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Speaking of journaling...I am just doing the same thing over and over for journaling "space"- either a tag or just a matted colored block...how/where do you guys incorporate your journaling?
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Jumping in late to this thread-story of my life lately.....I have so many undeveloped rolls of film, any idea on shelf life?
I am horrible at journaling. I know what I want to say, and then it sounds hokey, weird, wrong.....
I sent for the free trial issues of some scrapbook mags for inspiration, wrote cancel on the first bill...now they keep sending me notices, ugh!!
Someone inspire me!
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I am posting again...how can you find out if something if "safe" for use in a scrapbook? ykwim? acid free, photo safe etc...DD has been dragging around the balloon from her 1st bday(7/16) and it'd be so cute to add to her bday page. It's one of those mylar dealys though from the card store. Do ya think they could tell me?

OT it was helium filled, stayed up for 2 weeks.
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You could sandwich the balloon between 2 slices of transparency sheets. That would protect the rest of your page
I have a balloon from a flower arrangement when DS was born. I stuck it right on one of my pages. it's not near any photos though (it was just a page based around our little matching number bracelets... there might be 1 picture, but it is in the opposite corner of the page!)

Oh goodness!
DS's birthday is only 10 days away from today! I am going crazy! It is so hard to think that I am going to have a TODDLER. It's also hard to think that I have SO MUCH scrapbooking to catch up on, and no time to do it in! I had really wanted to be able to show off his scrapbook at his "birthday party," but there is hardly anything in it!
Bad mama... bad!
Pity... I'll just have to fit down and work on it all day one of these days.
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Can I safely include old greeting cards in my scrapbook? Like from 1968?

Also, what do I do with things like old paper receipts--I have some from the hospital bill when I was born & it is on that old kind of thin, duplicate kind of paper--you know what I mean? The kind you typed on and it went through to teh next several pages--can't think of the name of it.)

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When we move back home, I've got friends who are interested in joining a "Stamp Club," where we meet once a month, do projects together, and everyone purchases at least "X" amount. Everyone takes turns being the hostess, so everyone gets hostess benefits. It's a lot of fun! I'm really looking forward to that.
Heather, can I be in that group? I love to stamp and scrapbook but it is very hard for me to do it at home. I really only get stuff done at classes or when friends come over. But I would love to be a part of your club.
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There is a product out there for testing the acidity of something to see if it's safe for your photos. It's in the form of a pen and it's called something like an acid-testing pen.
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Wow your scrapbook pages that are posted are great. I am not advanced enough to post pages.
I started working on my dd scrapbook for her soccer career. I've got all but a couple games worth of pics done.
I also have a general scrapbook. I can't even begin to organize my pics, so I just pull out some and do a page here and there. I figure when their done I'll put them in order. :LOL
I wish I was more organized in my approach!
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New, but having fun

I'm working on my 6 month old's book. I have very few done.
I like your's Mila.
I go to a friend's (mother as well) house once a week and we scrapbook and share ideas. It's a great way to creatively display pics and let your child know more about themselves and you.
I think any child who's mama does a scrapbook for them is so Lucky and going to be so grateful.

Do you agree?
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For old papers, there is a spray that you can use. Krylon Make It Acid Free and Archival Mist are the 2 brands I know. Also, any SB store should sell ph testing pens. Also, you can copy or take photos of non-AF things and put those on the LO.

For journaling, I do a lot of hidden journaling. I use photo flips and write under the pic or I make a pocket. I also use little envelopes a lot.
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Miriam, Since you use flip ups, etc. does that mean you don't use any sort of page protector? I'm interested in knowing because I'd like to do that, but I always put mine in page protectors to keep them "safe."
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Hello, fellow scrappers! Neat thread. I am usually doing mine at home in the wee hours of the morning/night!

I like the idea of doing it digitally--did you just use Printshop? A website?

Scrap on, ladies!!

I wish we could all share each others albums. . .I love to look at others' scrapbooks.
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So..could someone explain to me what exactly digital scrapbooking is???
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Originally Posted by megtell
I have just started digital scrapping. Here is one of my first lay outs:
page 2

I need to upload more, I love this method. I creade enough pages to make a book , have them printed and bound at Kinko's. It ensures all my girls will have a book to call their own.
Sorry--this is what I was referring to, a couple pgs back. . .

am wondering myself. . .
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Digital scrapping is when you do every bit of your layout on the computer. There are more and more products out there to help make it look like the real thing. Check out http://www.cashewstyle.com for some examples.
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Originally Posted by Megs Mom
Digital scrapping is when you do every bit of your layout on the computer. There are more and more products out there to help make it look like the real thing. Check out http://www.cashewstyle.com for some examples.
That's neat. Thanks for the link!

I'm curious what the benefits/drawbacks of digital scrapbooking are. Could those of you who use it please give me your opinions? TIA!
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Well, I don't use it due to one of the drawbacks, which is that you don't actually get to cut and paste. Doesn't feel as creative to me, although I'm sure some who do use it would disagree with that.
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Hello, I'm Stacey and I'm a scrapbooking junkie!!
wow, this thread is huge!
we need our own forum! lol
This month I am working on making 6x6 cards with a back to school theme. I am going to send them out to the family w/ a 1st day of school pic.

and I just finished her dance class double layout...link in the sig.

I use close to my heart stuff and do parties/crop nights/workshops and such.
My next project is going to be coming up with a kindergarten halloween craft using stamps and scrapbook papers.

glad to join the thread! Happy scrappin'
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I'd love to see a forum for this, too! Scrapping is growing every day!

I also use my scrapping supplies to make cards and bookmarks -- so much fun! Whenever the kids need a card or tag or something, we can usually whip out something fairly quickly. Personalized bookmarks are a favorite of mine, too.

I'm going back to Michael's today. My teenagers (boy and girl) just returned from a trip and they want to put together a scrapbook each about it all. Good excuse for me to go and buy stuff...I mean, buy *them* stuff.

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My mother gave me a whole box of photographs of my great grandfather who was born in 1905- in the box he had done a scrapbook of his own of his fishing accomplishments (the man was born with a nuchal-fishing-pole). He took newspaper clippings of fish stories and cut out words and whatnot.. so I dismantled it (it was totally falling apart) and saved all the clippings, and I'm doing a new scrapbook to replace it, all with the same photos he used.

I'm also starting to gather embellishments for a vacation scrapbook I want to do next. Instead of doing life-stories, I'm trying to keep it simpler, more manageable, and easy to add to, by doing things like, birthday parties, trips, etc.

Whatever works! LOL
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