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Queen Mommy and I are making ABC books. Anyone want to join in and collaborate?

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FYI- Joann is having a big scrapping sale! Hobby Lobby has a few things on sale too.

Sale Alert!

Joann has selected scrapping supplies for 40% off thru Saturday. They also have Creating Keepsakes stuff 25% off.

Hobby Lobby has scrapping albums and pages, and a couple other things 50% off.

Thought some of you would like to know this. I tend to ignore the sale flyers and end up shopping on a whim and paying full price, so it's nice to know when there's a good sale.
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ISO AP Quotes for Scrapbook

Can anyone point me to some sources for AP-friendly quotes for my DS's scrapbook? Or if you have a quote you used, would you please share it here?

I'm looking for some cute/poignant quotes on co-sleeping, breastfeeding, etc. TIA!
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I love the quote:

Still nursin'........

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I also love

Securely attached
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You could probably get lots of ideas from t-shirts that WAHMs sell for advocacy.
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Still nursin....

Still nursing after all these years...

Slinging away!!!

Attached parents...(show parents holding baby, sleeping with baby etc)
we did this in a few spreads.

I order from Joanns website especially when I need something(tape for roller etc) - they have free ship over $25. Its actaully saves money since I do not have to go in the store and find other things to buy

I also just ordered from scrapbooking-warehouse.com

not bad and it got here in two days- the xxl scrap n style.
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Amy, thanks for posting about the free shipping for over 25...didn't know that! That would definitely help me save money!
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Please join the Sept. Scrap Swap here! The last one turned out great!
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My Parents just gave me my pictures from growing up. My mom sorted them all for me and my brothers and sister. I was thinking of doing a collage spread.
Any ideas?
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Need vellum tips

Sorry, Amy, no suggestions here.

I'm looking for some tips for using vellum. I think it's so pretty but I don't know what to do with it. I'm about to make a 2pg LO of DS's bathtime pics. I was going to put the vellum over some pics, but then I figured the pics are too cute to do that. (Seems like vellum would work well over pics that you like but are somehow flawed.)

Please, ANY hints on how you use vellum would be much appreciated!!! TIA!
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Amy, I'm sorry too that I don'tahve any idea for you. I am in the same boat - my mom gave me a huge box of photos from my childhood and I want to do somethig with them eventually.

Rosie - Vellum. I love it! I don't use it much in scrapping but I have used it lots with invitations, cards, etc. A few ideas: (1) Attach a piece of vellum over some journaling (print should be dark and solid) - they make special vellum adhesive but I prefer to attach vellum with ribbon through punched holes, (2) put some journaling, words, titles, etc. on the vellum and attach vellum over a colorful patterned paper, (3) emboss or stamp or die cut the vellum and use it as you would a sticker or other decorative touch. Sorry I am not offering anything specific for a bathtime LO, I just can't come up with any specific ideas for that at the moment.
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Originally Posted by rosie29
I'm looking for some tips for using vellum.
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Originally Posted by Amys1st
My Parents just gave me my pictures from growing up. My mom sorted them all for me and my brothers and sister. I was thinking of doing a collage spread.
Any ideas?
Maybe a collage that looks like a quilt?

Rosie...maybe you could cut the vellum into bubbles for the bath layout...
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subscribing! I am an on-again, off-again scrapper. The first album I sort of completed was for my oldest son (he's 3 1/2). It was one of those kit-type things to get me started. Then, I just started one for my second son (he's one). I wanted to make sure that I had one for each of them with just them in it as much as possible. I'm also working on a family one. Someone here at MDC said something that really spurred me to get back into it. She said just start with something recent and work back when you have the time. That made me feel way less guilty about not getting to scrapbook every detail of our lives since we've had kids. I've also had another epiphany and finally realized that scrappin' can be anything you make it. I think I didn't jump fully in b/c I kept thinking it had to be something that wasn't quite me, YKWIM?

I have a few silly questions for all you veteran scrapbookers:

1) What type of adhesive do you like best? A brand reccommendation would be great, too.

2) I don't have many fancy-schmancy tools. Is there a particular gadget that you love to use to cut pictures? I just end up using my regular 4x6 prints in the same sort of positions and stuff b/c I don't have anything other than my scissors to cut with.

I am getting inspiration from all of you.
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Oh, and here's another newbie question: How do ya'll organize your supplies? I'm quickly realizing that even a few pages here and there creates a lot of mess and clutter. Plus, all those little stickers, etc., need to have their own space. Any suggestions?
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This site has all you wanted to know about scrapbooking organization:


Flylady style..

There's also a file with step by step instructions for how to complete and album in a month. I'm doing it for the ABC books I'm making.
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Thanks, Leomom. Okay, and this may be stupid (or discussed elsewhere) but what is an ABC book?
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Duh. : Didn't think it was as self-explanatory as it seemed! ABC book. I get it now!
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Bearsmama, I love Hermafix removable adhesive. Wait, it's called Dotto now. I also use my Fiskars paper trimmer almost all the time for cutting pics.
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