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I made peanutbutter, you have got to try this!

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Organic peanutbutter is so expensive and yet it's one of the "should by organic" foods. I got a great deal on organic, unsalted, raw peanuts and decided I would make peanutbutter. We love it here. I put the peanuts in my food processor and viola...peanutbutter. It's so good. It tastes way different then the jarred kind, fresher. It also didn't take as many peanuts as I thought it would. I think I used about 6 cups and got a large container full. Tomorrow we are having toast and peanutbutter.

Now I have to do a freezer test run. I thought it would take LOTS of peanuts to get a little butter, not so. I know how 25lbs of peanuts. I put a bag in the freezer and on Sunday I'm going to thaw them and try making it again to see if there's a big difference. So, I will most likely be making peanutbutter cookies on Sunday too.
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I've always wanted to do this, but thought it would be hard.

Did you roast the peanuts before you did it? and did you add any kind of oil or anything? also, did it end up like smooth or crunchy peanut butter?

I'm really keen to give this a go.
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Ooh, thanks for posting this! I'll have to give it a try!
We love peanut butter around here!
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I did nothing to the peanuts. I have read that roasting nuts alters the oils so I have been trying to find raw nutbutters. I just dumped the peanuts into the food processor and turned it on. I started on the low setting and as they pureed more I turned it to the high setting. I made it with some texture, but I'm sure if I had left it running longer it would have turned out nice and smooth. I think if you want a chunky kind I would make a smooth peanutbutter and then pulse some peanuts in the processor and add after. I didn't add any oil, I didn't have to it was actually very soft. I put it in the fridge and it thickened up. It has a very "fresh" taste. It's good.
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very cool. thanks for the tip!
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They have peanut butter machines in the bulk foods aisle at my local New Seasons Market. You put a container under the nozzle, push a button, & let the container fill up as it grinds peanuts for you. It's slightly crunchy & you have to stir the PB up when the oil migrates to the top. I think that's why so many brands have hydrogenated oil in them, so you don't have to stir them.
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