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New Life Woolens

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I ordered a large wool wrap from New Life Woolens recently, and am extremely impressed with these new WAHMS. Despite ordering late at night, I received a follow up email from Sarah immediately,in addition to the automatic receipt. It did state that she was out of town for the next 4 days, but would ship as soon as she returned. I was so surprised when the wrap arrived at my door 5 days after I ordered it! It came freshly washed and lanolized so I was able to enjoy the instant satisfaction of popping onto my dd. The workmanship is perfect and the fit is great. It is a beautiful wrap!

I highly recommend these new WAHMs for both their products and customer service!
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I have a recycled wool soaker and it is so cute. It is a little thin, but it's great for daytime. Ita that the workmanship is excellent. The seams are not puckered at all and the coverage is great. Very fast shipping, too!
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i bought a gorgeous set of shorts for my son from NLW (if you go to their store site : http://hyenacart.com/NewLifeWoolens/ they are the blue colored shorts in the upper left hand corner of the custom short slot) i won them at an auction (wahmchicks.com username: youruniquebaby). i won them on thursday and they had arrived on monday and he wore them last night. they worked great and are of amazing quality!!!! i love them so much i've bid at ebay on another set of shorts!!!
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Sarah at New Life Woolens is AMAZING!!! I scored a custom slot with her and couldn't decide which of my two to get a soaker for -- so she WONDERFULLY offered to make me TWO soakers! One for both DS and DD. Sarah was great to work with -- WONDERFUL communication! A few days later, I bought a pair of instock shorts from her, which she shipped out at the same time as my first soaker (rainbow colored), which happened to be finished (and VERY quickly, I might add!). They are PERFECT!! Great colors -- perfect for overnight. I'm in . The second soaker is even more stunning -- the colorway is shades of blues, and I just LOVE it!! It was finished very quickly as well, and the shipping was lightning fast! I got an email from her Friday that they would probably arrive Tuesday, due to the holiday -- but they were in my mailbox on SATURDAY!!! Gorgeous soakers...

Sarah has my high recommendations. If I had unlimited paypal, I'd be snatching every custom slot she opens up!!
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My daughter has a recycled skort from Shana at New Life Woolens. It is seriously adorable. The cut is so classic - it's like a pencil skirt, not a flouncy skirt. the perfect cut! the gusset is incredible, and the fabric is divine. Shana is a dream to work with, too.

i'll be back for more!
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Shana made us an awesome pair of soaker shorts. we use these at night. The crochet work is top notch and the shorts are holding up so well. Shana is a dream to work with. I say
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I just recieved a soaker from recyled lambs wool.. It is sooo soft and beautiful sewing! My DD napped in it for 2 hrs and she was completely dry on the outside
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I got a custom slot for New Life Woolens and ordered a pair of croteched longies for DS. Sarah was very patient with me as I bombarded her with questions (my first time buying custom wool) and often answered me the same day. Once I decided what I wanted, the longies were done in a week, despite Sarah having to dye more yarn. She kept me up to date every step of the way and I'm love DS's new longies. The colors are beautiful and the work is top-notch. I'll be keeping my eye out for more of her work.
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