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A couple people have asked in the past few weeks about the "new" all organic cotton 2 layer Firefly Flats listed on the website. Well I bought one(the "Large" size) and here's my summary of the product. I've only washed and dried twice so far but find the absorbancy pretty darn good. After the before mentioned washes it is about the same size as my premium prefolds with a tad bit more in length. It is a semi-stretchy material, somewhere between a prefold and a jersey. One layer is sewn smooth side out, the other is textured side out. It is definitely snappi friendly! In thickness is just a little less than a regular prefold, more than a gerber DSQ. Obviously the dryer time is a bit more than a single layer flat but way better than even a regular(4x6x4)prefold. And they fit very well trifolded in a bummi sww.

Overall I am very pleased and have gone back to purchase more. Just thought I would pass this info on to those who were wondering about it!!