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I see myself staying home for at least the next 10 years. I've been wondering whether I could do it forever, if dh had a decent retirement package for us to live off of, and I think I could. Which is good, considering how hard it is for women to re-enter the work force.
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Yes! Taking care of my family is the most fulfilling thing I've ever done. I do have a fledgling jewelry business that I work on when I have the time...it's my playtime. I hope to spend more time on the business as my children go off to school but I'd only go back to the corporate world kicking and screaming.
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I don't want to go back any time soon, but I can't imagine not working at something when my kids are older (like high school) and don't need me here all the time. I am considering homeschooling, but likely not beyond elementary school.

I like being a mom at home, but I am not really a homemaker type person, or at least what I imagine that to be--someone who loves to garden, sew, decorate the house, organize. I feel the need to contribute to my community in other ways. Maybe this would involve volunteering, or political activism, or something other than my "career", I don't know yet...but something other than being at home.
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Sometimes, I feel like I could SAH forever. Sometimes, I feel like I just can't wait to go try my wings in the working world. If there were no financial pressures at all, I think I would choose to be home for a long time while pursuing my passions through volunteering. Part of the issue for me stems from feeling like I was supposed to "do something with my life". My parents, teachers, etc. had HUGE expectations for me, and I never could figure out my expectations for myself. I remember one day, though, when I was late in my first pregnancy. My friend (at the time unmarried and childless) and I were sitting in my tidy little apartment, and I was just glowing about my impending motherhood. I said to her, "Would it be terrible if I told you that this is my goal in life? I just want to be a good wife and mom, and that feels like enough." She actually told me she felt exactly the same way, but we were both raised to have it all and we couldn't figure out how that was supposed to work.

I don't love housework. I don't love grocery shopping, yard work, or cooking. What I do love is the rhythm to my days. I love hearing the front door bang closed as the kids rush in from school. I love snuggling with the little one as daddy heads off to work. I love having the morning free to visit my grandmother. I love that when dh is off during the week, we can go have lunch together. I can't imagine a job that I'd love more than this one!
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I'd only go back to being employed if it was absolutely necessary, which it's not right now, and I find my current life fulfilling beyond description.
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Yup! I don't ever see myself working outside the home again. Of course, I might...but since I became a mother and I've been home for.. almost 7 years now, this IS my career. Now, others don't think it is and some (family) say negative things about it...you know, the whole "you watch tv and eat bon bons" line of reasoning..

Personally, I am very happy doing what I do. My husband is happy. And my kids are happy! I recently had a conversation with my dd (6 years old) who asked if I had a job. I told her I did. She said, "No you don't! You don't work." I told her my job was to stay at home with them and be the best Mama I knew how to be! Then she thought about all the things I really do at home, and what being a SAHM really means... she was impressed afterwards. :LOL And I felt really appreciated. (which I need sometimes!!)
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We can't afford for me to stay home much longer. It makes me feel sad. But I feel lucky to have had the last year at home (sort of, because I work weekends and go to school one day a week). I would prefer to never have to work full-time for the rest of my life. Eight hours a day is way too draining! If my dh had a job that could support us better I would probably not work until all the kids were older. Or maybe never, wouldn't that be great!

I'd love to watch my grandkids someday if my kids needed me to!
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I would like to SAH for a long time. When DS is in school I do volunteer work that I feel really benefits the community... but go back to corporate america? I don't think so.
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I definitely see myself being a stay-at-home-mom for the long haul. I have no plans to return to the work force. I see volunteering in my future.
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I have no desire to go back to the out-of-the-house "working world".

I have other aspirations and desires. And maybe at some point I'd like to do some work for $$$, but not really outside of the home. And if it was, I think it would be way part time and low key. I have dreams of making more room for charity work and things like that. But not any official "job".

I feel that I am just lately really getting into my "job" as a SAHM. Like I'm just beginning to have this world, this SAHM world, unfurl to me.
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Originally Posted by Persephone
No, I have no intention of going back to work. I married, and only have worked since because I've had to for one reason or another. I will never have a "career", but working outside the home is something I would do if it was neccesary. I'm working on my doula certification so that it doesn't have to become neccesary.

Of course, WOH doesn't mean not bringing in any extra income. I have a fantasy of running a small shop attached to the house. Something crafty. And my kids will be able to run back and forth as they please. Or maybe it will wait til retirement. Who knows?

