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I think the main thing would be if it lasted very long, since the weight of your baby, placenta, etc on your aorta can be bad. So, if you get dizzy or lightheaded you may want to try something else.

ETA: It's the vena-cava... not the aorta. :LOL I'm so tired.
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I cannot believe we are all getting so close! Where has the time gone! I've been lucky not to be too tired yet, but I think seeing my chiro is definitely helping in that area! The drinking, and peeing a lot is slightly annoying, but thankfully it's only for a few more weeks, then it'll be night nursing and have a baby who will probably have their nights and days mixed up. I too have to eat a late snack or I'm starving when I get up for my 2 am pee.

I hope everyone's week is going well. I'm sneaking on here from work, so I can't respond to everything; if only I had a few more hours in my day!
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Feeling much better today. It was the stomach flu. DD1 vomited a couple of times yesterday too and so far DH and DD2 have avoided it. It didn't last very long, but it felt so good to be in bed all evening last night.

My appointment went well today. HR in the 120's. My weight is down a pound which I expected since I didn't eat or drink much yesterday. I'm sure I will make up for it later this week.

I'm not that emotional (or at least that's what I'm telling myself.) I'm with all of you on the tired part. I could seriously go for a nap, but DD2 is wide awake so I need to keep an eye on her.

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I guess my tiredness has increased too - I've had to take naps the past few days.

I'm really enjoying baby squirming around... sometimes I can almost grab a little foot! I like being able to feel and tell how she is positioned, too. I feel more connected to her having a better idea of what she's doing in there.
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I've been a little tired lately too, but mostly because my family has been dragging me on "fun outings" that involve too much walking around and sun for my taste. Otherwise things have been ok--less trouble sleeping than in the previous few weeks, but still not really enjoying it--guess I should just be glad I'm getting any.

Had the long GD test today--fasted last night, had blood taken four times today and then finally got to eat around 2pm--was very hungry and cranky by then. Will know tomorrow or Thurs how it went. *fingers and toes crossed*

Can't believe I'm over 30 weeks--seems to be just flying by now...
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So I had my 30 week appointment yesterday (I just switched to having one every 2 weeks now) and lo and behold, I gained 7 pounds in 2 weeks!!!! I have been doing about 7 or 8 a month, and I was all excited to get on the scale this time as it was only 2 weeks since the last one and I could be looking at a smaller number...BIG FREAK OUT in the little doctors office with my husband, it was almost a good thing that the office was behind schedule an hour and a half so I could get back to normal before doc came in...
I *know* that everybody gains weight and I *know* I've been eating good, and I *know* the doc said I started out underweight so I would probably gain alot, plus I'm on restricted activity so I can't work out anymore, but AAGGHH, I'm at 43 pounds so far with 10 weeks to go! (I never should have done the math, at this rate, I am gaining 14 pounds a month...hhhmmm)
So I finally decided to go to the pool with my hubby, and made another big mistake: going to buy a bathing suit today. Let's just say I'm glad lap swim is at 6am and I hope they turn the lights down low...
Of course, when baby kicks it's all worth it, but my poor ego is not enjoying this pregnancy nearly as much as the rest of me is.
Good news: my doc says baby is head down, but I thought it was a bit early for that to matter?
Thanks for reading my vent,
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Grace, if it makes you feel better, I'm around 50lbs now (yes, I got on the scale last night *gulp*) and I have 6-7 weeks to go. My last 2 pregnancies I gained 3-5lbs a week the last few weeks... with no problems. Just lots of baby and fluid I guess.
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Ugg. I don't even want to think about weight. I thought I was doing great and I had gained 5 lbs in 2 weeks. I am up about 40 lbs right now. I am just dreading trying to lost it afterwards. It took a really long time for me to lose the weight with dd. I started a food diary to give my mw at the next appt, maybe she can make sense of this!

I just got a bunch of diapers in the mail today from the TP. So cute! I am still kinda nervous about cloth diapering, but I think that I can do it!

