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I am postiing with you mamas too! I bet there have never been as many posts in a small amount of time as there have in the last few days.

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On Wednesdays, the babycenter diapering board has a sell/swap thread.

Babycenter is being buggy for me right now, I'll post a link later.
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Wow - I have been CDing for close to 2 and a half years and never knew there were so many places to buy! Thanks for posting all those links!
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Thanks for posting the links to other sources. I'm also just recently locked out ouf the TP and posting like mad to get back in. Wonder why they changed the rules?
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Yep the TP rule changed on Mon I think that newbies can't even see TP now. It was a bummer because no way I can afford Cloth Diapers if I buy new. I have been since I found out about this rule change. I have enough post but have to wait for 60 days.

Thanks frogger for all those link, I had no idea there are so many other places to buy used dipe
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happy to share. It's the only way that dp will let me buy dipes. well except for today he said he thought we had enough for a nb ....Too bad I had just bought 3 dipes.
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Wow lots of links thanks ladies
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Being new to this I am very greatful to be able to buy used for now till I find just what works best for us. Thanks for the links!
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I'm going to try some of these out, thanks for the list.
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