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Cultivating coincidences....

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Hello all......hoping to write a cohesive post, but to what degree that gets accomplished will depend on the two little ones (2 and 4). I'm a SAHM to two marvelous blessings, Indiana (Indy) and Esme; aspiring homesteader and midwife. My interests run from sustainable gardening/agriculture, traditional food preparation & preservation, alterna-building, herbs & natural healing, midwifery and babywearing. Basically, I'm happiest with dirt of some sort under my fingernails, whipping up herbal tinctures with a baby in a sling Our lives have taken a decidedly different turn, however, when my husband was laid off in Seattle three years ago. We've been living with my in-laws for the last year (almost)in eastern Washington and haven't been able to stretch our homesteading wings. Feeling stunted and grounded.....we're looking for *something*; a fresh start. My husband just recently was hired at a small electrical co-op; so our finances are beginning to right themselves. We won't have $$ to buy land outright for quite sometime. We are NOT apartment-dwellers....but my husband doesn't see much alternative. In the spirit of cultivating coincidences........I am putting this out there..........

We are looking for an existing homestead/farm whose owners are needing help. In exchange for help, we would need room/board. My children thrive when they can run around, barefoot, stomping in mud and watching Nature work its magic. They are generally well-behaved, mannered little ones. We practice attachment-style parenting and I'm accustomed to hard work. I grew up on a farmette in central Pennsylvania where irrigation was a foreign word. (It still bites me in the butt that you have to *pay* for water here in eastern WA). Accomodations need not be fancy....and I'm a heck of a cook

Please email if interested or have an idea for me....


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We are interested in learning more about this fellow's community project, just saw this earlier today check it out http://reach.ic.org/search/current.html his is the second post titled "Seeking environmentally sensitive folks" Craigslist also had a work/trade opportunity in Monroe I believe not long ago. Keep looking the situations are out there!

We're planning to live rurally by August one way or another pm me if you'd like to compare notes on ideas and things.

Cheers, Michelle, Nathaniel and 9lb. Rowan born unassisted April 11 2005!
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Pity you're not in this country or you could come & stay with us. I hope you find somewhere
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