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Jan. 2006 mamas???

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I just got the today!!! Anyone else due in January???

I am a first time MOM and would love advice, etc. i am also a doula, so I do know what labor is like
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I am waiting to test on Saturday, but figure that [/B]IF[B] I am, I would be due on Jan 1.........

Have a happy and healthy nine months!
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I just got a yesterday! So that makes me due around the middle of january 2006. This is my 5th pregnancy, three ended in early miscarriages because i have low progesterone, and one was a molar pregnancy. This time i have started the progesterone early! Keeping my fingers crossed!
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Mamatojade-- I am keeping my : for ya!!! Also, lots of your way!!!
aminah-- congrats on your !!!! Lots of for you .
I will be praying for you guys!!!
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I am "due" December 27th.. but my babes bake another two weeks so I'm thinking sometime early january. I'm 4 weeks 4 days today!

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I'm set for somewhere between Dec 25 and Jan 4. My cycle is kinda screwy so it's hard to tell exactly.
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I just found out today!!!! Guessing that I'm due early January.
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Welcome everyone!!
Tam & Jennifer-- That's great, you are welcome here!!!

I was actually worried about having started this thread, because I just calculated my due date online and found out I am due Dec. 28, not Jan. I really want a January baby, though, because I have tons of extended family (and me, too) who were born in Dec. I want this baby to have a unique birthday!!!

So, again, welcome all MOMS .
Have you told anyone? How did you tell them?
So far, I have just told DH, my doula friend, one of my old bridesmaids, and my mentor. I haven't told my mother, and am not planning to until 3 months (June 15). We haven't told DH's parents, either.

I actually told Helen, my doula, first. I called her and asked "What if the line is REALLY faint?" She said" A line is a line! Buy a CBE and come over to test at my house!" On the way to her house, I called DH and said "I love you" and he was all confused. Then I went to the school where he works and showed him the test! He couldn't see the line because it was REALLY faint and he is colorblind . He saw the second test when I brought it over, though
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Hey everyone!
I posted how we told everyone on the December momma board... But like Ozzyemm, My due date is like the 30th... sooooo I'm thinking, first baby?? likely to go later?? and kind of hoping! as Far away from xmas as possible would be best!
So, we are super excited and freaked out and all the usual emotions!! And I thought TTC was a roller coaster... I've only known since yesterday about my BFP and already roller coastering!
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I found some websites where you can find out your due date. These sites use the same methods your Dr. will-- by estimating from your last period.



This one calculates dates like major organ formation:http://www.babyzone.com/pregnancy/pr...calculator.asp

This calendar tells you what to expect during pregnancy.
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congrats to all of you!
i'm from the october board, i just love seeing the new months come to life!
have a great 9 months =)
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I'm "due" December 28, but I am expecting the babe to be born in january. My son was born right on the due date I gave him (the CNM didn't believe me- so he was 3 days early according to them), but for some reason I feel like this one'll cook longer. My son Julian is 27 months old, still nursing, cosleeping, and unvaxed.
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Originally Posted by hottmama
My son was born right on the due date I gave him
Hottmama-- did you know that your son would be a boy before U/S, or him being born? I have a gut feeling this baby is going to be a boy, but DH thinks it will be a girl .
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I had a feeling he was a boy, but I was really hoping for a girl so I tried to "think pink". I found out at my U/S. This time, I have no idea at all if it's going to be a boy or girl, and I don't really have a preference. I'd still like a girl, but my boy is SO sweet, I could deal with another like him.
I know my cycle, I don't think going from the day of LMP is valid at all. I prefer to date my pregnancy from the day I ovulated, and unfortunately medical professionals don't believe women can know exactly when they ovulate.
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Hey, i didn't realize that we have the same due date, hottmama!! It will be interesting to see how far away we have our babies .
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"Buzzing" sensation?

Congrats to you all!! I hope I'll be officially joining you in a week or two. It's too soon to tell for sure, and I don't plan to do a HPT this time (if I can stand it!), but I am having a lot of vibrating/buzzing sensation near my uterus today - behind pubic bone and in labia area. I had the same thing when first pregnant with my DD (4 years old) so I'm thinking it's a sign. Do any of you have that symptom?

Aminah, best wishes to you!

ozzyemm, my best advice is this: only take advice from people with whose advice you agree. Seriously, though, being a doula, you have insight into pregnancy and birth that is going to be very valuable! Most women haven't even seen a vaginal birth except on TLC where they black out the actual birth and nearly every birth includes countless interventions.

Peace to you all,
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Eeeek, I'm going to tentatively join y'all over here! I will officially be due around the 27th of January, but both my boys were late(one 2 weeks, one a week) so I'm sure I will be a January mama!

Its so nice to see so many familiar faces....SMR, Ozzyemm!!! Looking forward to getting to know everyone else.

I'm still not believing I got a + this month! Unreal!
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Carol-- I must say that I don't have that kind of sensation. In fact, the first symptom of pregnancy I had-- sore boobs (which I STILL have) I didn't know was a symptom of pregnancy until my doula told me! I thought I was PMSing!
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Hi All! I just got that yesterday, I'm still in shock! It was our first month TTC and I thought for SURE it wouldn't happen. I still don't have any symptoms... well, I am breaking out in strange areas, and have been really gassy- are those symptoms? It's hard to believe it's true when I don't feel pregnant! I'm sure it will come, though! FF shows my die date is January 2. Whew, I'm a december baby and was hoping not to have one!

Now DH and I are thinking- what NOW!?! I thought it would take longer to concieve, so I wasn't prepared for being here just yet! I have a Dr. appt. on May 10, it's with a new doctor who can do deliveries at the hospital near me... if we decide to go that route. I'm very sceptical of doctors, and nervous about a hospital birth, but DH doesn't like the idea of homebirth, so I'm humoring him and seeing this doctor and he's agreed to meet with a few midwives.

We haven't told anyone yet, but I know it will be HARD! I personally don't mind people knowing. I'd like friends and family to be supportive if something did go wrong... KWIM? I told DH last night by writing "Daddy to be!" on a wine glass that I handed him when he came home last night. He didn't know what to think because we were both so SURE it wasn't our month. :LOL

OK, enough blabbing, it's very nice to "meet" you all!
Amina, vibes your way. Heck, as early as it is, we all could use
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Hello and congratulations to everyone!!!

I got a BFP today at 10 dpo. Very light, of course, but it was positive within the limit on two different brands of test. Stick, baby, stick!!

The due date is 1/7/06.

I have a DD who's due date was 1/8/03 but wasn't born until the 20th.

I feel great right now! My main symptoms that were definitely pg and not just progesterone with DD were sore nipples from very early and swollen lymph nodes in my armpits at 12 dpo. DD is still nursing so my nipples are different. Right now I have swollen lymph nodes in my groin but not armpits.

I am so happy to be here! This has been a long time coming for us!
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