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I'm so sorry you're on bedrest, Chris! Do you have to be lying down all the time, or can you sit up enough to work on crafts a little? :LOL

I hope all the swelling goes down and you and the baby make it safely to term! Keep us updated!
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My dh has a work laptop that I can use in the evenings when he is home. I'm allowed some sitting up, as long as I'm reclined most of that time, so I can make a few cards or do a scrapbook page each day.

I'm allowed no stress, but not exactly sure how I'll manage that with limited online time AND 4 small kids...lol
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Wow, AP, natural livin' mamas who also scrap?! I think I've found my home on the net!

I've been scrapbooking for about 3 years now, and I do scrap chronologically, but I'm a bit behind. I used to teach lessons at my local store and then on my own.

What a great thread!
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Hello Ladies, I am a scrapbooker as well (although I am embarassed to admit this after looking at so many of your ladies' beautiful pages). I bought some supplies a couple of years ago, but just recently started making pages. I am working on our wedding album right now, am about half way through. I love this creative outlet and hope to get braver with page designs, right now I am pretty boring!! I have been trying to do a page or two a day, but it really depends on lil' man, sometimes I get no time at all!
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Howdy all! I've been scrapbooking since 1999 or so. Everytime I think I'm just about caught up on my son's scrapbook, I take more darn pictures (stupid digital camera! LOL)! I adore this hobby and don't get to play often enough. On Mother's Day I got 8 pages done though! You can check out my work HERE if you want - just click on the scrapbooking link on the left.

I love letter stickers and fonts, don't know how to use pink paper (and have another boy on the way!), and like to keep my pages relatively simple. Oh, and I have yet to find a cutter that I love and that cuts straight!!
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I have just started digital scrapping. Here is one of my first lay outs:
page 2

I need to upload more, I love this method. I creade enough pages to make a book , have them printed and bound at Kinko's. It ensures all my girls will have a book to call their own.
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Hi Ladies- I've been scrapping for about 8 years, but an SO far behind...I'm hoping to find some motivation here. There are so many beautiful pages! In addition to all of my scrap supplies, I recently purchased some digital scrap software and haven't really gotten into that either. I just wish I had more time, I have great intentions...so hopefully I'll be able to find some time to sneak in a few pages!
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Glad to see this thread is still active! When I see an update pop up in my inbox, it reminds me that I need to keep scrapping!

Woo Hoo! I'm going to my first crop night tonight! Till now I've done all my scrapping by myself, in the room that would be my DS's bedroom if we weren't co-sleeping (yet another perk of cosleeping: mom gets a craft room out of it!). Anyhow, I thought this crop night would be a fun way to see what other people are up to and get new ideas. But I have to get organized in order to not forget anything! I don't have one of those fancy organizer-things.

The digital scrapbooking sounds neat. Instead of that, does anyone scrap the old-fashioned way and then get color copies made so that everyone in the family gets a copy? If so, does it turn out well? What's the going rate for a color copy of a 12x12 page?
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Hello~it is nice to see more people here! Lately I only have enough time to read posts, by the time I want to post, the kiddos need me, such is life!!

I am really excited, I signed up with Stampin' Up! Right now, all I would like to do is get my items at a discount; when we move I will be able to get some business going!

GLM~Sorry you had to be on bedrest! Hope the birth went well and that you and babe are fine

MegsMom~I will have to check out e-bay! I try to stay away from there, I get into enough throuble here and with my hobby!

Fellow Stampin' Up!-er's~Do you do anything with your business? I was thinking it would be fun to make cards and sell them, I have know idea to who though but thought it would be neat.

I am going to be going to a crop tonight and I hope to get a good amount of pages done

Happy Scrapping Ladies!!
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Replying really late, but I just found this! :LOL I scrapbooking. I'm so far behind I don't even want to think about it! I'm currently working on Year 1 for my dd....and she's 3....!!!! Yikes!
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Emily, woohoo!! Congrats on joining Stampin' Up! We moved right when I signed up, so I haven't done much selling - I've bought a bunch of stuff for me, and sold a bit to my mom for my sister's birthday - stuff like that. When we move back home, I've got friends who are interested in joining a "Stamp Club," where we meet once a month, do projects together, and everyone purchases at least "X" amount. Everyone takes turns being the hostess, so everyone gets hostess benefits. It's a lot of fun! I'm really looking forward to that.

As far as making and selling cards, you can absolutely do it, but it has to be a separate business entity from being an SU demo. SU has some rules on when and how you can do that (read your demo manual when you get it!), but it basically boils down to your SU business being one business, and a card making and selling business being a separate one. That's an important thing to remember for tax purposes and such, too. They may certainly benefit each other, but you have to keep them clearly defined. Does that make sense?

I did a bunch of stamping for a couple of swaps last month but haven't done much since. : I need to get my office back home organized and get back to stamping! Oh, wait! I'm going to be back in Texas for a month or so, getting our new house ready for us to move back. I guess what I really need to do is get some supplies packed to take with me.
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The birth went well and the recovery is going well too. I just have to remember I'm not even 2 wks pp yet and I'm probably doing more than I should. Yesterday I washed dishes, cleaned the living room, weeded the front garden and planted begonias, and weeded part of the back garden.
Today, I'm cleaning out toys for our church garage sale, finishing weeding the back garden and getting veggies planted. I also need to sweep out the garage and finish up laundry. After being on bedrest for 4 weeks, I'm excited to clean and organize.

