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Congrats because and ell-bell!

I do believe those ARE symptoms of pg ell-bell!
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Welcome Ellie and Jessica!!

Ellie-- I know what you mean! DH and i got preggers on our "first try" too! We haven't told "anyone" either. By anyone I mean that I have told my doula (before DH, because the line was SOOO faint!), one of my friends (1. because she has had a baby and might be able to sympathasize but more importanty, 2. I am doing her wedding in May, and hope to not be puking while setting up!). DH told his online friends on a bulletin board , and his best friend who happens to be my doula's husband .

Ooh, hey, my Target (Bakersfield) is clearancing its flannel baby blankets! $2.48 is cheaper than buying the flannel and yarn to put it together! I think we will all be needing TONS of blankies, since our babies will be "snowbabies" (or in my neck of the woods, "fogbabies" .
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hi momma's I am due sometime between Dec & Jan. Not exactly sure. I will try those estimator links above. I just found out yesterday.

I have never had a home test be postitive with DD I found out at the dr's. But man those lines were dark pink and almost instant. I grabbed DD (25 month's) and went to were DH is wotking. she handed him the stick and said "Thank You" He didn't actually speak for a minute or two. Then he said "well you should go to the dr's tomorrow" Then 5 minutes post information he finally came and gave me a kiss. But when he came home that night he was happy. he said he was sorry for his earlier reaction he was just trying to figure things out. he says we are ging to take out a $10,000 loan on the house and fix up the house. We have three bedrooms but one is an indoor storage shed right now.

He wants a boy, i want a girl, but of course we are happy with either.
my sister sent me this
it is supposed to tell you if you are having a boy or girl.

With my DD it was right, and with my other friend it was right. and with me( when i was concevied and born) it was right. so take it for what you want.

well congrats to all you other momma's and I am really excited to go through all of this with you. Maybe we can have a "race to the new year's Baby" on MDC. LOL.


edited to add

I did that it says december 26, so maybe i don't belong on this board, but I think that might be wrong. I'll hang out here for now.

so I haven't had any symptoms, with Jewely I was constipated, and I puked constantly, my nipples were sore and tender. I am still nursing so you would think that might be more painful. maybe i should take another test. although I do have bad gas and I remember that one.
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jewelysmommy-- Please, stay here . Several of us are due the last week of Dec. I am due dec. 28, but since this is my first baby, and due dates are rarely accurate, I am betting this one will come in January .
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I did that chinese gender chart.. I think it's right! I do believe that i'm having a girl because of the pendulum over the wrist trick and the chinese chart matches that! SWEET!!!

jewelysmommy - you should stay here! My due date is December 30.. but it's sooo close to January, that it's more likely!
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i'm so glad you all want me to stay.

I am being driven insane b/c i want to shout it out and Iwant people to shout back, and we can't yet. Now my husband wants to wait two weeks. The DR's office i am looking into doesn't take you until 8-12 weeks if you already know. They say they use the same test so there isn't really a point. Look at that link in my sigee. those are dark lines. But my DH wants the dr's input before we spread the news.

oh i looked at Dec thread they are so in the groove already it's nice to start fresh and all together.

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:LOL I'm glad all you "End of Decembers" are sticking around here!

Today I've been feeling little tiny cramps. And also VERY tired. I have to say, I've slept really really well these ladt few weeks, I thought it was because I cut out caffiene and alcohol, but now I'm thinking it might be from the pregnancy.

DH wants to wait to tell people, but I don't. We are going to visit my dad in 2 weeks, it's his birthday, and also Mothers' Day, so I think we'll find a creative way to tell the family then. I did tell my best friend, and my chiropractor (had an appt. today.)

Is anyone else feeling like, "OK... so now what!?!" I spent so much time planning the TTC time, now it's sucessful and I don't know where to start! :LOL I have always thought that I knew SO much about pregnancy and child-raising, because I've obsessed about my nieces birth, etc. but now I'm at a loss of what to do myself. It's not like planning a wedding where htere are a gazillion check-lists to follow... now there are so many serious personal decisions to make!

