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Sure! A few quick pointers:
1. the edge of the fabric that is at your outer shoulder needs to stay the bottom/inner edge all the way around. Making sure there's no twisting is very important with an unpadded ring sling. So that edge is the bottom edge all the way across your back, then at your waist it becomes the edge that you bring up against your body to form the pouch for the baby.

2.Also, make sure you are staring with the depth of the pouch about where you will want it, rather than having the whole thing very loose and then trying to bring it up with the baby in it. Start with the rings slightly higher than you want them (the corsage position is where you want them). Once you get the baby in, make sure you support his weight as you adjust. His weight locks the rings together, so lifting him slightly will allow the rings to open for the fabric to slide through.

3. When you adjust, make sure you are pulling each section of the tail separately to adjust only where you need it. So pulling the inner edge of the tail should adjust the outer rail, and pulling the outer edge of the tail should tighten the bottom/inner rail. For this to work, the fabric must be spread correctly in the rings. The outer edges of the fabric should be at the outer edges of the rings/tail. Before putting your sling on, find the two hemmed edges in the tail and pull them away from each other toward the outer edges.

4. To get into a good nursing carry, try putting the baby in a t-2-t position first. Then loosen the sling enough to let the baby's head and body lean over toward the breast opposite from the rings. You may want to reach in and place a hand under his bottom to scooch it down and pull his legs out from under him if you want him in more of a cradle position. Bring the outer rail of the sling up around his head to support it. Keep it loose enough to allow you to get the baby latched on, then gradually tighten it so it supports the head at the breast.

Another good way to learn to nurse in the sling is to put the baby in a cradle carry with head opposite the rings, then loosen it a bit and sit down. Keep the sling loosely around the baby like it's just a blanket, and latch him on as usual. Then tighten the sling enough to support the baby at the breast. Gradually try standing up and adjusting as needed to allow you to nurse.

HTH, and please do post some pics if you can, or ask more questions. You have a good sling, and I'd hate for you not to be able to use it. Oh, and you know, I think Darien has some video clips showing how to do this at www.zolowear.com, and the shoulder on the Zolo is similar in style to the TMT, so it should help.
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Tupelo Honey,

Thank you again! I can't wait to go home and give it another shot - the videos on zolowear.com look very helpful. I really would like to be able to get it to work (although I don't know if I'll be able to keep myself from ordering a MT and a wrap anyway... looks like I'm addicted).

Also, more research has me thinking maybe I should not have ruled out pouches. I have a fleece hotslings pouch that I haven't used because it's too hot, and also it seemed like after pretty light use it got quite stretched out, and Leo would be very very low in it.

But my real concern with the pouch is that for some reason I got the idea that you couldn't easily do a kangaroo carry with it - and now as I'm doing more reading, it looks like you CAN.

So... should I consider a pouch, too, for a carrier to use while out and about, running errands, going out to eat, and discreet nursing? And then perhaps also a MT or wrap for back carries and getting things done around the house.
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Well, yeah! I love ring slings but it's definitely nice to have options. You can certainly do a kangaroo carry in a pouch. And MTs and wraps are great for various things. You need one of each, right?

Let us know how you fare with the ring sling, too.

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Sitting while slinging?

I didn't have a lot of time tonight, but I did manage to give the unpadded ring sling another chance when we went out to dinner. I think I figured one significant thing out. When I threaded the fabric through the rings, I was not separating the rails - so they were right on top of each other, with the outer rail on the bottom. I followed your advice about spreading them out so there was one on each side and that seemed to help quite a bit.

My back did start to hurt after a while, but I think maybe that's understandable because I was sitting the whole time, and while I tried to stay leaning back against the back of my chair, I was doing a bit of swaying since Leo was sleeping, and therefore leaning forward. Does it make sense that this would be harder on my back?

I wish I was closer to making a decision on what else to get. I really want a Mei Tai, and had it narrowed down to Mei Tai Baby and Sachi, but MTB can't estimate a shipping time and Sachi said 2 weeks plus shipping time - and I want them now!
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Yay! I'm glad it was better. I see what you are saying about it hurting your back. Any sling is going to be the most comfy for your back if it is holding the baby "high and tight." That means if you are standing, the lowest part of the baby should be at about your waist/bellybutton. If you lean forward and the sling swings outward like a hammock, it's probably too loose.

Have you checked the TP or the FSOT board at tbw for the MT? Lots of good stuff to be found there! I really like the Freehand MTs, and I know she has in-stock, but it is a bit different from the ones you were looking at. Good luck shopping and keep us posted.
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