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Support Thread: Waiting

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I was hoping we could get together and send thoughts to those waiting, esp. overdue . . .maybe if we work collectively, we can get those babes out!

Get This Baby Out Vibes to . . .
Jesse: Baby is OUT!
Jess: Baby is OUT!

PM or post if you'd like to be added
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I'm waiting, but am only 4 days post dates. I am ready. Mostly it is annoying people at church and friends who keep calling me.

really really annoying. I would be fine if people would LEAV ME ALONE!!
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I'm only 38 weeks so I'm content with waiting but... those of you who are postdates -- I'll send all sorts of labor thoughts your way.

Midwife set up our birth pool today HOORAY!
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There is no such thing as "overdue"

Baby doesn't have a calendar in there.

When Baby is ready, Baby will arrive.

All that said, when our known edd comes (and likely goes) in another week, we're forwarding all calls to my mother :-)
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Overdue or not waiting can be so hard. I feel like I will be pregnant forever. Telling me that baby just isn't ready yet means something but doesn't make me any less impatient. I just can't wait to meet her and in part of my mind I just keep thinking, "Why isn't she here? Other women have their babies at 38 weeks and sometimes earlier, why can't I?" Part of my brain just doesn't get it, can't make sense of it. It will keep thinking, "Why not now?" until she gets here!

I was due Wednesday the 13 and so am 3 days "late". Anybody else waiting on their first baby? This will be our first and I sometimes wonder if that is why I am so impatient. My cousin says that her second came before she knew it because she was so busy with her other little one.
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Sarajane -- with my first I'd wake up every day thinking "oh please, let today be the day!" Now that I'm on my third I wake up every morning thinking "oh please, it can't really be morning yet" :LOL

But I remember that impatient feeling very well... sometimes I feel guilty for not feeling it in my subsequent pregnancies.
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Originally Posted by Boof
There is no such thing as "overdue"

Baby doesn't have a calendar in there.

When Baby is ready, Baby will arrive.
Sure, but moms' feelings still count! As sarajane says, it's hard to wait!

sarajane: My DDs came before their due dates, but esp. with DD1 I think part of my impatience was related to anxiety . . .what would labor/birth be like? Would she be healthy? Did I have any clue as to how to care for her? Would I be able to breastfeed? I just wanted to have her (plus,I was in pain) to get these questions answered.
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Hey mama's to be! I'm only 2 days "late" (EDD was 4/15) and trying to stay busy. I made a 3 mile walk yesterday (an MS fundraiser) and will probably go back to the zoo tomorrow to walk around some more.

I was induced with my dd at 41 weeks and I'm willing to be at least that paitent with this baby. It's a little easier this time around since I've been feeling more contractions and cramps than I ever did with dd.

((((good labor vibes))))) for all!!!
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I know, those were just mantras I repeat to myself :-)
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I'm here with many of you! 3 days past the official EDD...which shouldn't mean anything, I told myself it wouldn't BUT IT DOES!! Each day we wake up thinking, we could have a baby by tonight or tomorrow.... It's also my first so I think it is a particularly crazy wait.

Sigh...we're running out of make work projects, and dw has to go back to work tomorrow so no one to hang out with while I wait. We're trying to keep on making plans in hopes that we'll have to break them...

: that labour comes soon, quickly & easily for everyone who's waiting eagerly for it!
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Hey, I'll join this thread! I'm 41 weeks tomorrow. Went almost 43 with dd. I have ups and downs (anxious to meet baby, and then, days like today, I'm too tired for labor, and I figure it's just as well!)

