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questions about WAH (for someone else)
Ugh, i hope i'm not posting on the wrong board or something, lol, but all the WAHM boards look to be for moms with their own businesses, and the Working Moms board for more full-time stuff...

Anyway, my husband's boss has proposed the idea of employing me to mix lotions for him from my home. Now, i don't know how complicated this could possibly be, but he wants to have a meeting with me and work out all sorts of details that i can't even imagine, lol. I don't know yet if he's supplying all of the materials, or if that's something to be discussed, and i don't yet know what compensation he'll be offering.

From what i've heard from my husband, this guy is manic-depressive, and tends to do things on the fly anyway, so i have no idea what to expect from him (or if, at the end of the day, he'll change his mind completely), plus i've never done anything like this before, so it could get extra-complicated. What kinds of questions should i ask? What should i look out for? If he asks what i want to be paid, what should i tell him?

This belongs in WAHM Well or in Working Mamas.
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How did you ease transition before new baby arrives?

Hi! First post on this board. I am 24 weeks pregnant and am looking for ideas to help transition ds,who is three, before our new baby arrives. He and I are very close - he recieves so much attention and I know this will be a huge change for him(and all of us). Any suggestions?

This could go in PI since non-sahms face this situation also.
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Suggestions for parenting a difficult child.

To start with HI!!! I just need to know if any of you have suggestions for a very over-active 4yr old boy. He is the type that is alway into EVERYTHING and goes full throttle 24/7. I have 2 other children, a 7yr old girl and a 3yr old boy. Both of them are pretty much laid back, I guess Aaron just likes to bring excitement to the house.

What are some positive ways to deal with his distructiveness, or when he decides out of nowhere, and without any warning decides to pull off his clothes and jump in the shower because "I wanted to take a shower"-well, great if you weren't four and running cold water only! What do I do when he decides to take a brand new bag of pretzels and toss them all over the house and then dump the remainder on his bed and carpeted floor. He opens the gate and decides to take off after every animal that goes down the street...cat, dog, bird... and his little trips have brought him clear up the street and the neighbors end up bringing him home. Meanwhile I am in the house cleaning or taking care of the other children and am under the impression that he is in his room.
I take the kids for walks atleast 3 days a week. We go hiking and we go to the park a whole lot. He isn't the type that I can take online and introduce him to some educational games because he doesn't have enough of an attention span for that. But, he can completely zone out if the tv is on. He is very VERY intelligent, but he seems to process information differently. For example, we were watching a show one night, he had woke up and came in to sit with us (it was the middle of the night). Well, someone on the show passed gas and Aaron began to explain "That is called flatulence. It comes from the food you eat and when you have flatulence you need to just let'er rip!" We about fell on the floor laughing! If you try to talk to him, he doesn't seem to be taking in anything you say. You could be talking about "please don't pick the flowers in the garden, they are to make the yard look pretty..." and he will start talking about dragons he dreamed about or the fact that his brother threw a duplo block at him a week ago. I get SO frustrated sometimes, but I just don't know how to get his attention.
Time out works for him, or taking the card out of the Directv box so he can't watch tv. Those are the punishments we seem to use most, but I think that he is getting immune to them.

Thanks in advance.
This would be a community discussion in Gentle Discipline or Special Needs Parenting.
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For those who exercise, how do you do it?

How do you work exercise into your week?
This is a Fitness and Weight Management discussion.
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are there any SAHMs with chronic illness/autoimmune disorders?

Let's keep illness discussions to the Health and Healing forums.
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HELP! My Looks have gone "down hill" since becoming a mom, and a SAHM in particular!

This is a thread for TAO or perhaps Personal Growth as it is not an issue that is specific to SAHMs. Plenty of non-SAHM mamas have the same problem so this would be a general community discussion.
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What exciting or interesting things have you been doing over the past couple months?

dd1 starts kindergarten in the fall so I wanted to take a road trip with her and dd2 so we packed up the car and left...no agenda, tent and supplies, and clothing for all types of weather. We were gone for just over three weeks and managed to visit all friends and family that we see so rarely. We went to music festivals, water parks, horseback riding and so much more.

