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Still here. I asked my m/w to check me today, and I'm at 2 cm. Though I know full well it's meaningless (I was at 2 for 5 days with ds :LOL). Today's my LMP calculated due date, but the u/s date was the 10th, and the "compromise" date was the 14th, so it's been frustrating watching both days come and go. I really had myself convinced I wouldn't go this far.

Working on chilling out, , trying to practice a little "Be Here Now," but it's sooo not my personality :LOL!
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I feel bad complaining b/c I am not due until tomorrow. How do you cope? I had myself psyched up for a wedding this past weekend where dh was the bestman. So as soon as it was over, I was ready. I took blue/black cohosh all day on Sunday without so much as a contraction. I did let the midwife check a week ago and I was 3 cent and 80% so I feel like a ticking time bomb. I feel like it's another big baby and my dh is worried this one is even bigger. My last one was 10lbs 6oz, a week early. I have always been induced so I have never been pregnant this long before.

So how do you deal with the anticipation and with all the stupid things people say? The biggest thing with us is that I get really big with pregnancy, I guess b/c the babies are big. So people can be so brutal without even knowing it. I have only gained 20lbs but my stomach is so big that xl maternity is tight.

Anyway you ladies are my heros. I am trying so hard for a natural birth. I struggled with taking the cohosh and really did that more for dh. I have been educated so much this time and now I know the dangers of inducing.

I'm just trying not to go out of my skin.

Thanks for letting me whine.
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My last was 11 pounds, and I'm "due" today. I've also been induced in the past, so this is the furthest I've gone. I feel good because my midwife doesn't think this baby is going to break our record- but even if she did, remember that unless you're spilling sugar your body isn't going to make a baby you can't birth. I really really believe that.

Can you take a break from the cohosh and do something really settling for you? Massage, a bath, anything? I think less stress and relaxing will go further than the cohosh in preparing your body.

I know because I'm there with you that it is really hard to imagine that your body can and WILL do this. After being induced, especially multiple times, it feels as if your body just can't or won't, but it will- it really will.

I hope you get some time to unwind and relax. A watched pot doesn't boil, you know? I understand though, I'm struggling with these same thoughts myself... I just got to see my midwife yesterday so I'm feeling mroe patient and relaxed. Love to you, mama!
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I'm overdue by three days. Not so terrible in itself. I'm a little tired but feel fine, and my baby is getting ready! What makes it difficult is my over-controlling, narcissistic mother staying with me to "help" with my three year old daughter. I know her intentions are good but essentially she has taken over every aspect of our lives and dh and I feel like hostages in our own home. She criticizes both of us constantly, disregards our wishes concerning dd (buys her junk food, takes her to church) She takes it upon herself to do everything; cooking, laundry, cleaning toilets, and then complains loudly about it afterwards. According to her, everyday since my due date in another nail in the baby's coffin, urging me at every liitle pain to "go to the emergency room in order to be induced". I'm vbac'ing, have herpes, and am trying to remain calm in order to avoid outbreak so I can deliver naturally. It's seriously an absurd situation and would be funny if she were not so intense and in my face 24/7. Oh, and we've told her she doesn't need to do any of these things. Nor does she need to stay for such an extended period of time, "I'm sure dad misses you"!
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I'm still here :LOL I hate this being on the clock stuff. Frankly, my gut tells me that my body just isn't ready and that waiting it out w/o intervention is the safest course of action but frustratingly, I can't deliver w/MW after 2wks post dates and my MIL (who is wonderful and will take care of DD1) is leaving on the 26, so I really, really need to go into labor soon.
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I really, really, really don't want to get to 42 weeks because my mw likes to strip membranes at that time. I don't want to have pressure on me to do that, I feel I would probably give in. I will be 41 weeks tommorow. Sigh, I hope she comes soon!
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I hear you two! I really don't want to make it to 42 weeks because that is when my midwife can't be there... but I don't awnt to do anything to intervene, natural or not...

But it is only now my EDD, so I am feeling confident
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Rainbow- I appreciate your support. I do feel like this baby will never come. I guess it's b/c this is the farthest I've ever gone. I know in my head that the baby will come and it will be the perfect size. But with everyone giving me a hard time about the size, it makes it more stressfull. I am sure you are right there with me. Most of the people in my life are not "natural." So they don't understand. They think just get induced, no big deal.
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Audrey - how did you take the cohosh? I made myself some black cohosh "tea" today. Good god is that awful!!!! blech! I'm not feeling anything yet, I have no idea how long it is supposed to take.

I'm going to have my membranes stripped tomorrow. I'm hoping I go into labor tonight and can avoid it!

Good luck mamas!
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Buddy of hubby's just announced the arrival of his first child. She came a day early! I'm so very jelous. A day early.....sigh....I wish.

I'm really feeling rather depressed about it. Whether I should be or not that is the way I feel. I just can't help it. I try not to think about it, doesn't help, so I try to think about it and that doesn't help. Try to think how every day is a day closer and this won't matter once she gets here but sometimes I just break down. I'm such a wimp!
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sarajane, this is the second time today i have 'heard' you say something derogatory about yourself. maybe you are kind of joking but i dont think its very nice. please be gentle to yourself.
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I know, I'm jealous to... it seems like everyone around me gets to go early and at only 2 days past my EDD I just want a chance to meet my baby.

I'm gonna go run off and focus and remind myself all the great reasons it is to have a few extra days.
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The list is a little shorter . . .our vibes are working!

Maybe we need to start a diversion thread. Any fun topics, anyone?
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