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Chronic Sinus Infection....ideas

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My step-mom has a chronic sinus infection that won't go away. She is allergic to dairy so she doesn't eat it. I think her diet is pretty much vegetarian. She has MS and her diet is rather restricted. She says she eats garlic in sardines..not sure if it is raw or not. She has tried sucking water up her nose (not sure what it is called) so any one else have any ideas? She asked me this morning about Oregono oil and I did a search and gave her the link of the threads that have mentioned that before..anyone have any thing new to add....??
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A friend of mine swears that snorting Golden Seal powder does the trick for him. The water thing is called Nasal Irrigation, and many have found relief with this, as it clears the sinuses so that an infection doesn't take root.
Other than that, I take Sudafed at the first sign and drink LOTS of liquids, apply warm compresses to my face and massage the sinuses to help loosen any mucus. And now that it is winter, she needs a good humidifier if she has forced air heat in her home especially.
Hope she finds some relief soon. Good Luck!
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Had a woman patient who had chronic sinus infections for 10 years. She even had surgeries with no relief. Then her doctor put her on an anti-fungal oral med for an extended period of time and she is having no problems now. Apparently her sinus infection was fungal, not bacterial. Anti-fungals can have some nasty side effects and risks associated with them, so risk/benefit is important to consider.

However, my point was just that strangely the cause of her infections was fungal, rather than bacterial.
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