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Hey all, been gone for three weeks at least, can I please just bash this pc in with a hammer?? anyway, our baby is breech or transverse most of the time, only turning head down yesterday for the first time. My midwife is skilled at breeches, so it doesn't freak me out at all to birth a breech. My pelvis is reported to be "Able to birth a 12.5 lb baby, no problem". As for weight gain, up to 25 lbs and seven weeks to go!

Sex on the bottom....makes me dizzy and nauseous, so I don't stay on the bottom. Something to look forward to after baby comes.....

I eat whatever the heck I want, and don't even think twice. Have been feeling a bit nauseous at times, blaming it on my rotten allergies and all this terrible pollen we have floating around the south here. Dd has a tummy bug for the second time this spring, and this from a kid who was never even stuffy in her nose for the first 14 months of her life!! Oy.

Nesting..I am trying so hard to refrain just yet, I know if I start washing nb clothes now, I am just gonna want to do it again in two or three weeks. I think I made myself wait til 36 weeks with #1. And I quit sleeping good too. Something about having to wake up to roll my mammoth belly to the other side............................Can I get a witness??
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I spread the word that for mothers day this year I would lOVE to have someone come in and clean my house just once to get ready for the homebirth. My mom thought it was a great idea and she said that she would chip in to have someone come weekly til the big day. Since I'm in a huge city, its pretty affordable to have a service come.

I survived the dentist and the orthodontist today. yuck.
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Originally Posted by miamommy
I survived the dentist and the orthodontist today. yuck.
Congratulations!! I tried to have my teeth cleaned at this point when I was preggo with dd and i gagged so much I asked them to stop :
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Yeah, dental work is no fun, specially when pregnant... in the second trimester I had my teeth cleaned, it was bearable tho. I have two cavities which they said would be fine to take care of during the second trimester but I told them I'd rather wait... so I've got that to look forward to after baby, plus getting rid of these wisdom teeth..

Ugh heartburn is driving me CRAZY. I had one day where it was all day, but mostly it's just in the morning!! Seems like a weird time to get heartburn to me... Maybe because I'm sitting up after laying down all night and my stomach is more smushed? I dunno.

Off to chomp a tums...

Oh but before I do, a quick question to see if anyone has heard anything like this before... my sister, who as I have mentioned is as far along with me, has had a slew of u/s because of a large ovarian cyst and measuring ahead - she's now measuring four weeks ahead - and she had a NST this week because at the latest u/s to investigate the measuring ahead showed a little bit of excessive fluid. During the NST they heard an unexplainable sound - like a second heartbeat!! They're pretty darn sure it's not a baby because of all the u/s she's had, and her baby is measuring to be average size... what else could that sound be?
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Unsolved Mysteries

You would think that with as good as technology is these days you wouldn't get such mysterious and vague diagnosis as "like a second heartbeat"! My sister is prego too, although she is 5 months behind me...
I know that when I was born (and I'm a twin) my mom had no idea that she was having twins. All through the pregnancy they had only picked up one heartbeat, and they didn't do routine u/s 25 years ago. We were really big babies, too, for twins, 7lb and 7.5lb, but other than it being a twin, I have no idea what that wierd sound could be!
I'm wondering, when they say a baby is "measuring ahead" are they talking about it's physical maturity, or it's weight? Like, either it's due date is wrong, or it's just really big for it's age? Hhmm. They are saying mine is ahead two weeks...
Due 6/28 with a surprise!
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DS and I have dentist appointments tomorrow ugh
I am hoping I have no cavities, otherwise I too will have that to look forward to. Luckily my mouth is so big that I had room for all 4 of my wisdom teeth. Now that they are fully in, they don't give me any problems!
I'm not sure what the sound is they could be hearing almostfey. I'd definitely be a little worried though if I were your sister (even though it's probably nothing)- I'm such a worrywort!
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Well, her fundal height is what is measuring ahead- 38 cm at 34 weeks. The baby's size they get from plugging the measurements of the head, body, and limbs taken during the u/s into an equation, which turned out average for her baby at this point. I'm not sure if 'size' refers to weight or actual size.

She has another u/s and NST next week, I'm anxious to see if they hear it again! It's quite strange.

In other news, I have a TON of energy today, I can hardly bear to sit still, I want to be DOING stuff. I cleaned out the fridge as that's something I can do sitting down, and it was gross and really needed it. Nesting perhaps?
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Sounds a bit like nesting to me. :LOL Wish I'd get more bursts like that. Last night my youngest was up coughing every 30 min and my oldest decided 3 am was a good wake up time and stayed awake until like, 5 or 6... can't really remember. Needless to say, I am exhausted today. I never slept more than 15-20min at a stretch last night other than from about 6-730. ANd it's nasty and muggy outside, waiting on the cold front to come and bring storms. yay. Man. I am a whiner.
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yes, definatly nesting!
oh and that sounds like a hard night davina, i also had a cougher in bed with me last night, waking every 30 minutes, it gave me a 'oh my god, i will go through nighttime waking ALL OVER AGAIN' little cold sweaty i can say

im totally in to having help to clean the house, what a great mothers day idea.
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yes, definatly nesting!
oh and that sounds like a hard night davina, i also had a cougher in bed with me last night, waking every 30 minutes, it gave me a 'oh my god, i will go through nighttime waking ALL OVER AGAIN' little cold sweaty i can say

im totally in to having help to clean the house, what a great mothers day idea
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another good prenatal visit!