I'm a fellow Stampin' Up! demo too I haven't done too much on the business end, besides spend a ton of money, which is no different than before I joined...lol.... At the end of this month or beginning of next, I'm going to do an open house with the new colors and maybe some new sets. Then I'm going to do a fundraiser for our school/church this fall.
I have to go upstairs now and finish a Thank you card for my priest. He came to visit me while I was in the hospital and then made it a point to check up on the baby and I a few days later. I also made a journal for a swap that I need to mail out today.
I have pictures to put in the 1 hr photo so I can start a scrapbook for Jesse's mom and get that sent to them
Other than that, not much happening here!
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Alright~What happened to this thread???????? A questions for you to get it going:

~Do you have a space to scrapbook?
~If yes, what is it like?
~If no, where do you scrapbook?
~How do you scrapbook while having little kids?????
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Here are my answers:

No, but all of my stuff is organized and in the computer room closet.
I go to crop night's at a friend's house.
I don't,:LOL. Well sometimes I can start after they are in bed, but rarely.

What are your answers? We cannot let this thread die!!
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Hello everyone,
Well I have been scrapbooking for over a year, but still feel like a newbie. I am working on my dd baby book and I want to start a family one beginning with our wedding. I am hosting a home party this month with a lady who works with Creative Memories (I think that is the name). I was just wondering if anyone has any suggestions. I have never hosted a home party so I don't know what to expect. TIA

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Ok...so here are my answers.
I scrapbook in our computer/hang-out room. I use my Mac a lot for my layouts, and print most of my pics out at home. The desk is big enough for two people...

which answers question 3, I guess when I want to crop during the day my DD either joins me at the desk to color, glue or use her stickers or she's off to do something else. I'm quite lucky in that she's always been very fond of quiet activities like puzzles, coloring etc. Sometimes she sleeps in the hammock we have in this room as well and I turn on some music for her...I really love this set-up and got a baby-hammock now for the same room so my DS (due in 3 months) can hang-out with us in there, too.

My answer to question 2: I also try to go to a couple of organized crops a month. I go to a 6-midnight crop at a local scrapbook store about twice and then to a friends house who sells Creative Memories stuff (even though it's miles from the style I do, she doesn't mind that I bring all of my stuff to her cropping parties).

Right now I'm trying to go ahead and put a couple of blank LO together for when my son arrives. That way I hopefully won't fall in to the trap of having very many pages for DC #1 and no or little pages for DC #2. Since I take digital pictures I'm 100 % I'll have just as many pics

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I scrap at the card table set up in our family room. My stuff is all organized, more or less, in the study closet.

Very occasionally I work after they are all in bed, but usually DH likes to spend time together then. I get out a couple of weekends a month to my LSS to do some hard-core layouts!
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I had a cardtable set up in the back room (our 2nd family room with a sofa, wing backed chair, fireplace, tv... Its kind of a combo with the kitchen. Anyhow, I took the cardtable down and am going to start working at the kitchen table (about 10 ft from where the card table was set up, but with better lighting). I have a "dresser) with double doors and a drawer, as well as a bookcase that sits on top with 3 shelves. The shelves have my photo box of pictures and the rest is rubber stamp sets Then on the top of the dresser are my baskets organized with ink pads, eyelets, twine, adhesive, stamp cleaner, etc, in the cabinet is my WAY TOO MUCH cardstock and coluzzle, templates, etc, then in the drawer are all of my envelopes and actually a little space for more stuff.
Then I have a 3 drawer plastic organizer with papers, my business materials, vellum, odd stamps, and some extra supplies.
We are going to reorganize our basement and move Maggies play area with the other kids, make her play area a workout area, and here in this room (2 computers, entertainment center with tv and game cube, sofa, recliner and wingback chair, I am going to add some lighting, some shelving and a BIG counter and move my scrapbooking here I think.
Of course, my mind changes every week. I was considering using our spare/guest bedroom (its in the basement) as my scrapbooking/cardmaking area, since it just has a bed and dresser in it and its about 13x13 and we rarely have people over, but I keep changing my mind thinking that when people come over, then I couldn't get in there to do stuff...lol

Decisions, decisions... :
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At home, I scrap in my living room. But I do most of it at my local store. I try to go there once every other week for about an hour and then once a month for about 3 hours.
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Well, this Friday night from 6-11, I'm going to my first "real" crop...lol... Its at our school and is a fundraiser for our reading program.
Its hosted by a CM consultant and I need to call and RSVP. I am a SU! rep, so I want to take my stamps and stuff. Hopefully she won't object to me using them there. I'll keep to myself and in my own little corner. If she doesn't like it, I'll just figure out my layouts. Hopefully I'll get more done than when I scrap at home...... :LOL
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