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My neighbor, who is a post partum nurse at the local hospital, said that "they [the hospital] never do vbacs anymore because the doctors realized they were just too risky."

It's sad, beause other then the Amish having their babies at home, this is one of only 2 hospitals in this area that delivers babies.
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My dd was the first baby born in 2004 in our city and county....So, since we live in a small town the local newspaper sent a journalist to the hospital to take pictures and interview me for an article. Anyway, when this woman showed up she looked at me and said: "Oh, you're young! That means that you OF COURSE did the sensible thing and had an epidural. But since your baby was two weeks late why didn't you go for an elective c/s?" The sad thing was that she was actually serious. I didn't even have to really react, one of the nurses was present and really jumped her case about it. To quote the nurse: "Are you crazy? Just because she's 20 she has to have drugs? This is a smart, powerful woman who just did a beautiful thing by herself and you should be congratulating her! She waited until the baby was ready and did an amazing job of it! You should be ashamed of yourself for even assuming things like that!" The reporter's jaw just dropped and I couldn't do anything but laugh!

(She did end up putting in her article that I had a short and painless labor and I had to write her a scathing letter.....)
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Originally Posted by Full Heart
She told me her dr said that babies aren't born with sinuses. That a babies sex keeps changing inutero right up till the time they are born. Thats why you can have u/s be wrong.


That is one of the funniest things that I have ever read.
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I had an ob resident tell a client (she wanted delayed cord cutting) that if he didn't cut the cord right away the ductus arteriosus wouldn't close properly and the baby's lungs wouldn't function properly. Thankfully she was a nurse and knew this was bull from the get go but what do you say to crap that stinks that bad?? LOL
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Originally Posted by LadyBug & BabyBug
I went into preterm labor with DS at 30 weeks and was on bedrest until 36 weeks. My midwife checked me at 36 weeks and I was 4 cm dilated. I was sharing this with some friends and one said "oh, good, you can get your epidural as soon as you go to the hospital - you can go now!" She was surprised that I stayed at 4 cm for 3 weeks, and was shocked that I didn't get an epidural. This is the same lady who wants to become a midwife.
similiar experience... I was 5cm and planning a UC which everyone thought I was crazy for anyway... and upon telling a friend that I was 5cm she got very concerned that the baby would "just fall out" :LOL don't I wish!
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A friend of mine told me there is no point having the lights dimmed when they baby is born because they can't see anyway, she also told me she would have a c-section because it is less painful than a vaginal birth.
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they can't see anyway
Gee whiz, even mainstream pregnancy books say that the baby reacts to light while still in the womb.
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I just remembered one. I mostly have gotten the usual remarks of braveness and your nuts kinda thing but I did get one that kinda threw me. Someone said

"Well but if your water breaks of course they have to do something right away! You can't just wait because the baby won't live."
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aunt on my homebirth - "They can do epidurals at home now?!"
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Had the typical "Are you NUTS?" and "Are you kidding?" reactions to announcing (6 days before delivering) that we were having a homebirth. Mind you, this announcement was made on Christmas Day to a medical family! Everyone thought I was crazy because I was making a choice to NOT have an epidural!

My mom came to one of our early midwife appts to put her fears at ease and she actually asked the midwife (as I hung my head in shame) "If she's in too much pain, can you give her an epidural?" I know my mom meant well (who wants to know that their kid is in major pain and not getting relief?) but it was still a bit embarassing.

About 5 months into my second pregnancy, me dad asked, "you guys are done having kids now, right?" (He knew we were pregnant but thinks more than 2 kids is absurd.)

Hmmmm, what else...? People thought we were nuts because we were planning (and succeeded) to have our ds present at his sister's homebirth.

I'm tired of people telling me he'll get jealous of her- so far, so good- he loves her more than anything- and even shares his beloved blanket with her!
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I totally forgot to add, when I walked up the stairs at the family Christmas party (remember, 6 days before delivering) I saw a cousin of mine who I hadn't seen in a while and she said to me, "So, have you had the baby yet?"

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From a sOB:

"I could not do an episiotomy, but then your labia would rip off."

We went to the midwives that same day.
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"She told me her dr said that babies aren't born with sinuses."

That's actually pretty much true. The sinuses are air-filled cavities within the facial bones. The maxillary and frontal (cheek and forehead) sinues aren't aerated at birth, but become so by the early teens.

The changing gender until birth thing, though . . .

People tell me all the time "They had to break my water every time because it just wouldn't break on it's own." Usually, these folks are talking about their water being broken at like 4 cms. No, they didn't HAVE to break your water, they just chose too.
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When planning an unassisted birth my husband's friend asked where I was going to have the baby, on the kitchen table, and would I need to buy stirrups. :LOL
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This one isn't about birth but...

when I was a midwifery student I had a client who exclusively breastfed a baby from 10 lbs to 14 pounds in about 5 weeks. She was told by her paed to stop exclusively breastfeeding because a baby that big needed more than just breastmilk.... uhhh, duuh, how do you think the baby FREAKIN' GREW THAT BIG??? On lovely breastmilk of course. The lack of logic astounds.
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I have not read this whole thread, but I was told by a woman that her doctor told her he got the baby out so quick that the drugs from the epidural never reached the baby...


From what very little I know of physiology, I do know that the drugs work faster than what he has lead her to believe, and even if it was a small amount, the amount to make the 150+ pound mother numb is far more than what it takes to effect the little one that weighs 5-9 pounds.

I also know the nerves are immediately affected and the bloodstream carries the "drug" far within a couple of heartbeats..

So why would a doctor lie like that?
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A friend of mine was told by her doctor that he would sew her up nice and tight so that, "...She would not be flapping in the breeze..."

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When my SIL had her son, her second child, her Father, DH and DD had the flu and could not come in and see the new baby.

Her son was born with a cleft lip. It was repaired within a few weeks, and he was bf'd. No problem.

Her mother, an alcoholic, did not have the flu, but was full of liquor, was allowed by the rules of the hospital to come in to see her baby, and said,

"Since when do we have monsters in our family?"
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These gems from my MIL:
"Oh, I had toxemia with my first. The only way to cure it is to go on a jello and fruit juice diet to flush out the toxins. That was all I was allowed to eat my last month of pregnancy." To this day I have failed to convince her that perhaps a 'jello and fruit juice diet' might be less than prudent and yes, apparently this is the diet her OB put her on. I suspect it had more to do with her 50 lbs. weight gain than any 'toxemia'! Remember, this was back in the day when a 15 lbs gain was standard.

Also from MIL: "that's nice that your homebirths have turned out well, but if I hadn't been in the hospital I would have died and my son with me. My sister had the same thing happen". What happend you might ask? She had a forceps delivery b/c she was tired and *DIDN"T WANT TO PUSH THE BABY OUT*. I actually laughed when she told me. So I asked her, "so what do you think would have happend? The baby would have stayed in forever until you both just died?" she said "YES"!!!!!!!
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