I called the Dr. that I have an appointment with on May 10 to see if I can bump it up a bit. I'm also hoping to hear back from a midwife that I emailed. I guess that will give me a start, huh?

The chinese geder chart says it's a boy, which is soooo what I want! But lately I've been dreaming about a baby girl. I think I will have strong feelings about it when it becomes more real... you know? I still expect to see AF every time I use the restroom, like it's all a false alarm.
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Hi! My name is Jennifer, and I just took a ept test. I'm a little confused on the test, so I may be taking another one this weekend. It's the kind where you are supposed to get a "+'" sign, and one line is really dark, and one line is like 4 faint little pinstripes. But the pinstripes one is the one that's supposed to be negative, and if it's a negative test, the one that is dark isn't even supposed to be there. Does this make any sense to anyone?

Anyway, this would be my 2nd, I have a daughter, Paige, that will be 5 in June. (The same day as my 25th birthday.) I calculated that my due date would be between Dec. 30 and Jan. 4, but I know that I will probably have another c-section, so I guess it kind of depends on the doctor? I would love to have a New Years Baby! And my dads birthday is on the 2nd.

We also just found out that my younger sister is pregnant as well, what's the odds of that happening! She is due about 4-6 weeks before me.

It'll be nice getting to know everyone!
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SMR, are you going to have a hospital delivery or a midwife/birthing center?
I know we live very close to one another and I am trying to get some ideas on where to deliver this time around.
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houchen2b - Welcome! You should check out www.peeonastick.com there is a section on those +/- tests. Apparently they aren't very clear/reliable? There are photos that might help you sort it out. You might try another kind of test. that it's a
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Thanks Ell-Bell!!

Well then, after looking at that website, I'm almost positive that I am pregnant! I called my sister, and she was in complete shock, I guess my same reaction when she told me about a month ago.

I'm going home for a wedding in 2 weeks, which I guess is when I'll tell my family.

I think my family will love it, since my sister is pregnant too. Chad's family on the other hand...I don't know how they will react. (We're not married yet, we were planning on getting married withing the next year.)

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Is anyone else feeling like, "OK... so now what!?!" I spent so much time planning the TTC time, now it's sucessful and I don't know
I totally KWYM!!! Dh and I got all of these free online patterns for diapers and I am going to start on some really easy slippers with scrap fabric . I think that helps to make it feel real!! But, we still have 8 months, ladies !

Ellie-- my Dr.'s appt. is the day before yours! My medical group has an orientation for noobs tomorrow where they give you nutrition info, and give you bunches of paperwork, 1st trimester lab sliips, etc. Basically, it just makes dr.'s life easier. Also, I think it will make me feel like I am starting on my journey, and I will get to meet moms due the same time as I am .

Jennifer (houchen)-- i took the Clear Blue Easy (again) today, to make pictures to send to ppl, and I got a really dark "I" line and an almost non-existant "-" line. The vertical "I" line is the only one that matters (as long as the control line came up). That's cool that you and your sister get to be preggers together!
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I am still taking tests over here...I am getting really dark ones on Accuclear and EPT and FINALLY got one on First Response(YAY!)

houchen2b, I would think it is a positive! Congrats~!!!
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Willowrose-- Jeez girl!!! You are too funny! I took several $1 tests; I don't think DH would let me take that many $$$ tests! Although, he was in so much shock when I showed him the cheapie test, he made me go get the expensive test to confirm I am so glad that your lines are coming up dark, now
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i used publix brand, 2 for $8.99. I took another one today to fully convince DH, and my older sister. she is convinced. he he.

houchen2b do you thinkit's funny that the "error proof test" is hard to read? I do. then again i am pretty silly

so i am pretty much a DEC mom between 22-28 but I am going to stick around (unless i get voted off ha ha.LOL. I don't even watch that show so it's not really funny but i'm laughing) b/c i really don't want a christmas baby. Can i just keep denying it til the kiddo pops out?