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I'm here, too. 42 weeks tomorrow (though it turns out my MW has the 5th as my EDD, not the 4th like I thought). Feeling okay, just tired of being pregnant, really. I want to meet this little guy already!
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i agree that it is much harder to wait on the first. even though i am impatient to meet my new guy, i am all finished with all the projects i wanted to complete before he comes, so i can relish each special day with dd as my only. i have really been tuning in to just how precious she is to me lately.

i will send out some love, support, and 'hurry up baby' vibes to all you post dates, esp. those waiting on thier first, and if there is any left over for me, i'll take some too, but i am still only 39 weeks as of yesterday, so i wont be a vibe hog.

boof, i know those mantras too. i keep trying them.
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Yup I'm getting nervous too, my US dd was Apr 15, but my calculated dd was Apr 17 so for state reg purposes we pushed the dd forward to the 17 so that give me a few more days before I have to worry about mandatory hospital transfer.

I did an elective induction with my first on her due date (didn't know any better) and the induction was a disaster, near c-sect and sick baby from all the interventions. Anyway I'm pretty scared about having to make that descision again. There is no way I'd induce w/o clear evidence that baby needed it but it seems like all the tests they use for placenta deterioration are kinda subjective and our hospital is soo not birth friendly.
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I'll be 41 weeks in a couple days. I have cried a few times this weekend just wanting my baby to be here. Hubby went ahead and set up our pool and said afterward he was glad he did it ahead of time, took longer than he thought it would. I don't think I would of stopped crying if he hadn't been here. I was fine, we went out to get some dinner and I was having a good time with him but then when we got home I just broke down out of nowhere.

I am in many ways okay with her being late...I don't know what it is. I think part of it is the in-laws, they have been making things very stressful. Thankfully we haven't heard from them in a few days. Well, his mother did call and bring up something yesterday that thankfully didn't involve my being late or anything but was annoying nonetheless. She is wanting us to go to the family rununion that is 6 hours away and will be happening when my baby is only a month old! I can't believe she has the nerve to even ask. We can't afford a trip, we can't stay in the cold dank trailer she had us stay in last time, our car won't make it, we cannot do it anyway because we would have to stop so often to feed and change the baby. I would probably spend most of my time in the hotel room that we don't have money for just taking care of the baby. Like I'm gonna wanna go sit out on the lake while they all drink and ski in the hot sun...

The wierd thing is, these are all people we can get together with at any time, I thought for a sec maybe some other family were flying down or something but no, just the same people we can get together with whenever. So not worth it.

Anyway, I'm just going on. I think I needed to say that somewhere to someone. Doesn't even matter if any of you read this all, I just needed a place to vent I guess. This one thing isn't so bad but it is on top of tons of other things that they have done and said that are very bad and downright mean.

I think all their worry and anger toward us is what is really getting to me. I just want them to disappear so we can be in peace. Even hubby said the other day "Can we handle being parents?" I asked what he meant and turns out he isn't concerned with us raising our child but with all the crap we get from his family. He wonders how the hell we are gonna put up with all this all the time. We gotta do something to make it stop but neither of us need, want, or should have to mess with that right now. We have more important things to worry about.

K, I need to shut up really. This isn't even what I started to write about, sorry I went off topic and talk to much. Thanks for putting up with me.
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poor you to be dealing with all this IL stuff right now too....no wonder you have extra stress!!! I hope your baby arrives very soon! (like tonight). You are absolutely right about the family reunion. Can your dh take all IL calls right now? Just tell them you need mental space or are too tired & can't talk to them or something, so you don't have to deal with them at all?? And let that continue after the birth for a little while too. You are in an especially vulnerable space and need a bit of temporary protection.
Sorry you are dealing with this
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I wanted to add a big THANK YOU to Mizelenius for starting this thread and putting that list together!!
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Oh he takes the calls thank heavens. I have gotten to the point where I won't even answer the phone anymore for fear it is his mother! I try to just ignore the fact that he is on the phone and go about my business doing dishes or whatever. That helps some but I know what is happening....I have witnessed it first hand enough times.
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Oh, I have SO BEEN THERE with DH's family. It has been so bad that we have gone to counseling for it (among other issues). The thing that gives me so much hope about your situation is that your DH is WITH you on it . . .he sees their negativity and is being proactive about not letting it affect your (newly expanding) family.

Oh, and I am busy working on the labor vibes for all of you!!!!!!
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I wonder how many of us are left???
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