I also believe in volunteering. I consider it a duty and a pleasure. Though I'm not currently volunteering anywhere, I am looking. And when my kids are born, I want to take them with me. I think the world needs more people who aren't tied down by careers to do good. (Not that I don't think people with careers don't do good things, but that it's easier to when you don't have to work 40+ hours a week on top of it.)
This is what I'm thinking of, too. Sometimes I think I'd like to convert the back garage into a potters studio... other times I think I'll just go totally gung-ho in the garden & have a greenhouse, other times I think I'll get doula training & volunteer with teen/low-income moms as labour/post baby support. I've got lots of ideas... none of them involve a daily grind kind of job.
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I don't plan on working again. I feel my goal, place in life is to raise a family- to show a positive attitude about family in such a me, me, me - anti-family culture. I have interests, but will pursue them from home or volunteer work. We hope to have a big family and plan on homeschooling. We are saving well for retirement and also paying extra on the house, so it will be paid off in about 12.5 yrs- I would like the financial freedom for dh not to have to be stuck at a job he hates. Like the TG says he makes the money, I save the money- that's my job!!
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I love being a SAHM and if I can manage it, I will be one as long as I have kids in my home who need me. That said, I'll probably find some way to work from home in a few years, I'm thinking of doing some translating or something to that effect. But if money wasn't an issue, I wouldn't even do that. I love concentrating on my family and taking care of them and I don't want anything to ever take precedence over that.
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Good thread and topic!!!

I get asked, "So, when are you going back to work?" more than any other question lately. And I don't even know how to answer it really. I was a 2nd grade teacher before I had ds, and I LOVED being a teacher. I enjoyed all of the struggles and joys that goes into teaching young minds. BUT...I always knew that I would stay home when I had kids. As much as I loved teaching, I wouldn't leave my own kids to teach someone elses. So, now that my old colleagues have FINALLY figured out that I'm not going to put my kids in daycare so I can work they want to know when I will return to teaching.

Truthfully, I don't want to go back to work. I enjoy being home and I can't see my kids not needing me just because they are schoolage. Teaching does lend itself to me being home when they are but I remember all of my colleagues with kids being very tired from running kids to activities on top of working and always running out of sick days because of having to take off work when their kids got sick. That just doesn't appeal to me now. But of course, if I mention that I'm thinking of staying home indefinitely it is met with blank stares. Its like they can't even fathom never working. I remember how they would make fun of the stay at home moms at our school, especially if the moms were getting upset about something at the school by saying, "So and So just needs to get a job!" Even when I didn't have kids, that comment didn't sit right with me because I have always believed that staying home and raising kids is a very important job.

I haven't made any definite plans either way since it would definitely be untill my youngest entered school full time and that will be at least 10 years or more...glad to know that Im not the only one thinking of staying home forever.
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I'll be a SAH forever. I feel lucky.
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When my kid(s) are in school I want to go to Uni (again) and study teaching. I definetely want to work outside the home again some time, although I love being home now. My mum started a new career in her mid 40's, after working in entry level jobs when my brothers were young and being a SAHM when I was born, when my brothers were teens. She worked on it for 20 years and it was very fulfilling for her.

That excites me, that my first lot of working was just a test run LOL. What I really want to do is before me. It will be important to our family financially as well. My partner is studying PT as he works FT atm, so we are both going to be doing new stuff when our kid(s) are older.
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i would prefer to be a SAH mom "forever" but i expect to try to get part-time work with the school district when my youngest starts school. we're so dang broke.

the sad thing is that i want to stay home mostly because i hate working for someone else, not because i adore staying at home.
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Honestly, I don't know. I want to be here for my kids, thats my number one priority. I want them to have me when they need me, but I also wonder what it is going to be like hen they are both in school during the day.

I guess , Ijust don't know, so we shall see what the future holds.

If I did go back to work, i would want to go back to school 1st, and ge a degree of some sort.
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I am a single SAHM - not an easy situation, but the only way for me, as I am unschooling. I put a lot of energy into figuring ways to maintain this lifestyle. Several small income producing activities, no real business. Really frugal living. But it is SO worth it! No plans to change.
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I feel the same. I enjoy being home with the kids and pursuing other creative endeavors. I worked for years before dd came, and like Annakiss said, I had always wanted to be a SAHM and homemaker. I wanted to do it well. I wanted to have a family. We also homeschool and are very happy finding our way.
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