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I always said that I wouldn't change my name when I got married, but I did. I married when I was 29 and I figured it would be easier all around. But I decided to change my middle name to my maiden name, thinking that would just make everything smoother. Nope! For some reason, California used my old middle name on my driver's license, so Nevada won't use what's on my social security card. So I have documents with two different names. Plus my mom was miffed that I got rid of my middle name in favor of my last name. Oh well, she's always miffed about something.

What I think is kind of weird is when a woman gets pregnant and is not involved with the guy, but gives the child the father's last name. I knew one mom who was a single mom of three and all her children had a different last name. I guess she thought if she named the child after the dads, they'd stick around. It must make sense for legal purposes with child support, I imagine.

If you hyphenate, does the man hyphenate too? My half sister's husband had his name legally changed to hers.
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dh and I both hyphenated our last names when we got married. in my opinion it is a pain. i don't want our kids to have to endure the hyphenation problems I have had (mainly paychecks late at new jobs, tax issues with the IRS not having the right name, student loan problems, etc.).

our name is my last name-his last name
so...each of our kids will have my last name as a middle name and dh's as a last name. i'm not sure its the ideal solution, but its working for us.
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I am so glad this is here! I am 23 and think I am too young for marriage but....

I have a six year old boy woth my last name and a baby on the way. My partner wants it to have his last name. I told him not because even though my kids have two different dads I do not want them seperated by last names. So he asked to get married. Of course in his mind I would say yes, change my name, he would adotp my kid, and we would all carry his last name. Of course, a fairy tail ending!

He was upset when I said no, we have not been together long enough (only two years) If we can last 5-7 years I will. But my name and my childrens names are not going to change. I come from a family were names meen alot. And I love where I come from. He on the other hand does not like where his family comes from. So why should I pass that down?

So anyways I am glad to read all of your posts, so I know I am not the only one to stand my ground.
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I am pretty sure that after John and Yoko married they each changed their middle name to the others last name, so he was John Ono Lennon and she is Yoko Lennon Ono. Their son is Sean Lennon and I have no idea if he has Ono anywhere in his name.

I kind of agree that hyphens are a drag. I'm a little annoyed with myself for having given my daughter one but it was the best solution we could come up with. We bandied about the idea of creating a whole new family name for ourselves but it never really shaped up.
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Starfire, I know what you mean about not being married and your child's name.

My first son was born when I was 18. He has my maiden name(his father and I were not together). Kailey has her dads last name and so do I. We are happy with it, although I like other peoples great ideas
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I grew up with a hyphenated last name long before it was common. (I am 36) When I got married I dropped my dads name and kept my moms. Now that I am pregnant my daughter will be hyphenated with my name and my husbands. DH offered to give her my name but I feel she 'belongs' to both of us and having a hyphenated name didn't kill me.

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We plan to use my last name as the baby's middle name, and my dh's last name as the baby's last name. I like this because it gives a connection to both of us.
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I kept my maiden name, both because my name is rare and because I believe a woman taking on her husband's name is sexist. My husband and I both have rather long names, so we decided against hyphenation. I think we're going to give DS his last name, just because it's easier that way. But maybe not. It's one of those things that's hard to decide. Last names suck!
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