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Hi Everyone!! It's me, BRIGITTE&EITAN (I am registered at 2 different computers, so I have 2 screen names). Anyhow, Eitan is now nightweaned going on 2 months now. Sometimes he sleeps all night long, and other nights he'll wake up once or twice. It was really hard, and the first night he screamed for about an hour. He really didn't accept it for weeks, and it took a lot of patience to always be supportive, and never show my own frustration. Eitan is extremly persistent and determined with what he wants, and even after all this time he'll occasionally ask to nurse in the middle of the night. If my husband is willing, Eitan usually does better if Daddy does the comforting. Last week, Eitan slept 3 or four nights in a row from 9 pm to 6 am, so there is hope!

I just got to the piont when he turned 19 months that I couldn't handle nursing every hour or two, so I'm glad to be done with that. We nurse from 6 am to 8 am straight every morning, and will probably do so 'till he weans himself.
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Hey ya'll,
Thank goodness I didnt have to get up and go to work. Some nights my daugther wore me out entirely. She is night weaned for the most part (at 4 years old!!!) gasp. Now when we go to sleep I say, we are not going to nurse in the night tonight ok? And, she agrees. Most of the time it works if I give her plenty of fluids before bedtime. She was really not ready until she was almost 4 to wean at night. I tried several times and it was just to much for her. Now she generally only nurses to sleep and again in the am.

So, the age of natural night weaning for us was around 4 YIKES! She does sleep better at night as she gets older. I think she was about 3 before she slept for 5 hours straight. She is a high need child, so she needed more of everything then most kids do.
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To me, having dad do all the comforting when mom had been nursing seems like abandonment. I mean that's what I think the kid would think. When I night-weaned DD, she was still in our bed, so we were both there, but somehow DH seemed to sleep thru her every waking! I told her that the "alrights" (her word for nursing and breasts) were sleeping, and when the sun came up she could have some. It helped her to be able to put her hand on them till she fell asleep again, though it was hard to get her to NOT do this when we were out and about. :doh

Good luck to all you ladies night-weaning, it sure does feel good to get a full night's sleep when it's done! Just don't do what I did and use that kid-asleep time to get pregnant again :LOL, cuz it just starts again! : (Just kidding, I think we timed it just right. I'm just dreaming of sleep.....)
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hey there
we're doing a modified jaygordon sleep plan here.
Ds is only 11mos 1week so i can't/won't go full force with it - but he went from waking every 3 hours to nurse all night to waking every 45min-1hr 15minutes and i have been slowly going insane. I watch two 2.5yo's during the day and have a 3.5yo so i really do need some sleep. No teeth coming thru that i can see and he's healthy as a horse. and dry as a bone lol. So we decided to try.

its been a few weeks of slowly incorporating dr.gordons ideas into our bed. Dh is sleeping with dd in her room for the most part while we do this since he's a huge distraction to ds plus he's a total wimp and wants to pick him up and walk with him every time he even whines lol.

I spent the first month doing the short nursing when he woke, popping him off the nipple and using keywords and backpatting to get him to sleep. This month i've started just using the keywords and backpatting and not nursing at all. Its only been a few nights but he's doing ok. Last night was rough. He nursed down at 9pm, woke at 12:30am (not bad, a long stretch for us) and i got him back down till 3am. which was great without nursing. Then he woke at 4 and 5am and cried for just a minute or two before crashing again with keywords/backpatting. and when he woke at 6 it was light so i nursed him and we slept till 8 together. I'm hoping every night it'll get a bit easier and we can get a stretch from 9pm-6am. thats like 9 hours tho

anyway. we're here trying it too
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I have this printed

BUT ella just does not want to cooperate!!!!
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