My fast pulse thing has still been happening, but only a couple of times since last Thursday. I stopped eating sugar and it happened anyway so I don't really think that sugar has anything to do with it, but for the sake of trying to slow down my weight gain, I am still avoiding sugar. It was really hard at a b-day party this weekend for dd's frined - that cake looked GOOD!!
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One more thing, the doc decided to test my thyroid for some reason. She said sometimes it can get a little whacked out and it could explain the rapid increase in weight as well as the rapid heart rate. Sounds a little far fetched to me, but I gave them a little blood so they could check...
And she thought my little theory of the baby kicking my adrenal glands and giving my heart those surges was pretty cute. But not very medically sound. Oh well, I like it better than a thyroid problem!
So, good luck to all of us who are trying not to eat sugar! Will it be "too little, too late"? I'd like like to think not.
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I was going to ask to have my thyroid checked also. Kinda freaks me out, my friend has hypothyroidism from pregnancy and her son is very delayed. I really hope that isn't what is causing this, though I read that hypothyroid causes a weak pulse and weight gain and hyperthryroid causes weight loss and a rapid heart rate so hopefully this has nothing to do with our thyroids, though I am still going to have mine checked just to be sure!

Sorry if I sound dramatic about my friends son...she didn't find out about her thyroid until he was about 2 months old so she went through her pregnancy untreated.
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I've noticed I'm a little bit more tired, but I've definitely noticed I'm a lot crabbier- my fuse is shorter.
Anyone else going earlier than 40 weeks? Regardless of whether I have a section or go vaginal, it will be at 38 weeks because of the gestational diabetes. I will be 32 weeks on Friday, so I guess that makes 6 weeks left for me.
I have another ultrasound scheduled for this Friday as well so I will find out how the little gal is doing and if the placenta moved up at all. I'm hoping they will have a better idea which way I am headed after that. As of now, it's still completely up in the air.
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I have been reading along with you all since about 14 weeks and finally, today, I have the nerve to sign myself up. I am due with a baby girl on June 10th and her name will be Eisa Green (unless, of course, she is a he or if at the birth we see that she needs another name.) She will be our first. I am 32 weeks right now, and like you all have been saying, it is "growing" so close so quickly- I can hardly fathom a reality outside of these now familiar kicks and a day dream of my pretty baby in my arms. At the same time though, I can't wait to meet and hold and -holy moly- even feed her! I have an almost obscenly fertile family and several friends with children and babies, but all live about 10 hours away- so it has been, at times, a real relief for me to be able to read your posts and see that my sleepiness or moodiness or hungriness or whatever is pretty normal. I have an appointment with my midwife this afternoon and we start our birth classes tonight. I am really excited about the classes. My husband (dh?) has been fabulous throughout the pregnancy, but has not had a lot of time to read up on what to expect. Of course I have been filling him in and he has gone to all of my appointments with me, but I think that tonight might be the start of his nervousness. I would love it! I am also excited to meet the other pregnant couples. Ok, I think that is enough for my very first post. I hope that you all are having a day as beautiful as it is here.
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mcs, welcome!!! I noticed you're in Staten Island, we're neighbors! I'm about twenty minutes over the Outerbridge in Jersey. I used to work in SI, in fact. I love "meeting" people who live close by

What type of child birth classes are you and DH taking? My DH and I are taking a Bradley method class, which brings me to the purpose of this post....:LOL

We had our second class last night (DH's first, actually, since he was away on business for the first one) We actually watched a Lamaze tape, or parts of a Lamaze tape, I should say. Has anyone taken Lamaze here? I'd be interested in knowing your experiences with it, after watching the tape last night.

So far, I like the Bradley classes, although I do have to say that the nutritional guidlines are a bit intimidating. Last night, we discussed food quite a bit, and our instructor asked our husbands what some of our favorite foods in different food types were. SHe asked DH what my favorite dairy products were, and I cringed, because I know what was coming :LOL "Chocolate milk". Ack. :LOL

Anyone else's belly button hurting. Mine's really tender to the touch. And the shorts I'm wearing today rest right on top of the stupid thing. So, I'll not just be uncomfortable because it's like 90 degrees outside, I'll also be uncomfortable because my freaking belly button is sore :LOL
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you know sharon-anne, my bellybutton has been hurting too! i don't really remember if that's happened before or not...
i wondered, too if it has anything to do with the fact that i have a diastasis. one of those lovely gifts i was left with after my 3rd pregnancy... i asked my ob about it, and whether it could be a problem and she kind of made a funny face, like she was trying not to just come out and say, "well, yeah!". she told me repairing it would be simple - if i had to have a c-section and she was already "in there". otherwise i'm inferring that it would be a big procedure all on its own. so i've got that going for me, which is nice

thanks for the responses to my silly question too... like i said, for some reason i am just super-paranoid about this pregnancy in some ways. i had a 2nd trimester miscarriage 6 years ago, and with each of my children's births there were more serious incidents... (ds1 had the cord around his neck, which turned out fine; dd got stuck and required the help off foreceps - ow!; and ds2 was blue and not breathing due to meconium aspiration - he had to be bagged, and then they took him away to the nicu for oxygen - i didn't see him for over 3 hours) i think i'm feeling like i'm somehow testing the odds...
i wish i could just relax...