This week's visit with my CNM went well once again! No weight gain, no change to cervix, bp, urine, and baby's heart rate were all great! Still measuring 35 weeks, so just half a week ahead now.

She said that with my cervix having not progressed in the past few weeks it is looking more likely that I'll go to my due date - hooray! I was kinda worried all this weeks activities had stirred things up but nope. I'll feel less guilty now about not staying constantly on the couch
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That is awesome news, 'Fey!!!

I checked my cervix in the shower this week (NO idea why) and it was rreeeeally soft. Still high and post. so I couldn't check dilation, but I don't think it was open at all. I just thought they were supposed to stay firm for a bit longer. I just don't want to go before 40 weeks this time (PLease, remind me of this in a few weeks :LOL) b/c I don't feel ready yet. I am about 34 weeks now. Oh man!!! That is SOOO close!!!
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Just realized I'm at 31 weeks....

To quote the Talking Heads: How did I get here?

Hehe... well i know the mechanics, but where did time go??????
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sharon-anne - at this stage of pregnancy, it's really hard to tell if you have a diastasis... you'll probably have to wait until your 6wk postpartum checkup to tell. (sorry : - i know it sucks...)
but, yup, the whole lay-on-your-back-and-raise-your-head-slightly thing is one of the easiest ways to tell. you'd just feel a bulge in between your left and right ab muscles. right now, all we have is a bulge there, so good luck self-diagnosing at this point... :LOL

oh gad what a day... i have to take ds to a birthday party that goes from 2-4 across town, which means the little ones will have to ride along, and we'll have to find something to do for 2 hours... then my bil and sil's wedding reception is tonight on the opposite end of town at 6. ok, that's not exactly accurate... it's actually 20 miles north of here in a totally different town. which is even better. bleh.
and i think dd might be getting sick again - i'm starting to wonder if her immune system just isn't functioning or something... she seems to be getting sick almost weekly lately. nothing serious, just all kinds of viral bugs. d@mn preschool germs.
i'm tired just thinking about today...
hope you all are relaxing more than me this weekend!!!
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OB, thanks for the info. Guess I'll find out about that diastasis in a few months :LOL

Your weekend sounds like mine; yesterday I was SUPPOSED to be going to a ten year old's birthday party, but as it turns out, DH had to work and I figured I'd rather nap than go myself. So, yesterday turned out okee dokee.

Today I have to go to a Christening; that I still haven't gotten a card or present for :LOL I am such a procrastinator. I swear, my picture is next to the word in the dictionary.

I had an amazing burst of energy friday night,and briefly debated using it to go to a friend's shindig; then decided my home needed my energy way more than I needed to hit another shindig this weekend :LOL So, I cleaned my little heart out and ended up wrenching my left shoulder and straining the right side of my lower back.

Now I look like the hunchback of Somerset, NJ. Sigh.

At least this hunchback has a clean house :LOL
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I had a nesting burst last night, too. I cleaned my bedroom and rearranged the little things. SO much more open now, which is good, since there needs to be room for a pool AND people in there. :LOL Now I just need to make curtains, buy a new toilet seat, finish buying birth supplies (still putting that off b/c of all the time I have : ), wash ALLLL the clothes and diapers, find some old blankets and sheets, etc etc etc. The list goes on. I am tired today, though. I was up until 1am cleaning my room b/c I didn't start until dh left for work at 11. Wish I'd get those bursts of cleaning energy in, say, the kitchen.
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pain question

Well the full moon brought no excitement for me this time, thankfully! Last full moon was when I had to go to the hospital with those contractions... so I was half expecting that again. But nope

I can't wait to be off bedrest and up and around so I can take care of stuff!! DH does ok... but I do better And I want to get to washing baby stuff, cooking meals for the freezer, and shopping! Our paycheck went a lot further this month that I've been stuck in the house. :

The past few days I've been having a weird pain in my belly... low down up front in the middle, between my belly button and pubic bone. It feels kind of crampy but my belly isn't hard to the touch when it hurts. Sometimes it hurts when I move, somtimes it'll just hurt! Is it ligament pain again? The ligament pain I remember from early 2t was sharper, and on the sides of my lower belly, anyone got any ideas as to what this is?
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Well the full moon brought no excitement for me this time, thankfully!
So maybe THAT explains why this little one was flailing all over the place last night. I wondered what the heck was going on in there. It was like he had a party & invited 4 of his closest friends. Then, he tried to flip bottom-down, couldn't do it, and seemed to throw a tantrum :LOL
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I too had a nesting thing! My victim was the refrigerator. There was a lot of gunk that needed to be cleaned anyway, but I got in there with a brush and cleaned every nook and cranny. it was insane. after that i got outside with my DH and picked up rocks (not big). Then i felt i really needed to plant these 2 forsythia bushes in our yard. Got childbirth class tonight, last one, so no cleaning unless i hit it when i get home.
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