It was awesome but very exhausting dh joined us for the last week and then drove home with us. Both girls were troopers through long hours of travelling and staying in different places every couple of nights. We had so much fun!

This would be a topic to share with the general community, not something specific to SAHMs only.
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First I love being a sahm! But, I get so bored does anyone know of any games or things to make to play with my 6 month old..or just any easy crafts?

A topic for all mamas, SAHM and otherwise. Crafts is an appropriate forum for this question as is Life with a Babe.
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sahmlooking to make extra money
Ok I'm a sahm I'm looking for extra income we just bought a house last month the mortgage is high. Anyway over the weekend a friend was cleaning out his moms house she's into crafts (sewing, quilting, and just maken stuff) she's a hoarder and to top things of she works at walmart in the craft department. Well they told me to come over and pick through the fabrics before they get rid of it. To my surprise there was tons of it not kidding. She had a room you could not even walk into. All the way to the ceiling. So I picked through some stuff grabbed all the fleece and tons of other cool fabrics.
That night my mom and I picked through it. (she lives next door to me) Last year we made these ponchos for all the kids (family and friends) The kids loved them and they work in a car seat. We are pretty crafty people love to sew. Last year for Christmas I made some adult ponchos, aprons, hats and scarf's My mom got this in her head that if we made them we could make a lot of money. I'm just wondering if this could be true. Plus my girl friend called me up latter that evening and offered me 15 to 20 lg tubs of more fabric ribbon ect I could have in her basement. Just wondering if there's a clientele for this kind of stuff. We were at the fair Monday the stuff they were selling was crap but people were buying them like crazy..

This thread belongs in the WAHM Well forum. It should get some really good advice there from mamas already sewing items for profit.
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I'd love to start making a little extra cash for the household, but getting a "job" isn't realistic or desireable. Even a part time WAH venture seems overwhelming to me. Do you have anything little things you do to make money? If so, what do you do? For example, I have a friend who makes a good bit of money each month selling stuff on ebay, and it's something she can do at night after the kids are in bed, spend just a few hours a week doing it and makes pretty good money. I like that idea, but I'm not sure I have the shopping knack for it like she does. I'd love to hear some other creative ideas for ways to make a little mad money. :LOL

This is a post best for the WAHM Well where mamas already working at home and making money can offer suggestions.
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SAHMS: Have you ever given up a pet...

to save money/make things easier??

We have TWO cats & with the new baby we are considering giving up one of our cats to save money/ less purchasing of cat food/ litter box duty..ect..

The thing is the cat WON'T be leaving our family...my IL's have asked to take him otherwise I would NEVER be able to give a pet up but I'm still having mixed feelings about it...

The cat DOES cause trouble & what prompted this consideration of giving him up was he "snapped" at the baby the first day we brought our baby home from the hospital. The cat has not done any more "scares" like that with the baby since then but he also bites our wires & destoyed our cable TV. Other than that he IS a good, loving (and very BIG!!) cat.

I know it would be easier now with the baby to just have ONE cat to take care of but I am not 100% sure on my decision...just want to do whats best...


While we do host threads about financial issues for WAHMs it really should be more specific to an issue that SAHMs alone face. This discussion is more a general one about the cost of keeping a pet and finances that any family might face. So it would be better as a general community dicussion and may be posted either in the Pets forum or in Frugality & Finances, both of which are subforums in Mindful Home Management.
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I have looked, but can't find TAO or Parents as Partners. Where are those? They sound interesting.
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Originally Posted by angelandmisha View Post
I have looked, but can't find TAO or Parents as Partners. Where are those? They sound interesting.
You have to have a certain amount of post count before you can get in TAO and Pap.
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