right now i'm in the middle of baking cookies for dd's preschool class - she is the 'v.i.p.' tomorrow... i'm trying not to eat a bunch of them - they smell soooooo good! i'm already at 31 lbs. gained and i still have around 10 weeks to go (or 12, if you believe my stupid 'revised' due date - which i don't) so i'm trying to be good... but... mmmmmmmmm... chocolate chip....
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welcome mcs!

today i booked a TENS machine from the hospital, has anyone used these in lbaour before? they seem pretty popular here. As well i have asked for acupuncture, most midwives are trained, but sometimes they can be busy if there isnt alot of trained acupuncture midwives on duty, so i want a back up plan.

any other suggestions i could consider?

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I have a tens machine from a car accident I was in years ago. I'm interested to hear how it could help me during labor... I wonder if my hospital would allow me to bring one in.
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Can someone tell me what a tens machine is?

And swedemom, for the record, your hospitals sound fabulous. Next time I get pregnant, I'm moving to Sweden! :LOL

Organic Banana; crap. I hope I don't have a diastasis. Anyone know how I know for sure? I've read that if you lie on your back and raise your head slightly, you can feel a "break" between your ab muscles. I've tried this, but I really don't know what I'm feeling for :LOL
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33 weeks, 3 days

The nesting is starting to set in. All my baby clothes are in the Dryer. I finaly got all of Alexis' warm clothes put up and took out all the 0 to 3 m stuff and washed them. Now, I need to go pull out all her tiny clothes and fold them up. All her diapers are washed, and the Kissaluvs contour and the fitteds my friend made are packed and ready. I have washed her wool, just need to put that in her bag, too. All of Alexis diapers have been washed, too. They are hanging outside to dry. Now, I just need to get this place in shape. I need to get off of here and empty the dishwasher and vacume the livingroom. I need to make sure dinner is defrosted. Oh, and get the baby clothes out of the dryer.
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I need to do the baby clothes sorting myself. Most of Sam's baby clothes are at her dad's house, so I'm thinking I'll go over Friday & do that. Different season & different gender, but hopefully there will be some stuff to pull out!
I am having a terrible time buying clothes for this little boy. My daughter was big (10+ lbs), so half of what we had for her never even fit her. I am torn between going 3-6 months for all "newborn" stuff for Cully, and kicking myself for assuming that I'll have a big baby just because Samantha was big.
I stood in front of a rack in Carter's today for about 5 minutes, with a package of different sized white onesies in each hand, and had no idea what to do :LOL
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welcome mcs mom

i can't wait for nesting to kick in! im so freakin tired this week. i have a list in my head of things I want to do and things I need to do but the energy just isn't here yet. (31weeks1day)

my mil is coming for the birth (to help with dd) and this is her house we are living in so I have a lot to do to get ready for her. Our housekeeping standards are nowhere near the same. In fact, she made me cry last summer from some comments she made and I wasn't pregnant then! (ordinarily I don't cry easily...) If we could afford it, I would love to hire someone to help me with the house cleaning right now. It's all I can do to stay on top of the dishes, laundry, and sweeping.


I loved our Bradley Classes, Sharon Anne. We took them when preggo with dd. I know the dietary stuff is intimidating (as you put it) but just look at it as something to strive towards. kwim? I'm trying to follow them this time around (I saved our work book and all the pamphlets) too. i don't always hit the mark, but it's definetley a good motivation to make better choices at times. Like I'll really be wanting something that's not so great nutritionally, and I'll stop and think about it and realize if I eat a salad/baked potatoe/etc. instead that I'll be able to check off one of the little boxes

If it makes you feel any better I eat a little piece of chocolate every night

My only advice on sex is to have as much as you want/can now before our new little ones join us
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