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My iPod! I'm preparing a couple of long playlist for different moods..... music really transports me and/or makes me move, which is good I think.....

I will have a kiddie pool (couldn't get a hold of an aquadoula) and several "remedies" that different people have reccomended.... I may not end up using them but they will be on hand:
- a comb for accupressure in hands/feet
- sour lollipops
- oral and topical arnica
- different oils for massage
- frozen sanitary pads
- hot/cold packs

On the spiritual side, I'll wear a necklace with beads from my (online) blessing way, as well as some printed inspirational notes and a small birth altar with incense and candles.....
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Len, I also heard something about using a comb. what kind of comb should work best?
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I think I will want a knitting project on hand to focus my attention away, in between contractions. I think I might also like to listen to a couple of my favorite CDs at the moment (Gypsy King's Roots, which I can't get enough of right now, the sound track to Sweet and Low Down (lots of Django Reinhart on there), which my kids can't get enough of (they call it "The Party" cd) and the sound track to O Brother Where Art Thou) But then I never used anything with my first two labors that I'm thinking that these are just nice ideas. It's funny because labor is such an internal experience that I don't know if I'll even notice the music at all, at some point. But I'm going to give it a try because I did find myself getting a bit bored in between contractions during the early part of labor with A.

Did anyone read the mothering.com newsletter this week with the questions and answers? Some woman was asking about if too much amniotic fluid could have been responsible for her failure to progress. The expert's answer was very interesting: he (she?) said that the number of people present at the birth, in particular the baby's father, is directly proportional to the length of labor. This expert seemed to think that no one but the mother and midwife should be present. I have been turning that idea around in my head since I read it. I am wondering if things will go faster if no one is around... (not that things were failing to progress but... labor always seems long...) I am thinking of doing this thing all alone (with of course the midwife and attending nurse). I'd kind of like to see what happens. If I get really desperate I can always call people back... I don't know. What do you ladies think? I still haven't decided.

I also want some decent clothes to labor in. T shirts are so unappealing but I know I will need at least 2 or 3 gowns or whatever because I tend to vomit like crazy during labor.
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Ohhh... I hope that having people, especially your husband, in laboring with you really does not slow things down. Beyone a shodow of a doubt, I know that I want my dh with me th e whole time.. I just don;t want to do it without him!
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There were 8 people at my first labor and it was 10 hours from first contraction to baby out, which I don't consider to be long at all. Active labor (when the people were all around) was only about 6, maybe 7 hours. What will happen when no one's there this time?
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I was thinking I really JUST wanted my dh to be there during labor and birth. I mentioned this to my mother and now she's upset with me.
She think's I have reduced her down to just being a friend. IMO that is one of the silliest thing I have heard.

The reason I think I just want to have dh is so I am not distracted by everyone. I really want to try my very best to do this natuarally. I feel like people being there with me while I am laboring will inevitably cause me to end up with an epidural. So, many people have been pushing it on me since I became pregnant. They all seem to know what I need to do and what is best for me because of their experiences The way I see it is everyone has different experiences in life and just because one person had a certain experience does not mean it will be the same for me. How can you get that through to people?

Sorry to hijack the thread. The question about who to have in the room while laboring/birthing has been one I have been pondering a great deal lately. It's also one I will continue to ponder for a while.
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In an ideal world, the weather will be perfect so I can labor outside in my Mom's back yard. Upper 70's to low 80's would be great!!!

I want Dh, my Doula(s) there with me. My CD player (filled with Mama Bees CD's that she made me!)

Not sure what else I really want. I am really not planning my labor. I could deliver at a hotel too, I just want it to come naturally. That has never happened for me before.

I will have water to get into no matter where I deliver. At Moms, the hot tub. IF cold at Mom, then the aqua doula. At the hotel, in the board suite.
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my mom is upset,too, that I don't want her there either. And we're very close... it's just too weird with one's mother (for me at least, too personal, I guess) right there or even in the building (for me at least).
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Originally Posted by valeria_vi
Len, I also heard something about using a comb. what kind of comb should work best?
I don't know what kind, because my MW said she would bring one... but I've been trying with my cat's comb, which is sturdy metal with rounded tips, and I think it might work....
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I am planning a water birth (second one) and I want music too...

I didn't have anyone but my dh there and the nurses and dr the first time. The secnd baby I had my mom, a close friend, 2 midwives and a nurse. (Dh was driving from 2.5 hours away and my labor wa only 4 hours the 2nd time!)

I read in a magazine at the mws office that being sleep deprived can also contribute to prolonged labor...it makes sense...I don't know how much faith to put in the reality of it though because it was in a "mainstream" mag LOL I was reading it for something else- but I saw that little article. It does make sense though- lack of sleep can cause anxiety- which can be stressful...and labor takes ALOT of energy! Even when you have a quick labor it is taxing!! LOL
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I want music this time... I have to find out what the birthing center says about that this week when we go in for orientation. I'm having a water birth this time so labor itself will be pretty different than my first. I think I'd rather my MIL and Mom NOT stay this time while I have my delivery... my MIL was pretty helpful and stayed back for the most part, but my mom was royally ticking me off while I was pushing and I don't need that stress this time. And she keeps telling me my memories from my first labor aren't valid which makes me even more angry because isn't *my* opinion of *my* labor what matters not hers? :vent: I also want my husband to massage my back... my husband wasn't a lot of help during the first labor. He was there a lot, but not helpful, kwim? He even left at one point me by myself so he could go get lunch and then ate it in front of me when no one would let me having anything to eat or drink and I was starving!
That's the other thing... taking drinks and snacks with me this time. They can kiss my behind if they'll try to stop me from eating them!
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