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Poll Results: Toddlers and Baths: How frequently?

  • 34% (51)
    We do the bath pretty much every night.
  • 17% (26)
    We do the bath every other night or so.
  • 45% (68)
    It varies -- we do it as necessary.
  • 2% (3)
    Rarely -- we just go swimming a lot.
148 Total Votes  
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Ds gets a bath 2X per week which includes a thourough hair wash and complete scrub-down. If he is especially dirty he'll get an extra one, but its definately not a daily occurance. If we get dirty outdoors its mainly his hands that get dirty (since most of him is covered by clothing) so as long as they are washed regularly I don't worry about it. He is not generally diapered though, so I don't worry about him sitting in his own waste, and most other household germs are harmless.
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We have bathtime nearly every night. We wash our hair every other night. We only use gently soaps.

We LOVE bathtime together! We do wash, but it is more for fun and to smell lavender and listen to music, relax together. It is really enjoyable. Dd is 19 months old.

We also swim 2x a week, but have to shower or bathe afterwards the smell of chlorine is so yucky to me.

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... by hydrangea
... Not only do we only give them when necessary, but I justify it by believing that bathing too much dries out the skin. I have actually read that this is true and have seen it on myself. My skin is much healthier when I shower as needed rather than every day.

DH likes to lecture about water conservation when this topic comes up ...


- Amy
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Every day? Yeah right! We manage a couple of times a week.
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Every night. DS is into rubbing food into his hair at dinner. I think it's because he's tired and he always tends to tug on his hair when he's sleepy. It's part of his bedtime routine too, plus he loves his "naked time" both before, during and after the bath. I just have to mop up the puddles!

And I know this is probably too much bathing, but he also sits on the shower floor with me in the morning when I shower. So far his skin hasn't gotten dry from all the bathing though.
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We try for every night, mostly for routine. Actually, not we, dh is home with her in the evenings while I work, but he likes giving her a bath and she loves it! She loves anything do to with water. The bath does not always involve soap though.
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We co-bathe so now that it is getting colder, her & I get in together every night before dinner. During summer months she would get so dirty (we live on a farm) a daily bath was necessary
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shower power!

I have figured out how to take a shower with my 1 1/2 yr old DS! He gets to play in the water,which cleans him (I don't use soap on him very much unless he is really dirty), and I get my shower at the same time! Two birds with one stone! Sometime I will hold him in one arm while I bathe with the other. Sometimes he will nurse like this too! We both enjoy it!
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I give my littl'uns a bath every night followed by a massage, it's part of their bedtime routine to help them wind down and relax. But I don't always use soap, the bath is really mostly for the warm water and playing. I wash hair once a week. If the kids are sick with the flu or a cold we usually don't have a bath.
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My son HATES the bathtub... well actually he only hates it if it's filled w/ water and he has to get in...
so instead of making him scream in terror, I give him a soapy wipe down and wash his hair (out of the tub) about once a week. I do wipe his diaper are w/ warm water and washcloth a few x a day. I wash his hands and face a few x a day as well...
it's funny, he loves swimming, and is practically fearless about getting in a pool, lake, ocean, etc... but acts terrified of the bath! He used to take baths w/ me when he was an infant and seemed to love it, then one day around 7 or 8 months he became very opposed to the tub... won't do showers either.
I'm hoping he'll begin to be less afraid soon. I can't sponge bath him forever.
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baths: nightly or no

I give my 19 month old a bath every night as a routeine and it helps mellow her out to goto bed but also it heps her relax and she loves playing in the water.
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I generally let my kids decide whether or not they want a bath (and only insist if they have food caked in their hair, etc, that needs to be seen to). So...they tend to have baths most nights, as they like them, although we can also easily go several days without...

But when they are in the 'bath every night' mode, we often don't use soap/don't wash hair.

For those of you who don't bath your kids very often - here is vindication! I read a study several years ago (sorry - don't have a link) which found more allergies/eczema/asthma in kids who had very frequent baths (i.e., more than one a day). Kids who bathed only every several days had a lower incidence of these problems.

Something to do (the study speculated) with exposure to germs being good for kids...stimulates their immune system by giving it something to fight. In the absence of those germs, the immune system CAN turn on itself (as in allergies, etc., etc.).

Which is why I ALWAYS let my kids eat the food they've just dropped on the floor!
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Carolyn we go pretty much the same route as you guys do, and i totally beleive that about the allergies and so forth, but do you know if they tested the kids based on what kind of bathing producks they were useing?

i know it makes a whole lotta difference in those things when we use chemical saturated soaps, and frequent use of such things can bring about an allergic reaction much in the same way adult diebites can be developed by a bad diet for prolonged periods.

heres to our clean kids
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Originally posted by fionnsmom
but do you know if they tested the kids based on what kind of bathing producks they were useing?

i know it makes a whole lotta difference in those things when we use chemical saturated soaps, and frequent use of such things can bring about an allergic reaction much in the same way adult diebites can be developed by a bad diet for prolonged periods.

I couldn't agree more, we use all natural products for bathing for other reasons, this just gives me one more! On the occasion that DH uses baby shampoo, I swear I can smell the chemicals in her hair after. I used to think it was clean smelling but now that we use natural products it doesn't anymore.
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No - I don't remember much about the study, other than thinking it was interesting (and nice to not have to feel guilty when we skipped baths!).

I'm sure a lot of allergies surface with the use of certain soaps (I'm very careful with my girls, as I react to almost any kind of perfume/etc. in soaps, shampoos, etc). I've looked into switching to all natural products, but can't seem to find any here in the UK. Maybe I'm not looking in the right places? :

It does make sense to me as well that a bit of dirt is probably a pretty healthy thing for our kids - after all, they love it so much!

And heck...believing that makes me feel better when dd1 is on an anti-bath kick and hasn't had one in 3-4 days...
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My boys are walking snot balls.

During allergy season, we end up doing baths everynight. If my kids have been outside, and they go to bed without a bath, then they rub the pollen, mold, or whatever is in their hair onto their pillows and then their faces get in it, and they wake up wheezing and coughing, etc. Nightly hairwashing makes all the difference.

My older son though, has started wanting showers every morning too -- sometimes the hot water helps clear his head out. And he also still pees in his sleep every night (don't tell him I gave him up though,) so I guess a shower helps him feel fresher. It does seem excessive for him to be bathing 2x a day though!

I do put limits on soap use. I do their hair often with a dot of shampoo, but only scrub their bodies with soap about 3x a week. I can't use any shampoo in their hair that has frangrances, especially the extract from flowers kind of fragrances. If I use Herbal Essences even on *my* hair, and sleep with the little guy -- he has an asthma attack!
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I definately don't give nightly baths unless its warrented. If it fits into our schedule to get ds into bed before 8, then yes but if its gonna throw off his bedtime no way! He will take longer to get to sleep if we miss that all to important 7 to 7:30 window. If he is that dirty I will get him after breakfast in the morning. Plus we live in Colorado and nightly baths even with lotion and no soap are not recommended for dryness reasons. " A little dirt dont Hurt" couldn't tell you who that quote is from but it has a ring of truth for us!
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DD would prefer to bathe about three times a day, but the dry Utah climate won't permit it - too much bathing makes for dry irritated skin.
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Every night bath seems a bit excessive to me. I voted that it varies. If we go out to playgroup he has a bath in the morning, we go to one each wednesday and a different one thursday fortnightly.

Since it's summer here he runs around barenaked unless we go out then it's just a pair of training pants on him. He's 15 and a bit mths old.

He has a bath every second night, and has his hair washed the days we go out. depending on his morning baths.
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