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Would anyone else like to SAH forever?

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Well, maybe not forever… But for a very long time?

I don’t see myself working outside of the home at all. I have NO desire to have a career outside of the home, even when my child gets older. There are some things I might like to do someday, but that would be after my child/children are adults.

In a perfect world I’d be a SAHM and then a “housewife” forever. This *is* my career and it is very fulfilling to me.

Anyone else?
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I recently got a new boyfriend, and I told him long ago that I have no plans of going back to work as far as I can see. I have two kids now and I would love 2 or 3 or 4 more, and will homeschool. On the other hand I would like to be a lactation consultant, we'll see, I do like being a stay at home mom!
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I have no plan to go back to my pre-baby, work in an advertising agency life or work for anyone else doing anything that isn't a passion for me. That said- I am trying to get some of my passions going while my babes are young so when the time comes- I am making money doing things that I love instead of logging in hours for a paycheck. (I do voice over, write, make jewelry, slings, cards etc. as well as pick up extra with media buying, copywriting) Besides, I love being at home, baking, doing crafty stuff, having enough time to actually keep the house clean and do the laundry (once I am making the big bucks though I am getting a housekeeper to do that!). Never thought that was me until I started doing it. It's crazy sometimes (and about to get crazier) but dd is my best boss/client that I have ever had!
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I don't plan to ever go back to work. I didn't have a career prior to becoming pregnant with DS, so there's nothing to go back to really. We're planning on unschooling, so I'll need to be home with the kids for that for some time. Once they're a bit older, however, I'd like to pursue midwifery and I'm also cultivating other interests of mine like art and writing. Even if I became a midwife or did freelance work or work on my own from home, I'd still consider myself to be a SAHM though primarily. This fits me really well and being a housewife (a word I don't particularly like) has always been a goal of mine (or at least since high school).
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Don't tell dh, but yes! That would be my absolute dream. I love being home taking care of things around the house.
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I am the same way...although I enjoy being a WAHM..that keeps me busy.
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I had been in the restaurant biz for 19 years before I had ds. I assumed I'd go back to it all, but I love being home w/my guy. However, financially it's been a struggle so I searched for a SAH biz that I liked. Now I'm home and working. Guess I have 2 jobs. Here's the scary part...if we were to win the lottery we'd most likely open a restaurant. Dh is a chef and we're suckers for the biz.
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If I ever go back to work, it will be something part time that I enjoy, not a real career. I have told dh that maybe I'll go work at Nordstrom sometime in the future - get to dress up, talk with other women, and get a discount on my clothes!

Before I had kids I did a lot of vounteer work, and definitely plan on picking that up again sometime in the future.

There is a slim chance that I may go to culinary school one day. I would love to go to law school, but don't want to practice law, so I can't justify the expense.

I have a degree from a prestigious University, and it kills my classmates that I have never had any real career aspirations. I always wanted to be a SAHM.
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No, I have no intention of going back to work. I married, and only have worked since because I've had to for one reason or another. I will never have a "career", but working outside the home is something I would do if it was neccesary. I'm working on my doula certification so that it doesn't have to become neccesary.

Of course, WOH doesn't mean not bringing in any extra income. I have a fantasy of running a small shop attached to the house. Something crafty. And my kids will be able to run back and forth as they please. Or maybe it will wait til retirement. Who knows?

I also believe in volunteering. I consider it a duty and a pleasure. Though I'm not currently volunteering anywhere, I am looking. And when my kids are born, I want to take them with me. I think the world needs more people who aren't tied down by careers to do good. (Not that I don't think people with careers don't do good things, but that it's easier to when you don't have to work 40+ hours a week on top of it.)
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I don't plan on working ever again. That said, I tutor high school students in the evenings for pay. I don't consider this work. I love doing it. I'm so happy I get paid to do something that I would happily do for free. I will continue to do this, but any other work is out of the question.
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Yes, this is one of the reasons I'm going back to school for accounting. I know, I know, those 2 things sound like they don't go together. :LOL Seriously though, I'm getting my CPA so I can WAH & SAH both. Kinda the best of both worlds. Plus, financially being a SAHM permanently just doesn't work for us. However, I refuse to go back to a 9-5 40 hr a week WOH job. Becoming a CPA gives me the flexibility of working for myself, plus the benefit of being able to make GOOD money working primarily January-April and then working MUCH less the rest of the year.

If it was realistic money wise though I'd be fine never going back to school or work. I SAH!

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I have no intentions of going back to work As a matter of fact, I want 12 kids and I want to homeschool them all and I want to live on 40 acres of land w/ an oraganic garden that supplies ALL the produce we need and some livestock, chickens maybe, and I want my children to run around barefoot in the grass and how can I enjoy all of that if I'm working?? Who will care for my chickens and my garden?? Who will teach my children about the world around them, even as adults when they're entering a whole NEW world?? If I'm at work when they're adults, they would have to call me at the office and "disturb" me and I would feel guilty that I wasn't there to answer their questions. So....

I'm staying home forever.
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I've been home most of our 20 years of marriage,and never plan on working outside the home. There is soo much to do at home with 3 children. I've learned to live frugally so I can stay home. I love my children being with me every day learning in a natural way,sewing,gardening,reading,playing,singing,takin g naps ,etc. The list goes on and on.
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I have no desire to walk back into the working world!
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That's the plan!
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Well, I currently work (very) part time and I only have a few weeks left (I'm a TA at my kids preschool). I *love* my job, but the more I think about being a full time SAHM this Fall, the more I don't want to go back to work in a few years! I guess I'll see how it goes!
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I'd love to not ever have to WOH, and devote time to my mosaic work when DS doesn't need my 24/7.
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Oh I hear you. I would love to stay home forever, maybe have another child when dd starts school (I can't do two babies at once, I know my limits), add a few more animals to the family, start a garden, make my own pies and jams, preserve all sorts of funky things like pickled asparagus. I would just love to do all of that. I am trying to figure out a way to extend my sahm state right now, maybe by doing some tutoring or being a part time nanny or something that would offer some flexibility with either having dd with me or being able to work once or twice a week in the afternoons. I just love being with dd and talking with her and taking a walk every afternoon and going to playgrounds and reading books........ I could go on and on.
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