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bookworm-i hear ya! i'm getting the same comments. i feel big and dh comments on my belly all the time, but everyone else says i don't look pregnant at all.

watch out, we're gonna pop any second now! :LOL
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Yeah, my stomach is rumbling somewhere up around my neck already, and still with the comments. :LOL

Everybody looks great! (And pregnant! )
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:LOL Same here!! One lady at church a couple weeks ago said, "You're still so small...is everything ok?" lol!

Then people go bug-eyed when I tell them that this is just about how big I was AT TERM with my first dd!!!
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I finally got my 20 week belly shot taken last night. I posted it on my belly shot page of my website.


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:LOL I love Devon's belly pic!!

Everyone looks great!!
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22 week pics

Finally I'm posting another belly pic. I've been meaning to for weeks.

22 week belly pic
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Yeah, teachinma, he was insistant I get a shot of his "big belly" as he called it. So, I couldn't resist posting it!

(If he thinks his is big, then mine must be monstrous!)

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*sigh* you ladies have the cutest bellies!

We should be getting our digital camera any day now...maybe i'll just have to post a pic, and show you just how great you all look! haha!
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