SMR I re-looked at the chinease gender chart and dd is wrong. what a load of hooey.

does anyone have any guesses on the gender of your baby? are you going to find out? Birth plans?

I think i am having a boy but want a girl, and i want to have the baby on top of a mountain, but Dh thinks that's crazy. I think i will try a birth center. i really like nature though, so i might keep working on DH.


P.S. excuse any silliness on my part I am in a funny mood
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I really don't want a christmas baby. Can i just keep denying it til the kiddo pops out?
I keep telling DH that I am going to cross my legs until New Year's .

I don't kow if we are going to find out our baby's sex or not.
I haven't gotten to writing my birth plan yet, but there are some questions that I need to ask my OB/GYN at our next appt.:

1.How often do you perform episiotomies?
2.Will you support my decision to avoid an episiotomy?
3.What is your stand on induction? How long do you wait until you induce?
4.Will you support my decision not to induce except in extreme cases (fetal distress, mother distress)?
5.Will you support my decision to have a doula with me at all times from admission through delivery?
6.Will you support my decision to refuse Cytotec as a way to induce contractions either before OR after birth?
7.Does the hospital allow food/ beverage during labor?
8.Will you support my decision to labor in the shower if I desire?
9.Will a birth bar be available to me if I request it?*
10.Can I move around freely to help gravity progress my labor?*

These are the questions I have come up with. Does anyone have others?
*Note-- my doctor works in the hospital I will deliver in. Some of these questions she may know the answers to only because she does rounds and may be more familiar than private practice doctors.
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Courtney, no need to apologize, didn't you know that silliness is a sign of pregnancy?! :LOL

Reading about all your pregnancy tests, I'm wondering why I was silly enough to decide NOT to take one! Okay, so I do know why, but it's hard to wait. I'm not a super patient person (which is part of the reason I decided to wait, if that makes any sense!).

I'm planning a midwife-assisted home birth. I birthed my daughter (4 y.o.) at a free-standing birth center, attended by midwives. She was born in a huge tub of water, surrounded by candles, at 4:00 a.m. It was cool to feel like I was meeting my baby when the rest of the world was asleep - felt like we were the only people on earth at that moment. It's a lovely center but the worst part was getting there and getting home/not being home, so this time I'm eliminating that part and staying put. I'm so excited to think my new baby will most likely be born right here in my own home!

We will not find out the baby's sex. We didn't with DD and I was convinced I was carrying a boy. Talk about exciting when we checked and saw we had a baby girl! I have a photo the midwife took of me right after birth telling my parents, who'd just poked their heads in, "It's a girl!" The look on my face is amazement, love, and excitement times 100. For me not knowing is like having a great big Christmas present wrapped in the corner and wondering what is inside.

Hope I get to stay around here! I'll "know" next Monday or Tuesday.

Warm regards to all of you!

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I don't want a Christmas baby, either. Besides people lumping your birthday and Christmas gifts/celebrations/etc. into one, it would just be horrible to have call my midwives away from their families! Of course, I'm assuming they celebrate Christmas, which may not be the case. Still and all, *I* would prefer not to have my Christmas interrupted by intense pain!

My due date if pregnant will be Jan. 8th, but DD was born 6 days "early" so you never know.

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My brother was born on Christmas and he says he hates sharing his birthday with Jesus (he is now like 24). I have a niece and nephew born in Dec., I was born in Dec., the day before my father's birthday, and 2 of my "cousins-in-law" were born in December. However, on all sides of my extended family, I think there are only two ppl born in January (also our anniversary ).

I didn't mean to make a December baby. i thought that since we would be ovulating in April, the due date would be in January. I had even figured it would be the middle to end of January. Boy was I wrong! (well, maybe not, we shall see!)
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carol I would like to see the pic if that's ok with you.
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