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Road Food

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We're going to be on the road for several trips of varying lengths over the next couple months. Usually I take traveling as an excuse to eat out (a definite treat for us) but with gas prices being what they are we're planning to take along as much of our food as possible - definitely breakfasty things, beverages and snacks, at least.

I'm thinking whole fruits, muffins, pitas, sliced cheese and...there I'm stuck.

What would you take along? We have a cooler and several of those mini coolers that come with diaper bags, and a multitude of freezer packs. The longest trip is 10 hours each way, and on only one trip will we be in a hotel so I'll have access to a freezer to refreeze things for the trip back.
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I got some pretty good advice that would probably be helpful to you when I asked something similar about airplane food.
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Originally Posted by chalupamom
What would you take along?
i'm guessing this is for you, sig other, and kids - how old are the kids? I can probably do better suggestions with ages.
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We take sandwiches, yogurt, nuts, fruit, meatballs, hummus, and more that I can't think of.
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Originally Posted by kate~emmasmom
i'm guessing this is for you, sig other, and kids - how old are the kids?
Yep. Two adults, two kids (one nearly 5, the other a bit over 1 and not nursing).
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I always pack a little bag to take with us so we're not tempted to go the fast food route. I take whole fruit, dried fruit, organic raisins, whole wheat O's, crackers (my kids like Wheat Thin's sun-dried tomato and basil), baby carrots (I slice them into sticks to help prevent choking), trailmix, granola bars, Fruit Leather, roasted garbanzo beans (I got the idea from another thread here and my kiddos love them), smoothies in a thermos, etc.
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You could freeze most, if not all of you smoothies and other drinks and use them to assist in keeping the coolers cold. Just drink as they thaw. peanut sauce with noodles, served cold can be a great lunch item. Spicy Black Bean Hummus travels well also. Graham Crackers, Cucumbers (again, freeze first and slice as it thaws for a quick snack),
I am trying to think of foods we take camping or tailgating....
Peanut Butter balls, Poppyseed bread, Pasta Salad, Potato salads (lots of P foods You could include a little vinegrette dressing and take regular salads along (make your own premixed salad in a ziploc with carrot shavings and all),
tomato slices are always a healthy choice. You could take the fixings for an ungrilled ALT (avacado, lettuce & tomato) sandwich. That's all I can think of, for now!
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